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"Let's Slay Some Stiffs"

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Hello, my fellow stiff slayers. I am NikolaiBelinski111, and I would just like to say a few things about CoD Zombies and myself....

I am a male zombie killer who loves to go for headshots whenever possible. Although I'm a head-shotter for the most part, my favorite gun in CoD Zombies is the ThunderGun, and, coinsidentially, my favorite Pack-A-Punch'ed weapon in the ZeusCannon. I have been playing CoD Zombies for nearly a year and a half, and I also have some WaW Zombies experience. Although I'm not afraid to say that I am good at CoD Zombies, I will admit that most of the guys on this site probably have better highest rounds than me. I suppose I will go ahead and list my highest rounds now, in order from first map to last map.


Nacht Der Untoten- Round 16(Solo)

Verruckt- Round 20(Solo)

Shi No Numa- Round 24(Solo)

Der Riese- Round 27(Solo)

Kino Der Toten- Round 32(Solo)

"Five"- Round 16(Solo)

Ascension- Round 40(Solo, my personal best)

Call of the Dead- Round 14(Solo)

Shangri-La- Prefer not to say.... FWI, this is my least favorite map.

Moon- Round 20(Solo)

I am an XBOX zombies player, and I am proud of it. This is NikolaiBelinski111 signing off for now. :mrgreen:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Welcome to CoDz! Always great to see more Xboxers around here! If you need help finding where anything is, feel free to ask. I encourage it! Now don't be alarmed, but you will be receiving a PM shortly to celebrate this occasion. :D

Good luck, and happy slaying,


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If you're looking for Vodka, I'm not entirely sure you will find it here. I'll PM you some though ;) Haha, oh and quick fact: In World War II, the Russians used to lie to their commanders and the men above them about how many in their group had died, saying it was less than actually had, so that they could keep close to their full vodka rations delivered to them.

If you're looking to play with other members across the site, you can check out the Teammate Finder and look up some strategies in the Gameplay & Strategies section. If you're ever feeling adventurous, you can head over to the Story & Theories section and test your know-how with Nazi Mythology and the zombies backstory!

I noticed that you are an Xbox player, and we actually have a handy little function that allows you to insert that to your profile. If you follow these steps, it'll let you insert your GamerTag for all to see! From any place on the forum, you can click User Control Panel on the navigation bar at the top. From there you can click Profile at the top, and on the left it will say "Edit GamerTags" and it's as simple as that!

User Control Panel :arrow: Profile :arrow: Edit GamerTags

Enter you GT there and you're good to go. Oh, and enjoy your stay here at CoDz!

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