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  1. Welcome to the forums, bro! Happy slaying! :)
  2. This is definitely the place to be! Welcome to the forum!! :)
  3. Ddue, this is an awesome Guide here that should help many people, and it definitely surprises me that nobody's commented on it. I have bookmarked this and will use this when I play Town/Farm solo. Keep 'em on coming!
  4. TranZit is so awesome. The fog adds a new dimension to it, and plus the power room was so surprising to me, it's so... White. Lol It's a fun map. Curse the denizens though.
  5. Really nice thread, bro. Here's to two more! Hopefully I can get a little bit of a head start on the strats and stuff unlike last time.
  6. richlands24


    Hey there, welcome to the forum! :)
  7. Hey there! Welcome to the forums!!
  8. It was my pleasure, bro. It's awesome to see you finally reach your goal! You're helping me next!! :D
  9. For all of you that wish to join in this Elite clan please post in the thread that I linked. Strictly for Xbox only players. I hope to see new recruits as well!! viewtopic.php?f=94&t=17609 Happy Slaying guys!!
  10. Looks like the first one is for Marksmanship, the second for how many doors opened, the third for explosive or grenade kills, fourth for headshots, dunno what the fifth is, but the sixth is something to do with either buying perks or lasting without them, seventh is for revives, and the eighth one looks like how many rounds you got to, or the time you got to a certain round. Just what it looks like to me.
  11. Welcome to CoDz!! Hope to see you around sometime! :)
  12. Hey! Welcome to CoDz! Enjoy it!
  13. Great, All the best for new high rounds Alright, thanks!
  14. Kino der Toten-28/50 Ascension-34/50 Nacht Der Untoten-20/50 Der Riese-14/50 FIVE-14/50 Verruckt-7/50 SNN-5/50 CotD-21/50 Moon-10/50 So my co op score will be: 15.4=15 rounds. I suck.
  15. 250?? I have to call BS on that, sorry, unless if you got video of it. But anyways, welcome to the forum. :)
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