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MC Escher - 3 spheres, 3 rockets, 3 realms of consciousness


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"Zombies - Die Rise - The Zombie apocalypse has invaded China, turning down town into a dilapidated and dangerous MC Escher painting."

source - http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Call-D ... 51128.html

All "leaks" aside, this happened and I'd like to talk about it. This is why:

MC Escher is not like other artists - rather then being based on simple aesthetics, his style is much more mathematical, and seemingly organic in that nature. He is known well in the artistic & mainstream communities, but not well enough to warrant name dropping him for a Call of Duty zombie map IMO. Why couldn't they have just said - "turning downtown into a dilapidated and dangerous *labyrinth, *experience, *adventure, etc." You get the point. There are tons of other ways of saying, so why be so specific?

Putting logic first, the most likely explanation is that the map is twisty and tricky. I doubt it would have multiple dimensions like an MC painting, but I'm thinking something along the lines of in CotD when you'd jump across the grate to the MP40, and then had to jump underneath the grate to get back to spawn.

Without further ado, let me break from logic and go with a quick art lesson on one of Escher's most famous works:

3 Spheres, 3 Rockets & 3 Realms of Consciousness

The first sphere - representing subconsciousness: When first glancing at this sphere, we can see what looks to be a clock mirrored through it. Upon closer inspection, it bares resemblance to The Black Sun

It is important to consider the shadow as well of the first orb. It clearly portrays a "yin yang" symbol - which could relate to the duality of Richtofen & Maxis. The yin yang symbol can actually be viewed in the second sphere - as it appears Escher was using a magnifying glass to achieve the effect.

The second sphere - representing consciousness: The man in the second sphere represents your consciousness.

If you look closely, one of his eyes is wide open and one is squinted. The eye that is squinted is on the left - pertaining to the first sphere i.e. subconsciousness, memories, innermind. The eye that is wide open is on the right - pertaining to the third sphere... the future. The shadow of the second sphere is also warped, trying to almost touch the third sphere.

Essentially what this means is that, the conscious is not fully aware of the subconscious. However, the conscious is aware of the future. Hence you're focused on a future that does not have to be if you simply opened your eyes fully to the past.

This reminds me of something...

Some say "tell us", and many tell me to keep my mouth shut! I will say this: I always think I know what I want until I get it.

The third sphere - representing future: This sphere is completely opaque. There is no reflection, no certainty. It's shadow curves towards the second sphere, only in the sense of basic knowing that the future exists.

This whole topic of consciousness really brought me back to a time not long before Black Ops 2 came out...

along with this as well, couldn't remember which specific dev posted it though...

"P57. When the missiles hit the Earth, history was drastically re-written. A new timeline was created where the Earth never progressed past 1967. Sarah Michelle Gellar was never born. Richard Nixon never became president. It was a new world and a new history."

source - viewtopic.php?f=100&t=18279

Breaking this all down, I'm thinking that Die Rise could take place within a "re-written" timeline - much like Green Run occurred in a "re-written" timeline.

Regarding consciousness, and realizing your past to achieve your future - I'm hoping this pertains to our O4. Perhaps this is simply realizing that they are all long dead, and it's time to move on (but lord let's not hope so).

I have more information to present, but need more time to sort it out in my mind.


Recommended Reading:


I Had No Idea M.C. Escher Was a Mason


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Mc Esher is one of my favorite artice, especially after seeing the Esher vault in "Warehouse 13" AKA greatest show known to man.... This could mean that, don't quote me on this, but I will claim this theory as my own! There will be a "changing picture" On the map somewhere showing either the box, pack a punch, teleporter locations, or purhaps the next step of the Easter egg! Either way it shows the future of something! I'd like to see that!

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