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Where do the Perk Machines come from in Nuketown Zombies?

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If you look up behind the clock and up...way up, you notice an enormous mushroom cloud (which you all know already.) We know this takes place during Moon. And at round 25 the zombies eyes turn blue and you hear Riohtofen saying a quote from Moon, indicating the Easter Egg for Moon has been complete thus the rockets have hit the Earth.

NOW!! I'm not sure if that nuke we see blowing up is the one from the Moon, or if it's the one that happened after Nuketown Multiplayer.

If they are from the Multiplayer Map, I have no idea as to why or how Perk Machines fall out of them. If however, the mushroom cloud is from one of the three nuke's that came from Moon (that Dr. Maxis tricked the O4 into launching) I have a theory.

At the end of Black Ops Moon's Easter Egg, we're let to believe that Maxis is a bad guy too. Just him and Richtofen both had different "evil" plans. But I think that Maxis sent these machines to the people of Earth as a way to survive the blast. Let me explain...

He knew what he was doing all along. And he's ok with a mass amount of deaths as a result of his actions, as long as Richtofen doesn't get his way. It's kind of like the necessary evil for the greater good.

Ok the nukes turned most of Earth into a zombie infested waste land but maybe Maxis held on to hope, and figured that there may be survivors. OR he created those nukes KNOWING that they wouldn't completely destroy Earth and would just smack it up a bit while turing most of the population into zombies (because those nukes were cram packed with Element 115.) So my theory is that Maxis built and installed these Perk Machines in the nuke. Obviously these Perk Machines aren't "man made" because they are considered "magic" when in a custom game. So the fact that they survived the blast of the nuke is irrelivant.

So Maxis wanted to help those who would survive the zombie apocalypse by giving them these machines. Somehow Maxis gave the Original 4 a permanent amount of it because they get all 8 perks at the end of the Easter Egg. So the machines are worthless to them now. After the Easter Egg on Moon, nobody ever has to buy any more perks because even if you go down, you still have them when your are revived. These machines are the ones from Moon I think.

Ok well that's it. If my facts are all wrong, please feel free to correct me. But please don't be rude. Thank you for reading.


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You don't activate the nukes on moon until after richtofen is in control, so the mushroom cloud is from the multiplayer nuke. Apart from that, I think it is highly likely that the perks came from moon. It would make sense that they don't need them since they already have them on moon permanently. That's a good point which I wouldn't have thought of. Nice ideas!

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Like EJ said, Maxis' rocket doesn't hit until the end of the Nuketown Zombies match (the rocket you see in the background of the game over screen). The mushroom cloud seen during Nuketown Zombies was made from the nuke blowing up at the end of the previous Nuketown multiplayer map.

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The perks are very interesting, and I think there is something behind them coming down like that. They could've easily done a Shangri-La with the perks already in but moving to different locations every time. But they didn't.

A few things to consider though:

1. Even when Richtofen is in control, the rockets have not hit earth yet.

2. It happens when Samantha is control as well. Well before Maxis sent the rockets.

3. The perks literally come out of the nuke at an arc, than plummet to Nuketown. Just like a catapult. So it shoots up at an angle, than drops.

4. The Pack-a-Punch machine also comes in this way. Just remember that it, Juggernog and Speed Cola are only a few hundred miles away at Area 51.

5. The Pack-a-Punch has a battery on it (like Green Run, though this is probably just a paste and copy), and it's Double Tap 2 that comes down, not the original. So it existed while the original one was around. Perhaps someone wanted to create a v2 because they didn't like the original. Porter? 935? Who knows.

I really like your theory, because it is so creative. But the glaring point is that Samantha is still in control while the perks are coming down. So the rockets haven't been sent yet.

The part that interests me is the way they arc up before dropping. That's the part that gets me. Why do they do that?

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Hey guys not sure if this has been mentioned but i have a theory and one that i have been thinking about since Nuketown Zombies was first released.

The Machine that we can see on the loading screen that seems to be drawing energy from the missile impact crater. Well it is directly above center of the crater. Now when you play a game on Nuketown Zombies what do you now see directly above center of the crater? Erm only a massive black/fiery mushroom cloud that could quite easily be hiding something within(Like that machine??). Would answer the question of where those Perks are being catapulted from. Secret tests?

I have quite a few theories about Nuketown as i believe this map is the key to everything. The map is so small so should seem very insignificant but i bet that's what the Devs want us to think. No point making a game we can crack in no time.

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What secret tests? Erm "E=MC2" perhaps? First piece of info we are given on Nuketown Zombies in the level description = "Mass Energy Equivalence". Do a little research and you will know where i am coming from. We have to carry out the secret tests by transforming matter into energy or something like that using the population board and power up shed. Number of Zombies killed to equal energy required to trigger something. Those two street signs have a four digit number on each and each name on the sign corresponds to a "Real" Nuclear experiment. Operation Latchkey. Trinity experiment.

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