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What [email protected] and Blops guns will return?

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So as we all know zombies has had those stand-out weapons, some they just had to bring back like the MP40 from [email protected] which was a good choice. They also decided to bring back the DG 2 for COTD EE. So I think that they will probably bring back the MP40 just because it is in every zombies map. But what I want to return is the PPSH-41, if you're a zombies fan on the PC just like me you will know that the PPSH-41 is a must have on all custom zombies. So I think they should bring it back because we have been begging for it.

Next we have the Wunder weapons, They have the Ray Gun which will more than likely return. But what Wunder Weapons do you think they will bring back. Personally I would like to see the Ice gun or Thundergun. But 3arc has a knack for suprisesso they might bring back a Wunder weapon for a EE.

Anyways Thanks and as always Gimme a Kiss!

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Alot of threads talk about this very thing. almost word for word. They pretty much ask for the PPSH to come back. But it won't. As far as we know, Zombies will strain off of the future theme in terms of weapons. The MP40 was in Kino Der Toten because it was originally meant for WAW. Although I can't explain Call of the Dead.

In every game though, we see the same weapons in the regular game and Zombies. It was like this in WAW, it was like this in BLOPS, and it will be like this in BLOPS II. So aside from Wunderguns, we won't see any returning weapons. Why would we use weapons from World War 2 and the Cold War if we have "cool 2025 guns."

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Things can just happen when you find any kind of weapons are available in each maps. Can you expect every map to have All fully modern guns?

For example, what if there is a old abandoned map from any past time era. Would you expect to find futuristic modern guns? no.... You find older weapons.

[email protected] guns need to be back, I am tired of saying this for almost two years for me already. Treyarch is not going to do anything about it. They just go off to different time period. I believe they won't add World at war guns in zombies ever again. :(

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I hate to play this card, but if you want WAW weapons play WAW.


That being said, Treyarch has confirmed that this time, they're giving the Zombie devs the ability to do whatever they want. In Black Ops, they had to go to the Cold War era because the rest of the studio FORCED them to. Now, Treyarch finally gets that it needs to just let the Zombies guys do what they want cause they know what they're doing.

So, who knows what guns will return? Guess we're gonna have to hold out for the Zombies reveal to know that one.

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Let's not forget the practicality of using the same guns from MP and the campaign.

Much more disk space is saved, as you don't need to save any new weapons onto it simply for one mode. They also don't have to create the weapon itself on the new engine etc.

Think of it this way:

Say there's a gun called the Bloodrocuter. If the Bloodrocuter has already been created for the game, no further changes have to be made. Code it into the zombie map and boom, you're done. Go onto the next one.

However, if they wanted to bring back a weapon, or create a new one (because that's essentially what they're doing) the s enario would play out like this.

Say the weapon is "The Gear" They would first have to create the weapon, code in all the values including multipliers, range, damage, ammo, they would have to make sure The Gear was balanced with the other weapons.* and once all that was done, you would have it for one map. Nothing else. As random chance from the mystery box.

Now, if you were a big corrupt company like Activision or Treyarch, which would you want to be done? One is faster, uses less disc space for what it's worth, costs less money, and is in almost very regard easier. Which do you think they're going to choose?

*Another factor that plays into this, is that The Gear would have to be balanced with the rest of the weapons, which could mean drastic buffs or drastic nerfs, causing The Gear to not even feel like The Gear anymore, defeating the purpose of the endeavour, and probably inviting alot of "TEH GEAR SUX CHANG IT BAK TO HOW IT WUZ!" mail.

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