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ZFFS: Orbs & Rays - Observation and Manipulation


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We come here for entertainment, whatever form that may be. We pursue that which we love and submerge ourselves in that existence. This is apparent from our continuing fascination in zombies, the reason you're here. Allow yourself to believe, to be blind-fully open to all experiences.

The following passages are on a topic that we all have a strong opinion about. I ask only one thing to those who choose to read further, leave it all behind. Clear your mind of any preconceived ideas and play a game with me. While absorbing the next bit of information think to yourself, how would you end it? Regardless of your belief’s we can all come to one fact, we’re here for fun. So please enjoy your time while reading this because, I’ve made this for you.

Orbs & Rays/Beams: Observation

This phenomenon can be tracked back to the first “Tower of Babble” Achievement ever to be accomplished on Black Ops 2 Tranzit. Regardless of its frequency and everlasting presence it still is one of the most baffling and exotic events to occur in a zombie Easter Egg.

A lot has been said about the appearance of the orbs and rays, most is speculation as there is very little concrete physical evidence for there existence. Even worse only certain players can see the events, making even in-game coordination difficult. Where do these Orbs come from? What are they made of and what is the purpose of there presence? What are these rays that are activating along with them?


Upon completion of this achievement you will activate a number of events depending on your choice of listening to Richtofen or Maxis’s voice.

Richtofen: “You have too much power, reduce your power by a scale factor of 4″

For this stage in the achievement you will need to emp 4 different lampposts. After accomplishing this feat each lamppost that you have deactivated will produce an orb that drops down below the lightbulb and is suspended in the air and projects a ray towards to the tower.

In this sense one could speculate that the deactivation or power reduction of the lamppost has a side effect of producing the orbs. The absence of the power had a chain reaction that caused the orb inside of the light to activate as the capabilities of the lamppost’s are unknown. This is of course a mute point when we proceed to Maxis.

Maxis: “You have done well, but we need more energy.”

For this side you instead find yourself needing to put 2 turbines down at lamppost locations to power them. As with Richtofen you will end standing at lampposts this time being only 2. After activating you receive orb's much like before but this time with Maxis’s color red.

Now with these two events we can see that both actions of supplying and reducing the power has caused these orbs and rays to activate. With this information we can see power supply for activation is inconclusive. The only way this theory could be expanded is to include subcategories of the orbs, meaning Red Orbs would require power being supplied to them, while Blue Orbs require power being taken from them to activate.

In either side's case once one has been done you must end the game and continue into a new one to activate the other side. Countless method's have been tried to activate both side's orb's on the lampposts through the Tower of Babble achievement but have yet to yield results. Another theory on the appearance of orbs is the fact of being guided by a voice and accomplishing there task. If you can further follow the wishes of a voice then you will be rewarded with more orbs as will be discussed later in another section.

Another event that will spawn Orb's and Ray's is the Mystery Box activation. Randomly upon hitting the box an orb will appear and shoot off a ray towards the tower. This Orb will rise with the weapon and quickly dissipate once the item has reached it's max height . The item's given with the orb's appear to be random as well and have no factor towards the character's like/dislike towards that particular weapon.

Several times in past experiences Orbs have appeared without rays. The most common appearance of this is in the case of the Teddy Bear where the orb will stay inside of the box as the weapon's cycle through, in this instance you will see the "Outer Shell" of the orb through the front of the box. The Orb has also been known to stay in the box without raising with the weapon for no known reason besides speculation of something not being activated.

All box locations have the ability to produce orbs and rays. There color will be based on what is present at the tower and if both are present then will be random. At times you will hit the box and others will see the orb and ray without you being able to see them. It is easily conceivable that the occurrence of the orbs is more present then we realize but without team cooperation in every game it will be unknown.

The other known location of the appearance of the Orbs and Rays involve Red Morse Code Lights and is possibly the most confusing and baffling existence. In Tranzit there are 4 known "Red Morse Code" locations where the light will flicker with messages from an unknown source.

    1. Help me so I can help you
    2. The future is ours to destroy
    3. Power is Knowledge
    4. Go to the light
    5. Stay close to me
    6. Energy can only be transformed
    7. We shall prevail

The 4 location's for the red light's are 2 on the Tower and 2 on separate stop lights inside of the town. The Town Orbs appear on the stop lights centered on the area where the green light would be. This is while the morse code flickers above it on the red light. The 2 tower locations are on the upper right electrical arm and lower left electrical arm looking from power. These Tower orbs circle the actual red light that flickers the morse code.

Unlike the Box, these orbs will not disappear in a time frame. They do however have the ability to appear at the beginning of the game or during gameplay itself. They do not produce reoccurring rays such as Tower of Babble orbs but rays have been seen to be produced on the orbs first appearance and also through means of manipulation which will be covered in a later section.

Though these orbs have captivated and driven people to experimenting, no known reason for these orbs exist for any achievement or EE. They have no known reaction to outside sources once activated (besides other rays) and can not be touched or deactivated in any way. To make matters worse, like the box orbs, only certain players will be able to see it. This has not been discovered to be character related but is speculated to be such.


The Orbs themselves have not been connected to any information regarding zombies in general. Much of the lore and story pertaining to zombies have no known explanation of what might be the cause or the reason for there existence. Whether they are an iconic representation of a continuing progress or an actual scientific physical reaction it is unsure. The difference between "Tower of Babble Orbs" and "Box Orbs" being either seen by all or just by one, adds to the separation of being able to correctly define this mystery.

By closer inspection of this phenomenon certain things could be said about them. First it is clear that they need not be connected to any source of power as they can act independent of the power being on or off and also are not physically connected to anything on certain locations. The shape of the orb also could have many meanings, one of which is its similar characteristics of something we all know, element 115.


Atom is the basic building block of the universe. Many have described it as the "lego" of our world as all molecules and matter are made out of the tiniest items called Atoms. Through scientific discovery we have identified many different types of Atoms and list them such by the "Atomic Number" and many other factors. One such Atom we know as Element 115 or Ununpentium in its scientific labeling.

Atoms are visually represented by showing the nucleus with the electrons circling around in a hyperactive state. While although it is more complicated involving quantum properties the basics of how we show this is still the same. Here is a representation of what Element 115 would show.

As we can see much like the Orb's we have a spherical object which has multiple small spheres circling at great speeds in different depths and layers much like atoms have been theorized to have "Shells" of different levels. Whether or not this has any relevance is unsure as there is no evidence to link the two together.

