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Moon Rockets Butterfly Effect?


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Hi, I was watching a fan made trailer on youtube just now

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv ... ion_297565

When I thought of two things:-

1) This is some sort of butterfly effect that the space station Richtofen made, was actually on the Moon for millions of years, since the dinosaurs. You all know Richtofen was sent through the MDT and did not return for quite some time, and in that time he built the Griffin Space Station, but what if the MDT sent him back say 2 million years back, when the Earth was run by dinosaurs? This could mean that when the gang actually fight zombies on the moon, Area 51 is in the future and the Moon (space station) was actually millions of years in the past? This could mean that what wiped out the dinosaurs, was not a meteorite, but was the 3 115 rockets that hit the Earth? Your thoughts on this?

2) Again, another butterfly effect. Moon is the last map in Richtofen and the gangs timeline, so far, but it does not mean that it can be in the past? Maybe the plan was to make more 115 from the beginning, they would load up the 115 in the past and when the rockets hit the Earth, they hit 3 major points in the world.


The Rising Sun Facility

And wherever else there are 115 meteors.

Thus, making more 115 for the people in the future. This idea would mean Moon is set in the early 1900's, giving Richtofen time to utilise the 115 group 935 scavenged from these 3 points in the world.

Your thoughts on this?

Any good or bad opinions are welcome, just give me some constructive criticism.

Thank you,

Double H.

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If Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Samantha find out that this was the plan all along, they could go back through time trying to stop those events from happening, say they try and go back, but end up in different places just because Richtofen was the expert on the future technology.

This could mean that if they go back and stop the events of Moon happening, there would have never been a Group 935, there would have never been any zombies, wonderweapons, Maxis and his daughter would survive, and these are all things that the current gang want and need.

This makes total sense now, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

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This makes a lot of sense - but how do you explain what we see when we go back to Area 51 after the rockets hit Earth?

Maybe the Rockets also hit at different points in time, meaning Tunguska was in 1911 (or around the time the meteor hit) Rising Sun was when it hit and the third was when you are in Area 51, so whatever the date is for when you arrive at Moon/Area 51.

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OK, that does make sense and could work. Of course, this is 3arc we're talking about so anything could happen - perhaps they even want us to come up with these sort of theories just to confuse us?

Or... this is exactly what happened, but in traditional Treyarch fashion they have kept mum about the subject, thus leading us to second guess ourselves. Our only hope to find the solution is to tough it out, in this video game of the DEAD

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The pyramid has been on the Moon for a very long time, but Richtofen didn't build Griffin Station in his absense from Der Riese. After teleporting through the MDT to Moon, he touched the pyramid and was immediately teleported to Shangri-La. In the radios, Richtofen said they spent the last three years building Griffin Station, putting the completion date in 1942, not in 1940 like you suggest.

As for going back in time and changing events, that sadly isn't possible. Every time a person time travels, they enter a new reality or dimension, meaning that the previous one is untouchable I believe. Don't quote me on it, but that is how I understand it.

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As for going back in time and changing events, that sadly isn't possible. Every time a person time travels, they enter a new reality or dimension, meaning that the previous one is untouchable I believe. Don't quote me on it, but that is how I understand it.

I agree, it would be quite impossible to travel to before the time machine was invented. As well as, if you where to change something,in the past, it would already be changed in the past,present,future. Meaning your either stuck constantly redoing this "change" or it never happened.

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This theory is pretty cool but it does bring some more confusion to an already tangled story of Zombies. Your dinosaur thing is impossible, since you would not be able to explain why you have area 51 there. The moon is confirmed to be between 1960's to 2011/12, so this is another fact that ruins the theory. I personally don't believe that those rockets could hit Earth, making the story begin, because then it would create many parallel universes in the story, and our characters would end up in an infinite loop - just like Gary and Brock in Shangri-La. This would make the zombie storyline not progress anymore.

Good theory, but needs re-thinking and gathering some more facts.

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this would be a good idea. But Richtofen was gone for around 14 days after he teleported to the pyramid for the first time. (Not exctly sure if 14 days. The two radios say the dates when they were recorded, thats how you can figure the time differnce) When he comes back, he then starts building griffen station for two years behind maxis's back. Im not trying to shoot u down or anything and i really liked the idea. Plus it is treyarch we are talking about, they could very easily have ur theory as the storyline.

I also think that since Call of the Dead, we have not time traveled. (maybe a couple years) It would make sense that there isnt new weapons on the moon because mankind wasnt worring about getting to the moon, just trying to survive. Building the future weapons that are on nuketown, which takes place at the same time as moon. And maybe thats another reason that there isnt any weapons at area 51? IDK im starting to ramble lol, sorry. Thats jusy my 2 cents.

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