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  1. The contract has nothing to do with superiority and which is the better console. Or who pays what and who pays nothing. Microsoft obviously had more money to spend on the contract than Sony. Activision are money greedy bastards who clearly don't care about there fan base. I chose PS3 because of the exclusive games, not because I thought it was better than Xbox. Live has been down, not because of being hacked, but because of full servers or something like that years ago. If anything, PS3 has better security now with the hacking, because they would've done everything to protect it now. Also, PC users get them the same time as us. PC is superior in nearly every concept, so you can't explain that. It's odd that Microsoft won't release them a month earlier for PC though. In other news, at least we get a month or so of normal Tranzit and Zombies before they add those new rewardable perks, and alter the AI. Hey sorry, i wasnt trying to say either console is better. My brother owns a PS3 and i still play the h3ll out of that thing. Its just that i believe that since xbox users pay for the service, they should get at least a little perks. Microsoft is using the money that they get from xbox live and in turn, use it on xbox live. Where sony isnt going to throw large ammounts of profits from tv's or other devices to something that they dont charge for. Again, sorry if i was implying that xbox is the superior console.
  2. I know what you are saying but there isnt any reason to be so mean about it. I mean there is a reason that everybody that has xbox live, pays for the service. Microsoft can use the membership fees to get exclusive stuff for xbox. Plus they are able to keep their servers running smoothly when compared to PS3. If i remember correctly, PS3 users had to wait a little after BO2 release to get Nuketown zombies due to servers being down. Also xbox live never has any issues of being down for long periods of time(PS network being hacked). So ill im saying is you get what you paid for. You cant expect to have everything the same when there is another group of people paying for online when you get to play for free. Im not trying to be mean or anything, but i dont get why there is so many complaints about this when PS3 users are paying nothing.
  3. I just wanted to point out something about the "zombie marlton." Like AntJac said, there is no pocket protector and in the trailer u can clearly see he does not have his watch on either. I think the zombie was just a business man and treyarch made him look a little like marlton to troll us. DAMN U TREYARCH!!! :lol:
  4. Ya i think its a little to coincidental that the blood perfectly makes the B look like a R. When i first saw the STOP RUS i didnt think anything of it. But ive heard those quotes and it made me start to think. I bet hes gonna try to takeover the aether or try to kill someone in the crew. IDK but i dont trust the russ. :lol:
  5. Ya i hope they can do something with the ranking. I was stuck on the skull until TODAY when i got to 50k kills altogether and got the knife. Most of my friends have less kills and more downs but they have the shottys!!! I just dont get it! Also i would love a REAl wonder weapon that could clean some trains :lol:
  6. Ya the guy who made up these achievements really had a creative mind, but these are fake because he said that die rise takes place in germany, which we all know now that it has been confirmed to be in china. When i first saw these, the guy had me going and i was all like WTF? :lol:
  7. I got a feeling that the new wonder weapon is gonna be made by Marlton. Doesnt he say something in the nuketown bunker about building something? I bet its going to be called the marlinator no just kidding but wouldnt that be totally awesome?
  8. YA A WOOD CHOPPER!!!! Would be amazingly grewsome. That would be a first with a moveable trap too. Awesome idea!!! Now go to treyarch and tell them they have to put it in!!! Now u got my hopes up and if there isnt one im gonna hate die rise. All because of you! no im just kidding, but i think that would be freaking awesome if there was a wood chopper. (Rubs chin and wonders why i havent thought of that) :ugeek:
  9. I think i would go into some type of depression if i knew there wasnt ever going to be another CoD zombies game. I dont know what i would do with my xbox either. (i seriously dont play anything else. And im not a big fan of the MW series either.) I think they can do sooooo much more if they wanted too. Not by just telling us the storyline, but by making maps that could fill in the all the tiny cracks about the story. And plus ive been waiting to play some maps that tell the backrounds of our orignal 4. I know I know, some of u like the mystery but i am zombie slayer that can never get enough. Im kinda sad to say it but im a lifer when it come to treyarch and zombies. Plus im so deep into zombies that i get withdrawls if i dont play for 3 days :x And i wish i was just kidding about that. :lol:
  10. I think it will kind of be like gun game. When u kill a zombie you get a better gun, maybe if u can get a streak, you get a perk or something. But everytime you kill a zombie, all of the zombies become stronger and faster. But im not sure about the guns switching because the only gun i saw was the olympia. But i think it would make it nice and even gameplay.
  11. I was thinking that maybe they make it to where there is differnt spot where if u fall down it automatically kills you. I mean what if only the upper part of the buildings are acessable and you can go below a certain floor in each building and if u fall down (example elevator shaft) it would kill u as if u fell into the canyon of moon? Then i can see phd coming back. But if you are able to access the streets then i would say not a good idea for die rise. I CANT WAIT FOR THE REVOLUTION!!!!!
  12. i really hope Marly isnt zombified!!! But eveytime i look at that picture it makes me think of what could of happend betwwen die rise and green run. But deep down i feel like it is just a buisness man zombified. That would be the first time they split up the crews on any zombie map. I guess in moon they did, but it was still richtofens body, so does that count? URGH!!! the waiting for the revolution is killing me!!! i might start getting withdrawls if i dont play a new map soon. I hate zombie addiction!!! I just cant kick the stuff :lol:
  13. I think the emblem ranking is a little wierd. But i do like all the stats now. Plus i have 3 or 4 friends that have the shottys but they have half the kills as me and the same ammount of downs and deaths. I have about 100 kill/down ratio and 200 kill/death ratio and they all have about 50-75. (also i am higher ranked in every statistic on the leaderboards, revives, highest round counts, grenade kill and so on. So i dont get it. And also im not really worried about newbs leaving early because their downs/deaths still count towards the rank. And quitters will always quit, even if there wasnt ranks lol. But keep ur head up and maybe one day they will fix the emblems and you will get ur actual rank. (i wouldnt mind having the shottys either) And i think that there should be some type of penalty for leaving mid round too, to keep a little less people from quiting. It isnt a perfect system, but i love having something to strive for besides the highest round too.
  14. this would be a good idea. But Richtofen was gone for around 14 days after he teleported to the pyramid for the first time. (Not exctly sure if 14 days. The two radios say the dates when they were recorded, thats how you can figure the time differnce) When he comes back, he then starts building griffen station for two years behind maxis's back. Im not trying to shoot u down or anything and i really liked the idea. Plus it is treyarch we are talking about, they could very easily have ur theory as the storyline. I also think that since Call of the Dead, we have not time traveled. (maybe a couple years) It would make sense that there isnt new weapons on the moon because mankind wasnt worring about getting to the moon, just trying to survive. Building the future weapons that are on nuketown, which takes place at the same time as moon. And maybe thats another reason that there isnt any weapons at area 51? IDK im starting to ramble lol, sorry. Thats jusy my 2 cents.
  15. I think there will b at least one dlc with the original 4. But the thing that I would love to see is the politcal group again.(jfk, castro, ect.) I think since moon happend maybe it change their timeline too. JUST ONCE MORE PLZ TREYARCH!!!!
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