For your entertainment: Bill Nye - Atoms and Molecules


While although most orbs have beams associated with them, it is also known for them to be completely seperate. Once the Tower of Babble achievement is completed you will be rewarded with a tower that will not become unlit with rays/beams. It's color will represent the side you have chosen to follow or in the case of multiple players it may represent both(if conflicting sides have been done). As a side note doing a public match with 3 other players who haven't done the TOB achievement will sometimes produce no rays/beams even on the tower, this could have to do with the "who's host" factor.

As stated before these everlasting rays will stay on the tower and will travel up from the base to the top. When viewing ingame these rays/beam will alternate in starting times and continue beyond the top of the tower to a central spot some feet above the tower. Alternately when reviewing a game in theater sometimes these rays will all start at the same time and continue up the tower.

While although these rays have no noticeable meaning they have interactions with the other rays that are produced ingame. Both "Box Rays" and "Town Rays" intercept the traveling rays going up the tower regardless of there position making rays appear at different angles.

Associated with the Rays at the tower are small "dots" which move around at the base of each leg and in the upper section above the tower where the rays meet.

Though the Tower Rays have a common association with other ray's, it is important to note the difference in the type of the actual ray. The ray's traveling up the tower have a sparkle associated with orb's and look as if the ray is just a trail of the orb traveling up the tower. Also, all ray's that appear elsewhere always have an orb associated with them meaning the possibility of this being correct.

Another Ray associated with the Tower is the 4 diagonal lines that will travel directly from the base of the legs to the central ray location on the top of the tower. These differ in that they do not travel along the legs and shoot quickly rather like a "Town Ray" with no sparkling smaller dots around it.

Once a tower has been activated players will then start creating Orb's and Ray's through use of the mystery box. While although Orb's may appear without a Ray there will not be a Ray without an Orb. Even with a "Teddy Bear Orb" a ray will sometimes shoot from inside of the box towards the tower but this is less common then the chances of not getting a ray with a normal box orb.

No known method has been confirmed to make the ray's appear besides getting an orb on the box purchase. All Box Rays besides the occasional Teddy Bear Ray will first shoot towards the sky then at a certain point angle off towards the tower. These can be seen either by the person hitting the box or by another person but never by two people at the same time as with the "Red Morse Code Light" Orbs.

On occasion a ray can be seen traveling back from the tower to the Box location where an Orb and Ray had been previously activated. This can only be speculated on though from angles observed from additional tower rays as will be discussed in "Town Rays".

There are several things to note with this random Box Orb occurrence. The main one being the ability to activate it at every location. No matter the position of the Tower Ray or that of the actual box location the rays have been seen to connect. Meaning this function is available at all times for use after the ToB achievement and regardless of the power being turned off or on.

One of the hottest topics known to the Tranzit circuit is that of the "Laundrymat Door Rays" and "Bank/Cafe Rays". While although much of the zombie community has speculated this as a glitch for Xbox 360/PC and WiiU users, there have been scattered confirmation of PS3 user's seeing this on certain occasion's.

Unlike the continuous rays of the Tower or the random occurrence of the Box Rays, these rays can be activated by a method known as ADSing(AimingDowntheSight) at the laundrymat door in Town, which we will cover later in the "Manipulation" section. Activation of this location will cause rays to shoot out towards the tower at different angles depending on the height of the Tower Ray.

Other known direction's for the ray to shoot include towards other Orbs such as the Red Morse Code location's and intersecting with Tower of Babble Ray's as they go towards the tower.

Alternatively, while ADSing the same location another ray may appear. This 2nd Town Ray has another starting source point which is not viewable in-game as its location is behind the actual bank. The only known recording I have come across as to its actual source is a gentlemen who was able to get the phenomenon in theater while paused .

As with the Laundrymat door rays and Box Orb Ray's these will also change in angle as the Tower Rays climb and will interact with other orbs on the map. Much like all Orb's and Ray's, the Ray's color will be represented but what tower you have done. Also, if both sides are present then either source of the rays can give you Red Rays and/or Blue Rays and will interact with Orbs of different colors as well.

Unlike Box Rays, with the availability of more activations we are able to see the rays interacting with present Tower of Babble Rays and other Orbs. Along with the ray's shooting from the door you will also be able to see an orb slightly form in the door centering around the exact spot where a red light may sometimes pop up. However, these rays can also split in separate directions towards different Orbs and Rays or shoot in unison towards the tower itself if no other events are present.

Orbs & Rays/Beams: Manipulation

The first thing to note on the manipulation of Orbs & Rays is the lack of full knowledge to the mechanic's of these event's. As was discussed in Observation there are several event's that occur which have yet to have a solid reasoning. While although progression in discovering all of there interactive capabilities has been substantial, there is still much we do not know.

This section is also currently a work in progress as there is still a lot to discover. We now know of the location's to the current orb's but not how to properly activate all of them.

To activate any one of the Lamppost Orb's and Ray's you must follow the step's to the Tower of Babble Achievement. Following either the Richtofen or Maxis Side will yield result's either in blue or red depending on the chosen path.

Many guide's have been written and developed in video one such link is here.

Written Guide to Tower of Babble EE - Updated for 2 players

While although you may need two people (one person if using a 2nd controller) to activate that lamppost's, you do not need two people to activate any of the other orb's.

To this date no known way has been proven to always provide an orb/ray with a box hit. The best known method for making sure not to miss one of these event's is to have all present at the box or in a worse case scenario everyone should look towards the tower during a box hit to report if a ray has been seen by any of the character's.

It is my belief that further research into these event's can explain why an orb will raise or not raise, why a ray may be present but sometimes is not, and also why any of these happen at all. Speculation has included needing the ToB achievement done, only certain character's can see at certain locations, the position of the orb/ray on the tower itself needing to be in position and then some involving jumping/shooting/emping the box.

Possibly one of the most frustrating aspects of Tranzit involves the appearance of these orb's. Research is currently underway and several clue's have been given to the possibility of activation. As more testing is conducted I will post up possible scenario's that may cause orb's to appear at these locations.

Lower Arm Tower towards Nacht:

Mr.Dr.Professor.Sir has reported seeing this orb activate after several different event's as described in this thread.

Upper Arm Tower towards Town:

Stop Light next to Bank:

I have done a lot of investigation involving this Orb as I have successfully activated this orb twice but have not been able to recreate this. I do however know some of the basics steps that I and others have followed that appear to show the creation of this orb.

