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Free Perks and How its done


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There are two ways of achieveing free perks in die rise

you can do the easter egg and get all 6 perks (richtofen or maxis),

OR you can make sure 100% of your shots fired hit the nova6 cocaine crawler guys

you can do this by knifing or just being hella good with the aiming

(side note: knifing earns you extra points, plus a 2000 point bonus when you kill the last one)

(easy route is go into the buddah room and run figure 8s up and down the columns

they easy to shoot/knife coming up a column)

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Easiest way to not shoot them is to set 3 trample steams up on the roof, by the dragon, right where the jump over the A/C units.. They land right on top of them. You might have 1-2 scragglers land on the back side with your party, just a group gouging does the trick on those.

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I never get a free perk doing Galv Knuks only. WHY!!!??? grrr.

I only hear Willy Wonka yelling at me "YOU GET NOTHING!"

Srsly though, is this a solo only thing? Never works for me in Multi.

It's possible in multi. Check out my video it shows a easy way to do this. I'll post more ways with less people just check back on the thread in the link. Hope this helps you get your free perks.

Link below!


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in 4 player

we spawn-in first round

we kill till round 2 or 3 in there, making sure to get all trample parts

open spawn door and get other part(s) if we dont have them

open the lower door to the pdw area, grab pdw's

drop down from the bottom of the escalator to the trample table room

build tramples by round 4

hang in there till jumping jack round

setup 3 tramples in the back corner of this room to the right of the elevator

sit behind them and prosper, if one does get in all 4 knife knife knife

60% of the time it works every time....lol

seriously though, this works very well and we always get the perk.

one tip a freind pointed out last night, wherever you are if you want to trap the jumping jacks with the tramples, stand close to and behind the trample. this way the JJ's jump down and crawl toward you right onto it. otherwise if you are farther away from your trample they could jump on a wall/ceiling right over the trample and get to you.

eta: once you get a few rounds in it is good to get the knuckles just for the JJ's. my team has an understanding, DO NOT shoot, ever, in a JJ round unless you are seriously about to go down. really though if you get in thick with them just run small circles and you can avoid going down and shooting.

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