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New "WaltZ" Video & Michael J. Fox

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Those of you with keen ears may have been able to pick out that the song in the latest video "WaltZ" released by Treyarch is actually "Earth Angel" by the Temptations.

Those with an even keener memory and fine taste in movies might remember that the song was played by none other than the Great Marty McFly in the 1985 classic Back to the Future during the waltz with his father and his mother back in 1955.

Hmmm... Could this just be coincidence, or could this mean something more? ;)

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Considering the 1.21 gigawatts and other BTTF references we've already got from zombies, it's getting harder and harder to deny the connection between the two.

A couple other guys made this connection back on the original thread for the waltz video as well.

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Re: Shangri La IS (was) on Mars

Postby DTyrone » Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:48 pm

Thnx for the replies guys!

Was just checking if it could have been.

I really don't know what possible those objects can be now, Treyarch has us brainstorming big here!

off topic doesn't the picture of the mountains remind you guys off the movie back to the future III? :lol:

Grtz D

I knew it!

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These are practically the same but it could mean several things.

1) Are we going back to the future again (as in a hint at the time setting (the future))?

2) Are we playing as the characters from back to the future?

3) Are we going to 1955? (I don't think that would make much sense though)

Great link though! I don't think this is a coincidence.

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Great Scott! This is heavy! So like COTD.... We will have celebrity characters to play as? I call dibbs on Christopher Lloyd. :P


But on topic, I made a thread solely about BTTF yesterday. It included this and a few other BIG connections; you should check it out. I think the references are too numerous to go unnoticed. But as you said it might just be a hint at us going back to the future in the timeline.

I still like the idea of teleporting to THREE different times in one map. For example: pre-development farmland, 80s city, and post-apocalyptic hell.

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Those of you with keen ears may have been able to pick out that the song in the latest video "WaltZ" released by Treyarch is actually "Earth Angel" by the Temptations.

Actually, The Temptations has nothing to do with this song. It's by The Penguins.. Just felt like pointing that out! :)

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1) Apologies for the repost, I suppose I was a bit late getting on the scene on this one.

2) Great thread you made there. I wish I could give you brains for it.

3) My mistake with the artists. But hey, I learned something new today! :D

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