Possible Steps:

- Opening of the Bus Depot door before construction of the Turbine but after "Maxis" quote.

- Activation of multiple lamppost's

- Power being activated

Stop Light next to laundrymat:

Orb & Ray/Beam Image Collection

Known Orb and Ray Locations -

Red Morse Code Orb's:

Orb #1: Streetlight between Bank and Bookstore (juggernog location)

Orb #2: Streetlight between Bookstore and Laundry mat

Posted By: Reaper2909

Orb #3: Main Pylon Lower Arm left on tower from power house direction

Orb #4: Main Pylon Upper Arm Right on tower from power house direction

Box Orbs & Rays -

That I know of all locations of the box will produce orbs and rays. Some only see orbs while others see orbs and rays. This is a documented case which I'm not sure of for its difference in reaction for the player.

Bus Depot Orb/Ray:

Posted by:


Posted by: Reaper2909

Diner Orb/Ray:

Farm Orb/Ray:

Power House Orb/Ray:

Town(bar) Orb/Ray:

Town(alley) Orb/Ray:

Easter Egg Orbs & Rays -

This is the section for all orbs and rays that can be activated through the Easter Egg (i.e. lamp post's, Tower of Babble, etc.)


Bus Depot:





Log Cabin:



Tower of Babble

Posted By:


LaundryMat Door/Cafe


Posted By:



Posted By:


Resource Appendix

Thread's/Write Up's:

orbs of light after the easter egg

Author: Kreative Killah

Description: Multiple early sighting's of Orb activation. Further discuss Streetlight Orb activation after power on.

I have noticed since I did the richtofen side of the easter egg I have been seeing a strange glowing orb on the redlight in town and on weapons coming out of the box (mine and other players weapons sometimes have this glow) but none of the other players in the match can see it. I took a picture of it on my phone and this is what it looks like. I asked the other players if they had done any of the easter eggs and they told me they hadn't. I have not ever done the maxis side.

I have been messing with the guns that have the glow but none of them seem any different and of course I shot the red light with one but nothing happened. any clues????????

**Tower of babble** Maxis quotes analyzed** Need Help!!

Author: Mr.Dr.Professor.Sir

Description: On going investigation involving activation of Tower Orb's concerning lamppost's and other turbine placement location's.

In the game, no I had already previously completed the tower (Maxis side). It was a random lobby and my intention was to turn the power on/off while leaving my turbine at diff lamps. It was random simply because ik people will get mad with the Turing on/off of power so I had mic out. Plus I feel to do the full Ee you need 4 people.

No1 teleported at all, and every1 rode the bus to power, except me, I got left at farm trying to get the confirm sound on the TV, don't think I did get it. The bus left and I ran after with my turbine out, because he runs faster. Got to the lampost in cornfield and laid it down, Stuhlinger said"wait a min, do you mean I actually turned something on?". (*didnt hear Maxis of course because I had the tower already, but I believe I would have heard a quote at this lamp*)

He didn't speak at any other previous lamps so I left it there and made a teleporter but didn't use it. I remained at the lamp and just stared at the pylon until I heard power starting up. Once fully on the orb appeared, and I mean instantly at the bottom white sparking attennea, and once it appeared it shot a beam 4rm that spot to the tip of the spire(exactly like the beams in town)

At 1st I thought it was just simple as laying the turbine down at the lamp post, but recently I treat he'd the video in theater and I found 1 player(Misty) got stuck in that area an placed turbine down b4 it wa fully on.

2nd Tower Orb Glowing (Tutorial and Proof)

Author: OPLRazor

Description: Tutorial discussing maxis quote/lamppost activation. Tutorial is on quote activation with theories on Orb activation.


FOR ALL WHO SAID I WAS A TROLL I BETTER SEE AN APOLOGY. MAKE SURE TO WATCH ALL THE WAY TO THE END FOR THE QUOTE I TALK ABOUT IN THE VIDEO Your Welcome best way to say thanks is subscribing as i just received word that iam almost for certain a partnership with TGN (Was emailed contract and Everything) xD

If that doesent work then heres the full link http://www.youtube.co/watch?v=KBE91gPF

Hey guys we have figured out how to get the upper globe on the tower to glow and its going in line with getting the Nav Card accepted.

Screen shot (sorry for qaulity but its there he doesent have a cap card Note only Host could see it)


Tutorial On how to do it tonite on http://www.youtube.com/1Percentlegit

RAW VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WJnPIwnsAs So this is what itscanny sent while we were playing over skype and you cant see this stuff in theater i will be posting a video on how we got it to work after its finished rendering

TranZit Traffic Orbs

Author: TheVetx

Description: Discussion on several orb appearance's with video evidence provided.

Whats up guys!? Wanted to start a discussion about the TranZit traffic light orbs. I saw them for the first time this past week and was wondering how many people were seeing this. I completed Richtofen's EE first about a two months ago now and this is the first I've seen of it. My partner and I did the EE split screen; using my account and his as a guest account. Well, little did my partner know, (even though I explained it) guest accounts don't get the trophies but the data still carries over saying the he completed Richtofen's EE! So, in order for him to receive the trophy, we had to do Maxis' EE on his profile. Now, on my profile, the game recognizes that I've completed both. It took a few matches but my profile finally resets Richtofen's. Once it did, I started seeing the Orbs more frequently! In the box, on the pylon, and yes, in the Town!

Here's some vids:

Blue Orbs


Red Orbs


If you didn't know, NONE of the Orbs show in Theatre mode. So, I apologize for the video quality, I was using my Vita! NGT Zombies showed footage of this early on but they never showed any blue Orbs. I'm starting the think that this latest patch has alot to do with why I'm seeing them so frequently. Now, can anyone tell me if they've seen the Orbs lately in their matches? And If so, when and who's EE did you complete? I've done both EE on Ps3.

Laundro-mat Door Beams Acting Strange

Author: ultimategamings

Description: Thread involving Laundrymat Ray's as well as Lamppost Ray's. Includes discussion of ps3 LaundryMat Ray sighting's as well as footage for other console's.

Hey guys I was playing TranZit last night and i done the richtofen easter egg finally then punched the laundromat door and the light shined up! It was weird though, it shone on the door and bounced off into the sky and only stayed there for about the amount of time it takes to get your gun back up after melee. Note that i said punched and not knifed. Also I did this in the same game as the one that i did the easter egg in.

