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Well, it looks like I'm back.

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After many months of leave, I've decided to come back to CoDz, just so I can keep up with the gaming community. Now before I just calmly walk back in here, I want to get some things strait, so there's no confusion.

1. I work at PlayTheGameco, that being said, I'm in the middle of the spectrum and when there's rivalries, I tend to stand aside and let things happen.

2. Yes I'm a brony, yes I like MLP.

3. I realized I was in the wrong when it came to hating upon CovertGunman, BUT. There is a person who I "dis-like" on the forum. Seeing as though I'm a BRONY, and it's in our code to Love and Tolerate, I will ignore him and anything he says and/or does.

I hope you guys accept me back after all this time,

Your friend,


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