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What if both teams worked Together.


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True you could get a lot further with 8 players if you all worked together but I don't think that the rounds are recorded from grief, correct me if I'm wrong but I think the leader board only shows Wins & Losses (I think there is another column but I'm not sure what it is). Unless you want to go to higher rounds anyway, this would work great!

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The leaderboards only show how many Wins / Losses you have.

Having 8 people on a tightly packed map like Farm and Town is no good, its just an overkill if your going for high rounds. Plus, if everyone on the other team goes down you have no means of reviving them.

It wouldn't work. You could try, but you wouldn't get very far with it.

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I've done it before. It's not that great. The game doesn't count. It's extremely easy. It's not as much fun. You can only revive half the team. The game is impossible to fail. Grief is meant to be 4 versus 4.

Well thank you for reported your experience with trying this. However I don't see where you get the idea that it is meant to be 4 v 4, even Richtofen mentions the option of working together.

I think it would be fun to work together to get to a high round and then Grief out the last one! :P

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Well, on the idea of how fun it is, to each their own. I personally did not particularly enjoy it. I continued the game so I could upgraded random weapons. Also, Richtofen wasn't seriously giving you the option of working together.

Thank you for the appreciation. Some friends of mine, whenever they get a part of more than 4, sometimes as much as 8, they play a co-op Grief so that they don't exclude people. Not my cup of tea, but eh.

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I tried it. It becomes a pain if the teams aren't balanced with regards to the players, you need a good reviver on both sides or one just goes down. The pick-ups are also a problem, when max ammo becomes really neccesary it's hard to share, especially when people are wasting bullets shooting the same zombs.

If, for example in town, one team took the revive room and one the jug room, it could work well for a bit, however if one became overrun you'd lose that team probably.

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