On a side note I accidentally EMP'd a lamp post in the same game after i finished the EE and the beams stopped. I died moments after because i forgot i was training at bus depot lol. I went into another game and it was still broken with no beams of light even after i turned the power on. Any help guys?

Red Sparkles Everywhere and Zombie Rank Vision?

Author: X_Shortboyownz_X

Description: Early sighting's of the Orb's. Date's back to November 2012. Confirmation of not needing blue eye's on rank to see Orb's.

Ok ive decided to give my info about what the hell ive been seeing lately. I have been seeing red sparkles out of the MYSTERY BOX no one on youtube has shown this. One exception is NGTZOMBIES which see the red sparkles off of a red traffic light In the middle of the TOWN on Tranzit so at least i know im on to something. Ive heard that it might be linked to Blue eye ranks and this so called ”zombie vision”. Another thing that might play into it is the Richtofen and Maxis easter eggs? Has anyone done both easter eggs and has the highest rank and seen these sparkles or even more strange different things? The box seems to release the red sparkles randomly the first weapon i noticed it was when it gave me the RPD.

99% Sure I Figured Out the Next Tranzit Easter Egg Step!

Author: Xieon

Description: Theories involving step's related to previous "Black ops 1" EE's as well as possible ray interaction.

First off we know that the next step had to do with the beams of light, and the laundry room. There are 4 different ways you can shoot the lights.

We also know there is a strange building that should be a motel but it spells "MOON".

On the map moon we had 4 computers that flashed 4 colors (Red , Yellow, Blue, and Green).

The laundry room leads into another room which has bowling pin lights. There are 3 sets of 4 lights, but only 1 is flashing. Why? To draw your attention to it!. Guess what the colors of the pins are? Red blue green and yellow!

The next step is telling you that you have to play the simon says game from moon by shooting/throwing something at the pins in the correct order! Most likely each ray that shoots through the laundry room corresponds to a color. Match the colors order with the rays and bingo!


Black ops II Zombies! - Tower of Babel Orb Tutorial - Next Step After The Tranzit Easter Egg!

Author: 1PercentLegit

Description: Theories on possible Orb activation. Tower Upper Arm Orb® at 2:00, footage looks very familiar.


Orb on top of the tower

Author: DtBcanny

Description: Our own itscanny with live feed commentary of Tower Upper Arm Orb®.


Tranzit Easter Egg "Are the Glowing Orbs Character Related?"

Author: Fmlad

Description: Footage of Bank/Jug Streetlight Orb(M) activation. Also Diner Box Orb(M) on another game.


Black Ops 2 Zombies: Tranzit Easter Egg - Hidden Horse, Clocks, Two Buses, Orbs - Questions Answered

Author: mcsportzhawk

Description: Orb/Ray(M) section starts at 3:57. Red Laundrymat blinking light can be seen on the right side of the door at 4:15. Bank Streetlight Orb(M)


Tranzit Zombies Secrets: NEW Orb of Light / Sparkles at the Pylon / Obelisk!

Author: NGTZombies

Description: Juggerwicho's original video with commentary from SpiderBite. Laundry Mat Door Ray's(R/M), Tower Lower Arm Orb® towards Nacht.


TranZit- Blue Orbs on Streetlight

Author: xTheVetx

Description: Video recording of gameplay with Bank/Jug Streetlight Orb®.


TranZit- Red Orbs on Streetlight

Author: xTheVetx

Description: Video recording of gameplay with Laundrymat/Jug Streetlight Orb(M).


Easter Egg - Glowing Street Light Orbs - Black Ops 2 Zombies

Author: xNitezxx

Description: Gameplay footage with Laundrymat/Jug Streetlight Orb(M), multiple LaundryMat Door Ray's(M) and Cafe Ray's(M).


Gameplay Orb Activation Archive:

User: KeredNomrah69

Console: Xbox 360

GameType: Public Match

Character's Present: St,Mi(DN),Ru,Ma(Orb)(TN)

Orb Activated:Laundrymat/Jug Streelight(M)


Round 1:Start

1. Ma:picks up manequin

2. St:picks up tail & Mi:picks up fan

3. Ma:builds turbine

4. St:builds turbine

5. Mi:finishes turbine

6. St:buys M14

7. Ru:grabs turbine

8. Mi:grabs turbine

9. Round Ends


St:450 3 0 0 0

Mi:1150 5 0 0 2

Ru:1230 5 0 0 1

Ma:730 1 0 0 0

Round 2:

1. Mi:(turbine)opens inner power-needed door

2. Ma:grabs turbine

3. Ma:grabs front bus piece

4. Mi:(turbine)opens outer power-needed door

5. Round Ends


St:1050 7 0 0 1

Mi:1770 9 0 0 3

Ru:1880 8 0 0 1

Ma:910 2 0 0 0

Round 3:

1. Ma:builds front bus

2. Ru:buys B23R

3. Ma:grabs insta-kill

4. St:grabs nuke-kaboom

5. Ma:activates bus depot teddy bear

6. Bus honks/leaves

7. Round Ends


St:1960 12 0 0 3

Mi:2310 10 0 0 3

Ru:1560 12 0 0 1

Ma:1570 4 0 0 1

Round 4:

1. Mi:buys M16

2. St:buys M16

3. St:grabs x2

4. Mi:buys garage door

5. Ma:buys diner

6. Ma:buys MP5

7. Ma:gets headshot perma perk

8. Mi:gets nuke-kaboom

9. Round Ends


St:2530 22 0 0 9

Mi:1190 14 0 0 4

Ru:2800 19 0 0 2

Ma:1120 9 0 0 5

St/Ru:tunnel, Ma/Mi:diner

Round 5:

1. Ma:hits box(Knives,orb in theater)replaces M1911

2. Mi:hits box(Rpd,orb in theater)replaces M1911

3. Ma:grabs car door part,builds shield

4. Mi:grabs max ammo

5. Ma:grabs dolly part

6. Bus honks

7. Ma:finishes shield

8. Bus leaves

9. Ma:opens diner power-needed door/activates lamppost

10. Ma:grabs hatch

11. Ma:builds hatch on diner

12. Ma:activates lampport/power-needed door

13. Ma:activates teleporter at Diner

14. Mi:activates town semtex door

15. Ma:teleports(Diner to Power)

16. St:goes down (drops jet engine)

17. Ma:activates power lamppost/then teleporter

18. Mi:opens bankvault through window

19. Ru:revives St

20. St:picks up jetengine again

21. Ma:buys power door

22. Ma:grabs power panel/assembles

23. Ma:grabs power hand/assembles

24. Round ends


St:3580 34 1 0 18

Mi:320 17 0 0 5

Ru:3950 30 0 1 2

Ma:510 20 0 0 12

St:tunnel,Mi:town,Ru:tunnel/diner (fog),Ma:Power

Round 6:

