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  1. Thats what i was trying to say
  2. I think that they should have all sorts of guns the crew can time travel so have old guns and new guns. that way everyones happy
  3. I highly doubt that they will put the destoyed old maps in black ops 2. They might visit a few in the campain but they wont waste their time fully recreating them. people want new maps, new stuff to do, not repeat everything again.
  4. but they could have gone back in time and picked her up for some personal info on maxis (since they were so close) and she has to show them places to go and ends up taging along with them for a while becomeing tied up in a majority of the zombies campain.... but we dont know for sure just aother equally possible theory
  5. But in an interview with mark L. he said that zombies is its own thing and the zombie team is free to do almost anything they want with zombies.
  6. there is a moon quote from samantha that says "first I fine teddy then sophia" witch leads me to belivethat this is possible the woman on the poster is sophia holding samanthas bodys head since rictofen and her switched bodys any thoughts?
  7. lol it was just an idea i thought id share.
  8. I thought of a wonder weapon that could freeze time for only about ten seconds or so alowwing you to revive a downed team mate buy jug or heal for a minutes. but would take a second to charge up
  9. Slot shot would be a perk that would open two more perks slots but take up one. so you could get an extra perk if you wanted to and if you buy this perk enough you can get all 8 perks.. any thoughts
  10. but then thier not dead would you look aat yourself as dead if you were iin there state?
  11. Dr. Maxis is not dead. If he was dead then how does he help you in the easter egg? everyone's saying he's dead because of the radio but thats in the past and the easter eggs in the presant.
  12. i think easter eggs will only be for the 4 player survival mode
  13. but if you go back to area 51 everything looks like a nuke went off..............
  14. damn but maybe he shots her and she falls but gets back up laughing???? or does someone shoot her and Dr. maxis falls because his first reaction was his daughter just died that he couldnt bare to lose?????
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