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  1. HE FROZE ME HE FROZE ME HE FROZE ME he froze that guy too. Made me laugh. This is probably the quickest I've got bored of a CoD game
  2. 1. The beatles 2. I am english, so really couldn't care less about american history, no offence. 3. 2 4. no 5. Pluto 6. Your 7. Who cares? 8. Freddie mercury 9. Emma Watson. A better looking one too 8-) 10. I am english so again this isn't part of my knowledge
  3. I hear you, there are so many people like this that they'll sell better if they allow tactics like this. Black Ops 1 was the only game I've ever played that I enjoyed competitive multiplayer- Hell, it's probably my favourite FPS. I really thought that this game would be the same since being by Treyarch. I guess they are motivated by the same thing as IW- money, and creating a larger target audience. It's cool that they've changed some things around and added some things in, but they've added in too many cheap exploits like the SMG penetration and 1-hit snipers, it just isn't a fun game.
  4. Every multiplayer game/mode needs to have it's easy exploits to get players into it before they use the other equipment. The trouble with BO2's multiplayer is that there are too many exploits- too many guns which are too good. If you use one of them, the game is boring and you get a good KD. If you don't, you get a bad KD and the game is also boring because you're watching killcams the whole time. I'm talking about the 1-hit snipers with aim assist and the SMGs with unlimited range, no recoil etc. In BO I used to be able to play with the useless guns for fun like the PM63 and still do relatively well, in this game if I don't pick a gun like the PDW or Type 25 I get slaughtered. Examples, both TDM- I played a game with the S12 and got a KD of 0.5. I then played a game in the same lobby with the PDW and got a KD of 4. I find that strategic game modes have less of this though.
  5. I tried it. It becomes a pain if the teams aren't balanced with regards to the players, you need a good reviver on both sides or one just goes down. The pick-ups are also a problem, when max ammo becomes really neccesary it's hard to share, especially when people are wasting bullets shooting the same zombs. If, for example in town, one team took the revive room and one the jug room, it could work well for a bit, however if one became overrun you'd lose that team probably.
  6. Put in the film reels, one at a time, and watch what they play. If you look closely, there are sometimes letters/numbers faintly visible on certain slides. I noticed from the first film reel i put in (unsure if the order of rooms visited dictates anything) There were the initials JD in an eye and the letter 5 on the next slide. From the next film reel I put in two different pictures showed the numbers 115 (10 points to anyone who guesses what this refers to) and 110 on the next one. After that I got downed before finding any more, but I haven't seen these mentioned before in discussion about the easter eggs from B01.
  7. A friend of mine mentioned someone else called Ernst Stuhlinger so I wikipedia'd him (because we've got an S. Stuhlinger) and... well, read for yourself http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Stuhlinger I think his stuff sounds super fishy. About to search for famous people linked to the other characters now.
  8. Sorry, I searched his names in the forums and there weren't any posts so assumed no-one was talking about him. On the Oct21 thing, I searched the interwebs for a bit and these dates stood out: 1978 – Australian civilian pilot Frederick Valentich vanishes in a Cessna 182 over the Bass Strait south of Melbourne, after reporting contact with an unidentified aircraft. 1965 – Comet Ikeya-Seki approaches perihelion, passing 450,000 kilometers from the sun. These are the only ones that have even the slightest resemblance to anything found in zombies. Taken from the wikipedia entry for the date. Also searched the release dates for things relating to BO1 and WaW, thought it could be the release date for DLC or something but I guess not.
  9. Kinda creepy, but at last everyone lived happily ever after! :D
  10. I've got to say, I think BO1 had a better storyline. It was written like a true thriller novel. For this one I think Treyarch thought 'Oh shit, our other game was really popular!' and in MW style made a sequel. To their credit it was well written, shooting the bag with a man in it was gut-wrenching, and I grinned when I found out you didn't have to. Despite it going against my vendetta against modern war games, I found it enjoyable. I just hope we don't have to see a 'Black Ops 3' in two years time. MW4 is a stupid idea as it is. I see it as a shame that they practically set up the sequel at the end, with all that Cordis Die stuff. Treyarch could even break from CoD and Activision and make their own game, be it a FPS or a Zombie game. I'd love to see that!
  11. tom_green_day


    I didn't see any threads about him (?) so I thought he'd need to be discussed, since I don't think he's just a George-style annoyance/boss -Amedeo Avogadro was a physicist in the late 1700s- early 1800s, who invented something called the Avogadro Law. I won't explain it here in full, but just wikipedia his name if you want. It's basically the amount of molecules in a mole. -This probably links into the element 115 in some way, although a slow computer doesn't help my digging. -My theory is that linking to him is a way to reverse element 115, either again Richto, Samantha or just to stop them entirely. -There is something called the International Avogadro Coordination. It's basically a group of metrology institutes across different nationalities to try and accurately measure the Avogadro constant. I won't lie, the Wikipedia entry on it confuses me, but these quotes caught my eye 'X-ray crystal density' ' highly polished spheres of silicon with a mass of one kilogram'' 4.8-kg single crystal of isotopically-enriched silicon' People playing around with lasers, crystals, and other 80's sci-fi stuff. Maybe this means something? -Think about the way that only melee hurts him. Is it just so he's harder, or hinting to something else? This thread isn't me saying a theory much, it's trying to get other people to brainstorm ideas about him. He intrigues me... In the short space of time it takes to stab him doooown. Thank you for reading, and I hope this newbie isn't just spamming up your brainwaves. EDIT: Mole's day. October 23rd, the date is based on Avo's constant. Anything important happen on this day?
  12. I'm probably going to sound really uneducated in what I next say, compared to you people at least. -The main menu for selecting Zombie maps is a globe. They wouldn't make a globe if all the options fit onto one small area (Nevada and Green Run right next to each other) -The campaign took pride in moving away from gritty realism in all the maps, featuring them in fancier places like the floating city Colossus (awesome Zomb map idea actually) and other places. I'm thinking Zombies would greatly benefit moving the same way -Continuing from the previous point, from what I gather people dislike the fog on Tranzit, it's like CotD but much much worser. They need somewhere more modernistic to keep the casual players interested, and I think making money is as big a priority to them as keeping everyone else happy with a mystifying storyline) -Someone mentioned somewhere the group 601 having communication devices in the form of Pylons. I may not be a genius but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't need a communication pylon next to another one, and so they would be far apart. -Linking those points together, I think that the next map will be somewhere like Tokyo or Shanghai. A long way away, with potential for cultural references, but which would not be as destroyed as Green Run. Probably a form of Tranzit map with a means of logistics relevant to the location(tram?). Maybe we could even have a special Takeo surprise? Thank you. PS. Colossus. Amazing location for a map. Nightclub and bright flashing lights, interspersed with powercuts and blackouts. Would make it so much scarier.
  13. Well on the main menu the Green Run icon is above left hand side of America (I'm not American, don't know American geography, sue me) which Google maps tells me is around British Colombia? Maybe Washington/Oregon, as I say I don't know the states well. The characters and setting seem to be deep south though, don't they? I guess maybe hitting the earth with missiles can confuse people a bit.
  14. I haven't read most of those posts after the last few, but I find that my revive booster only works in Tranzit where I guess I must have acquired it. In survival and grief it's the normal revive grind for me. I understand in grief it maybe overpowered for one team to have super-revive so I doubt it's in there, but maybe you have to earn them separately in different game modes? Also, I have a hunch and this is based on nothing at all that you have to keep doing the action required to gain the perk, to maintain it- for example, you need to revive frequently to keep the revive perk, and a certain amount of your kills must be headshots to keep that one. Not too sure how this works with the barricade perk though...

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