Ma:grabs/builds power handle/activates power

Ma:(turbine)activates power-needed door in power

Mi:grabs insta-kill(Ru red insta-kill)

Power fully activated

Ru:hits box(galil,replaces B23R

St:goes down(drops jetengine)

Ru:grabs carpenter

Mi:withdraws 6000 from bank

Mi:opens bank door

Orb spotted: Streetlight between laundrymat/jug building. Red Maxis Orb. Activated several laundrymat/cafe rays after which both sporadically traveled to the Orb or the tower. Failed to test any further things with the orb.

User: KeredNomrah69

Console: Xbox 360

GameType: Custom Game, Original (Split-screen)

Character's Present: Ma(Orb,DN),Ru(DN)

Orb Activated:Tower Lower Arm Nacht Side ®


Round 1

Ru:goes down

Ma:buys m14

Ma:grabs 2x

ma:grabs instakill

Ma:revives Ru

Ma:picks up manequin

Round Ends


Ma: 1890 11 0 1 9

Ru: 470 0 1 0 0

Round 2

Ma:builds manequin piece

Ma:grabs fan

Ma:builds fan

Ru:goes down

Ma:grabs wing

Round Ends


Ma: 2910 20 0 1 15

Ru: 440 0 2 0 0

Round 3

Ma:builds wing (completed)

Ma:grabs turbine

Ma:opens inner power needed door

Bus Depot ground ruptures

Ma:opens outer power needed door

Ma:places turbine/activates bus depot lamppost

Ma:activates teleporter


Ma:buys colt M16A1

Round Ends in tunnel


Ma: 2490 30 0 1 23

Ru: 440 0 2 0 0

Round 4

Ru:goes down in tunnel

Ma:revives Ru

Ma:buys B23R

Ma:places turbine/activates diner lamppost

Ru:dies in tunnel

Ma:activates diner teleporter

Ma:grabs bus front piece

Ma:grabs max ammo

Ma;builds front bus piece at farm

Ma:opens front gate of farm

Ma:opens house door

Ma:activates farm house tv "clear debris" sound

Ma:activates farm house teddy bear

Ma:places turbine/activates power needed door

Ma:picks up hatch

Ma:places turbine/activates cornfield lamppost

Ma:activates teleporter at cornfield

Ma:places turbine/activates power lamppost

Ma:activates teleporter at power

Ma:shoots busdriver till continously sparking(activates ejection noise and door priviledges revoked)

Ma:buys AK74u

Ma:purchases labratory door

Ma:picks up power pieces/assemble (panel/hand)

Ma:picks up handle

Ma:places turbine at PaP activation door

Ma:builds handle/activates power

Ma:shocked numerous times by power activation

Turbine destroyed

Power activates fully

Orb sighted, lower arm facing nacht. Richtofen.

Below is what I believe could be the most efficient and easiest way to search for the Orb's. If anyone has other hint's or suggestion's please post them so I can update this thread so we can help more people out.

*2 Player Team's Needed!*

Currently we need as many 2 player teams as people can provide. I believe this is possibly the most efficient way of being able to search for the Orb's as explained below.

What you need:

- 2 Player's

- you must have opposite tower's activated compared to eachother(maxis/richtofen)

- 2 controller's with the ability to log-in a guest account/splitscreen.

- The ability to save your game-play/file for review (theater mode save is best)

I'm not sure how this would translate to PC, but regardless it's pretty easy to setup concerning console play.

How it Work's:

     It is important to note how this work's clearly. If you see any orb, another player cannot see it while spectating your screen, HOWEVER when spectating someone else's screen you will be able to see the Orb while they can't. Meaning, when you die, a person's screen your spectating is processed after the player views it to include the Orb for your viewing.

[tab][/tab]The purpose of having both tower's color activated is that different colored orb's may have different step's for activation even if they share the same location. Having both color's on the tower gives the ability to produce both colored orb's. It is also under the hopes for a sighting of a "Double Colored Orb" at one of the Red Morse Code location's much like we have seen multiple time's at the mystery box (see box orb's and ray's image collection).

Simple and Easy: Start a game with 2 players each having a split-screen guest who will die off at the start of the game. If both main player's have opposite tower's then Richtofen and Maxis (red/blue) will be present on the tower. Play the game and after power is cut on check the Tower in cornfield and Streetlight's in town for Orb's. If you do not see orb's through your screen or the split-screen spectating your own screen, then quit and start again.

Team Resource's:

How to make your Tower's color opposite with only 2 people:

I've decided to add this to make it easier for the setup process with 2 players. If neither one of you have Tower's activated then you need to do Richtofen's side first. There are many video's and thread's that explain this, one of which is linked in the "Manipulation" section under the Lamppost spoiler. After at least 1 person has the blue tower then you can begin the process for the other player's red tower.

Step 1: Whoever is needing the red tower must login a split-screen. The other player may join without there split-screen if not wanting to use it for "Orb hunting".

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with Why1sTheRumGone's Solo Guide (link). At some point you will need his advice.

Step 3: Complete as many step's with your friend's help till you feel comfortable taking over using just yourself and the split-screen

Step 4: Have your friend log-out before the last step where you activate the Lamppost's.

Step 5: Finish the Tower of Babble using your split-screen and your tower will now be Maxis(red).

From there on out when you and your friend enter a game you should have both color's on the tower activated.

Note's To Team's:

- Red Morse Code Light Orb's have only been seen to activate when power is switched on.

- Cutting on/off the power multiple time's in a game may help with different steps done in-between (speculation). However, an orb activated on round 20 will be hard to analyze after so many steps.

- Box Orb's may be a connection. Using split-screen's will allow the two of you to see through all character's eyes even if there dead so no box orb's will be missed.

- Try as many random and non-random thing's before power is cut on, purchase wall weapon's, activate teleporter's, place buildable's in location's. Remember it might be a combination of thing's needing to be done.

- Remember the game will be detailed recorded. Meaning try not to spend 3 hours on each round and turn the power on Round 10, there will be too many step's to document in the Game-play Archive.

