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  1. I've never really been in a game when people buy QR, however I find that if you are the only person left on your team EMP'ing Jugg is a great way to say 'if I go down, you're all coming with me' Sometimes I win this way by surviving when they don't realise they've lost it. If you get down, most of the time they do to and the round restarts at least.
  2. HE FROZE ME HE FROZE ME HE FROZE ME he froze that guy too. Made me laugh. This is probably the quickest I've got bored of a CoD game
  3. I don't really want to play this game's multiplayer any more, time playing it is time wasted that could be better spent playing a different multiplayer or even better, a different game completely. It's cunning of treyarch to put in things like this though that make sure people will keep playing.
  4. So in BO3, which map do you think they'll shove zombies into?
  5. Personally, I don't think there is a certain strategy required. There are always different kinds of player, and a good team will have a combination of these, for example the reviver, the person who gets good guns and can hold his own if the rest of the team gets downed, the griefer who gets emps and knifes enemies to stop them reviving. Personally, I am a reviver. I hate people who don't revive at all though, those are just bad players.
  6. I personally think it's just for setting the scene and atmosphere. 3Arc seem to have done this much more in this game, trying to create that beloved immersion.
  7. Hidden? Didn't people know about this like a few days after the release? I heard about it at max a week after. I aimed for a little bit to get it for the shield/knife etc combo but the shield is useless.
  8. 1. Jug obviously, even though it's so boring 2. Double Tap 2, because it saves so much ammo and it's really fun 3. Speed Cola, for more killings!
  9. On PINNAZ's picture post, the picture that is 5th and 6th down appears multiple times in the map in different locations. Is this meant to mean something or is Treyarch being lazy? Normally I'd assume the first one, but then 3Arch released Black Ops II.
  10. I think anything to do with the lights, be it from the box or laundromat or whatever, is just Treyarch being lazy or trying to create an atmosphere. Since some players play with lower lighting settings, I don't think they would do that (for example on my TV's brightness I can't ever see the box light, really a pain sometimes)
  11. LSAT from that list. From the vote, RPK as I found the old wunderweapons spoilt the game a tad. However my favourite weapon is MTAR, I prefer Assault Rifles naturally. It would be the Type 25 but that thing has no-where near enough ammo.
  12. I had this, have it in games like Crysis and stuff when the graphics just try to be too good. Quite painful to play. Found it easier in Strike Force missions though.
  13. This may be me, but I think with multiple people he takes longer to return. I have noticed that when playing with my friend and we're in different locations, it usually takes a few rounds after the storm for him to appear, unlike in Solo when it takes about half a round. This is probably due to his pathfinding being confused at two people who are more or less equidistant away I find, but hope this helps :)
  14. At least once, you kidding? At least once a day! An easier fix is just to leave zombies and go into the multiplayer or campaign menus, and then return. The audio works fine. It's just kinda shitty when you're at a high round.
  15. I hear you, there are so many people like this that they'll sell better if they allow tactics like this. Black Ops 1 was the only game I've ever played that I enjoyed competitive multiplayer- Hell, it's probably my favourite FPS. I really thought that this game would be the same since being by Treyarch. I guess they are motivated by the same thing as IW- money, and creating a larger target audience. It's cool that they've changed some things around and added some things in, but they've added in too many cheap exploits like the SMG penetration and 1-hit snipers, it just isn't a fun game.
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