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  1. The character who wrote that is confused maybe he is the one like Samuel who can talk to the person in command of the zombies. he doesn't get what what the image he keeps seeing means, on the second image at the very top it says remember this all dont make .......
  2. Afterlife mode will have the Easter egg? They say in the trailer that the afterlife is where you will start to put together the pieces! Post your thoughts here.
  3. What if we don't power up a tower what if we have to do something special to get Samantha in control? Not going to say much. Leave your opinions.
  4. Thank you for posting this I don't like people calling him the warden I've been posting to try to get people to stop.
  5. I think some new person or now one is controlling the zombies. And I think the Easter egg will be to somehow get Samantha into control.
  6. He is not the warden he is wearing a Alcatraz guard badge. Look here at the badge https://www.google.com/search?q=alcatra ... zY9ATxr4AQ. Sorry I just don't want people to start calling him something he is not.
  7. The zombie with the red eyes who you thought is the warden is actually a guard he is wearing an Alcatraz guard badge.
  8. well yeah it is kind of an inapropriate word for it. he is confirmed in the new advertisement.
  9. ohh sorry I was too excited to search for it got cought up in it .
  10. I am doing this because of NGT zombies video on it. I think it is just that all the perks are on that same chaft or are there multiple elevator shafts. This is just a place where you can discuss you'r theories.
  11. Yes he's back. It would be kind of cool to play as a new character though.
  12. I saw that video also, but I also think it is just a normal zombie.
  13. I have had the first thing on the diner happen to me but, I have not had any other one happen to me. I don't know how to report them to Treyarch though.
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