- Orb's have appeared during normal games, there is a concern orb's involve pre-game action. Meaning activate something one game and the next game you will get an orb, if this is true try to keep in mind actions done the game before (bank filled, high rounds, EE's, etc)

- While although it is not recommended for regular use, you have the ability using a guest account to double your money. All bank money and fridge gun's transfer to the guest account and can be reset by re-logging. Using this for multiple box hit's is useful if money is short.

Most Importantly!!

- Make sure you save your game or post up the detail's! We need every action taken like the archive has so we can unravel this! DO NOT be selfish and hold onto thing's just for your personality defect, this is a chance to show Treyarch we are capable of doing this as a community before they dumb down there game's for the masses!

New Out-Reach Program!:

Next stage in the game is to make the information clearer and more visually friendly for those that might not know what an orb is. The following has been posted on 4 different forums and if need be I will expand my search as I find more places.

What is an orb?

    "Orb's" refer to an object that appears after the "Tower of Babble" achievement is completed for Tranzit.
    This object is made up of small spherical lights which circulate rapidly around a center point.

What is a Ray?

    A "Ray" refers to a beam of light that are projected from the Orb.
    Much like Orb's, they appear in Blue or Red. When mixed a Purple/pink color is made.

Where do they appear?

    These objects can be found in any ee activated lamppost, box location, and/or 4 "Red Morse Code" blinking lights.
    Other location's of the smaller spheres and beams include the Tower itself after activation, Power (lab room) when releasing "HIM" and also at the laundrymat door.

Why are they important?

This is an activated phenomenon which has not been solved. We know in the EE these orb's play an important role with the Tower which then gives you a free Power-Up. The process and reason for these event's after the EE have yet to be discovered, this means you could be the one to solve a side quest that has baffled everyone!

How can I help?

We need Game-play of activated locations, this is fundamental in analyzing the real reason for there existence. Every game that is acquired and reviewed through theater is another step towards understanding them. Game break-down's are done like the following,

User: KeredNomrah69

Console: Xbox 360

GameType: Public Match

Character's Present: St,Mi(DN),Ru,Ma(Orb)(TN)

Orb Activated:Laundrymat/Jug Streelight(M)


Gameplay Details:

Round 1:Start

1. Ma: Picks up manequin

2. St: Picks up tail & Mi: Picks up fan

3. Ma:builds turbine

4. St:builds turbine

5. Mi:finishes turbine

6. St:buys M14

What should I do?

If you run across one of these orb's then please save your game film in theater mode after and reply on this thread so that someone can review your game in either Xbox or PS3. We will respond immediately and then enter your saved films where we will begin work. Your Gameplay will be entered into our archives which are viewable in the main research thread and credit will be given to the player of the game.

Other Information:

Main Research Thread (The full story)

PTG (Mirror)

Activision (Mirror)

ZombieCentral (mirror)

Cod-Forums.com (mirror)

*Note* This is a work in progress. Please help contribute to this thread! I am one man trying to document everything with limited playing time. I need any pics or videos in any format, I can format and upload and edit anything that's needed with your permission and every item you contribute I will make sure your name is posted up!


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I'll put up all relevant data that the poster has and is able to share, the more the merrier and I know we have a lot of people out there who are sticklers for correct data gathering. I myself have had those pics for a while and I cannot remember the information. If I see the same orbs I will take new pics and upload it to the top post, also I'm going to shrink the sizes of the photos since even after reducing the size by 50% they show up huge on the forum thread.

*side note* not adding this to the top since its unconfirmed, was talking with a few people while playing a quick money run with my roommate and he received an orb but no rays with the box as some see and some don't. The only case I can think of that is a repeat from before is neither person I know who have seen the orbs without rays have not completed any EE, while the 3 people I know and usually play with have all completed it and only get the orb with rays. *note about the note!* completely unconfirmed and this is a wild guess from just two random games with no EE hunting or data gathering involved.


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new vid linked up with your link to profile, if you have another site you want linked just let me know and I'll put it up along with it or instead of it. I resized the images and have a set pattern to present them all in now so if anyone has snap shots post them up so can fill it all in.

Having problems not running into orbs. Both times that I have seen the orbs the most is when I did the maxis easter egg then the Richthofen side but always after a few days the random orbs show up less and less. I need a crew of people who are willing to always have there banks maxed out and will run daily Easter Eggs switching from one side to the next, possibly both at times to test the reaction.

I currently only have xbox live and have a few who are always ready but no one can fill all nights. If theres anyone interested post up your gt or add me on, KeredNomrah69.

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Right so i was playing last night going for high rounds (ended up on 50) and was getting all my stuff on round 2 (weapons etc...), i was trying to get monkeys from the box but as usual it wouldn't play nice, the box ended up moving into above the bar.

Now we all know about the beam of light that you get when you ADS on the laundromat door so while i was waiting for the box to spin i was doing that from the balcony, i then got the orb in the box... i was like hmmm interesting so what i did was, ADS at the laundromat door through the window while spinning the box, i managed to get the orb 4 out of the 6 times i tried this.

This may have all just been a coincidence but seems strange? first time i have seen the orb show up multiple times in a row.


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Tried to replicate but to no avail. I was able to activate the rays and continued hitting the box multiple times. Tried various timing techniques and experimenting with each ray individually.

Round: 20

Character: stuhlinger

Bank account: 0 (money run)

Points: 36k started with 53k

Players: 1

ToB: Edward

Rank: Bowie knife with eyes

Orbs: none seen in game

Two interesting notes though, #1 I poured more then 20k into hitting the box in just the bar location, it's happened before but extremely rare. #2 I had been trying for the past 2 games to activate the rays but was getting no where. Had tried the AK 74 MP5 B23R and the Ray Gun but it wasn't till I used a red dot SLDG HAMR that it would work and was immediate. After which I could switch to any gun and activate it still

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I finally completed Obey Maxis ToB. I hadnt played in a 5 or 6 days so I was reset to Skull - No Blue Eyes or tallies. I was playing with someone that had completed Richtofen's side.

For the first time I saw Blue Orbs & Rays from the Mystery Box (at Bus Depot) this was prior to doing the side quest?

Repeat - I saw Blue Orbs with Rays from the Box WITHOUT completing the EE or having Blue Eyes??? I have not heard of this before.

Also, I'm reviewing the game in theatre mode & can see the Blue Orbs with Rays from the Box but 3 spins before I actually saw it in game??? As soon as I hit rewind for the first time, the Orbs & Rays do not show again. I didn't think you could see orbs in theatre mode? But you can until you hit rewind.

- The Orbs showed up after (around) 60,000-70,000 points spent.

- I spent about 80,000 points before I finally got EMP's.

- I was Russman

- Round 6

- Mystery Box Orbs & Rays at Bus Depot

- Rays came down (like Mystery Box light)

- Then went (right) towards town into the hill (2 spins in a row)

Completed Maxis Side Quest & saw Red Rays/Beams shooting everywhere.

I shall update this post with some screenshots as soon as I can. Sorry if this isn't info you were after.

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When i was doing it i was on round 2, had over 100k in the bank (not quite full). was stuhlinger and i was using the DSR pap'd

Ive got Richtofen's EE side done and ever since ive seen the orbs and ray's in the box and on the laundromat door.

like i said could have just been coincidence but seemed strange that it worked so many times in a row.


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As soon as I hit rewind for the first time, the Orbs & Rays do not show again. I didn't think you could see orbs in theatre mode? But you can until you hit rewind.

I've noticed theatre mode is a little bit glitchy at times as well. For some reason as you've stated rewinding it doesn't cause the same effect or things are screwy. Same thing for instance with the power, once you turn it on the telephone poles begin to spark but if you rewind back before it they will still spark with the power off.

I have been able to trick it a little bit by rewinding even further or skipping past the section completely and coming back to before the event (sometimes 10 minutes before) and when I watch it again it will sometimes show. If anyone has tricks of there own or know why or how it works please post up the details

Sorry if this isn't info you were after.

Any and all information that occurs when an orb or ray is present should be relevant here. I dont think anything is out of bounds when we are discussing the possibilities. The one thing you think you shouldn't put in could be what another has experienced and could trigger a discovery.

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I did Richtofen's side of the EE a week or so ago with two of my friends. We've played a few games since then and I see the orbs around the box weapons constantly... but they both claim to have not seen them at all yet. Last night we played to round 24 and hit the box quite a few times each. While I saw the orbs every few times I bought the box (and occasionally when they did too), they never saw them.

Things that may be relevant; these games have all been "custom" on "original" difficulty. I was host on all of them. And one thing I find really interesting... neither of them have ever picked up the Navcard by the Depot. Probably is totally unrelated, but maybe not.

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Ok last night I played with my buddy for the First time in TranZit Mode. He has Richtofens, I have Maxxis. We started built the Turbine teleported, Went to the Bank took out Money, Then Power. As I came back to Town From turning the Power on The Orb was on the StopLight between the Landr-0-Mat & Jugg.

Anytime I've ever gotten any Orbs this is Exactly what I've done. Now what was weird is that it was the First time we had Played together In TranZit Mode. I've Noticed before playing with Randoms (First Time Ever) One of us would see an Orb (Not Box Orbs/Beams). I vaguely remember the First time I played with my Buddy Pizzle after completing the ToB, We got the Orbs. Once for me Once for Him.

The Longer you play with someone who has the Opposite side Completed, The Tower goes from, Red-Blue to Red-Blue-Gold & ends up being all mixed together. I know this because last night me & Gnasher actually payed close attention to detail. We made it to Round 50 before he lagged out of the Game. But we were actually seeing Red Beam shooting from the very Tip of the Tower diagonally down to the Leg. It was rather odd. Also when I would ADS at the Landr-0-Mat Doors the Beams would shoot thru the Door to the Light w/ the Orb then off somewhere back torwards Farm.

He was Misty, I was Samuel (100000% sure) My Bank was Maxxed, his wasn't quite Maxxed. We Both have Shotguns, I have Blue eyes & he Doesn't. Not sure if I'm forgetting anything or not, but will EDIT if so. I also have all the Screenshots on my phone that I posted to IG from the Very first Orb I ever recieved. I can provide those as well. Kind of looks like I took the Pic w/ a Potato thou. (Sry Camera Phone Suxxx).

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I've discovered more rays as well now and ones from previous that now will do other things. I've got two games saved with orbs and rays from box locations (bus depot, diner, bar) also new rays that I have found increasing the known total of double rays to over 8.

I've kinda kept this to myself because I've been wanting to further study this but with the addition of the new split ray discoveries I feel its important to share now rather then after days of experimenting.

From the activation of the laundrymat door handle there are the basic "door to tower" and "Bank to tower" rays. This has been seen over and over with no correlation to any other type of game related objects. This is till more orbs have been discovered.

Alright I keep venturing towards speculation in my mind so let me divulge the facts that I know to why I'm typing this.

-Rays and Orbs are part of the EE, as seen through lampposts when doing Ed's or Max's side

-Additional Orbs are seen after completing either side with no known reason without Rays

-Ray's can be activated with no Orb's by sighting the laundrymat door

-3 Rays are shot from the laundrymat door and 3 other rays from the bank to the tower at different heights

-Additional Ray's can be fired from the laundrymat door to be split into multiple directions

Now why this is something I take serious. On the pylon we now have confirmed reports of orbs appearing on its 6 powerline arms at different heights. As well as the orbs on the street lights.

After the last post of someone saying they say the ray go to the street light it made me think of the 6 rays and 6 arms. Tonight I will be measuring the distance between the Bank rays and the Laundrymat as well as trying to determine just where the rays are leading too. My hypothesis is that the rays can all be activated to go to orb locations maybe meaning a broader and more complex activation system.

The only thing stumping me is the small random occurrences of orb sightings. To activate all rays on all orbs everything I would imagine would need to be present, my only thought on this is maybe the quote "This is not a sprint, its a marathon" means we need to do the EE's back to back almost like a time loop (previous maps) to activate more and more orb appearances and rays going in different locations.


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The EEs can both be done in one game, correct? I've had this idea for a while (I may have mentioned it on here before, not sure)... and it's probably nothing, but what the hell;

In that interview where Rez was saying TranZit mode has an endgame, he said to pay attention to what the characters say. Well, one thing they all talk about frequently are their relationships to one another. Misty and Marlton are obviously against (to a certain degree) Russman and Samuel. So, we have two groups that each have two people. These groups seem to be against one another to an extent. We also have two Easter eggs that require two people each to do, and they serve two different people who are working against one another. Coincidences? Probably, but...

So, how about splitting a 4 player game into two "teams"? If these teams have to pick sides of the EE, it's obvious which team does what side because (conveniently) only Samuel can hear Richtofen. So, first you turn on the power and have Samuel and Marlton go through the steps of Richtofen's side of the EE. Then turn the power off and have Misty and Marlton do Maxis.

I dunno.... I still think the EE is over (for now) and even if nobody has tried this yet it's probably nothing. But the more I think about it the more it seems like it almost makes too much sense to not at least try. Unfortunately, my friends aren't very useful when it comes to Zombies, so I can't try it.

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Here's some screenshots from the Mystery Box at the Bus Depot

Orbs & Rays Shooting towards Town.

The funny thing is, this wasnt when I saw them in-game?

It was 2 spins after this & I got them twice in a row, yet it doesn't show up in theatre mode?

I also hadn't completed the Side Quest (though someone I was playing with had)

I didn't have Blue Eyes & I had 1 Tally.

This was the first time I had seen the Orbs & the Rays myself.

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  • 2 weeks later...


I've been able to collect some new information I thought I should share

1. There are no multiple double rays as I stated above, instead it's 1 double ray from the laundrymat and 1 double ray from somewhere behind the bank. From multiple tests we have been able to confirm that rays originate from the door and travel to the tower to intercept the "Easter Egg" rays. Wherever these rays are present on the tower the laundrymat door rays will change angle to match its flow.

2. "Box Orbs" now have a function. Wherever the last box orb is activated (seen at power last time for me) an additional ray will shoot off the tower and travel to the box when targeting or "ADS"ing the door at laundrymat. This is the first known step in manually targeting the rays from tower.

3. "Bank Orbs" are no longer the bank. Tonight I will attempt to discover the origins of where these rays go. From past experience we have seen the different rays through bank, now with our new information we need only to trace a few angled rays to trace it to the point of origin they share.

4. Different colored orbs and rays will not interact with eachother. After having a blue orb on the stoplight I proceeded to do maxis EE, tower changes to red, orb stayed blue, sighting the laundrymat door produced red rays. After a lot of tries I finally got a blue ray but instead of splitting between the orb and tower as before, both rays shot directly to the orb.

5 As stated before the laundry mat door rays will shoot to the rays on the tower, additionally if an EE is completed and lampposts are activated then the rays will also angle to intercept those rays mid-air, making this the 2nd known technique in ray targeting even if it is a little hard too control


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Hi, on tuesday me and my mate get the First time 2 orbs in one game.

Bank side trafficlight He got an blue orb and i at Same Position Red one, never had before that 2 Player can see it in one game.

Here are some interessing pic's from my summery for you.

Beam start in bowling alley

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =126219020

Double beams to bank

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =126218995

Beams starts in upper floor

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =120417980

Double orb in box

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =120226722

Beam to trafficlight orb

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =120159561

From back of laundrymat door

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =119710763

Big amount

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =119710558

and my 3 best pics i ever shoot in tranzit

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =118150385

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =118150346

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =117580702

i believe the entire time there is something more.

but what to do with this shit??? i dont know!!!

i´m tierd from the hunting

ps. sry for my english

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Those are some amazing pictures you posted and they will be updated as well. the lightning strike is actually very useful, i believe ive started it (sometimes the door will cause a flash of light, this flash of light is the same color as your lightning, which could mean you have stumbled upon another activation). Two orbs in one game would be very interesting and I wish I would've been able to be there to test out some things. Do you remember what characters you were? What was the color of the tower? Have you recently completed the Tower of Babble? And how full was your bank at the time?

Just a couple of questions to try and pinpoint a few things down. Also a lot of the times theres a lot of trial and error which means multiple testing. My question to everyone is if there was an informational sheet that you could fill out during game would you? This would be basic from what character you are and then it can get as insane as it needs to be.

But, will you guys use it? If so ill get started on it, if not then ill continue testing things.


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First i ever play With maxxis active and my buddy have richtofen so we have both lights in the game, today i make a Solo game With random and my tower immits lightningbolt all 0,5-1 sec.

The electro beams appears in 7 Games. The flashes are in every game.

Character specific is nothing bcus i got everything With every Character.

I think more it is up to How long you play.

For my opinion.

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One more. I'm Not 100% sure But think the orbs only appear With 4 Player.

The orbs in town somehow interact With the Power Station bcus they comes After Power is on.

Orbs on pylon appear on process of time. We Stay at Farm one Hit the Box and another See orb in there and tell me that so i looked to it and follow beam to tower and the orb appear!

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I've only been able to get the rays to go to the box location if an orb has been hit but not once its been moved to another location and received another orb have I gotten it to go back to that location. To be honest though the rays appear at random intervals that I cant pin point down while sighting and I definitely could've missed rays. If this is true then it concurs with previous theories made about needing to activate an orb at each box location for some type of effect (if activating an orb activates a tower ray and then you can get one at each location then it's easy to conclude one ray in particular needs aligned or all must be activated)

I'm going to look into the cafe in a moment but I'm pretty confident as well looking at all the angled ray pictures that it is indeed behind the bank and hopefully at the source you described.

The character question I feel has a 50/50 catch to it. I agree that all characters can see orbs and rays. My question that erks me is has Treyarch taken the formula of "character specific driven" story lines and incorporated it into there "Easter Eggs". We can see from one example of Stuhlinger being the only one able to hear richtofen's voice, meaning if you don't have him its damn near impossible to do it. This then can branch into any tiny coding of the game as in possible certain characters needing to activate certain box orbs etc etc.

The laundrymat door has to have more to it in my opinion. The process of sighting the door to activate the rays is annoying and unreliable. It would be near impossible to visually be able to see everything and keep sighting unless you just spend hours doing it, even then the rays from the tower can only be "estimated" at there trajectory instead of actually being able to be investigated on foot. If anyone has seen or tried different ways to activate it (buildables? explosives? Avogadro, etc) then please let me know.

I've had orbs in solo and 2 players so I know its not 100% with needing 4 players. I'm not sure if no one has done an EE though, could be the problem with some PS3 players with not seeing the ray if they haven't activated the tower. Also I know the power doesn't have to be on but is usually seen after the power is turned on if you ride the bus. I have taken the shortcut to town first and the orb will be there before turning on power. I'll try to also recreate making the orbs appear in the box and seeing if that has an effect on the pylon. Are you stating that activating a box orb activated an orb on the tower that wasn't previously there? Where was this new orb that appeared at, as you know there are 6 powerline arms and of course the top of the pylon.

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