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Where Does This Leave Us Now? Zombies

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Ok so in the trailer it says the year 2025. If we assume zombies also takes place at this time era then where does the original zombies crew

leave off? Are there new characters that agree going to appear in the next game? Are there descendants of the original crew? Or did the orginal crew time travel to the year 2025? If so then are they going stay in the year 2025 for all the maps

Just some thoughts I had about it. Please provide feedback

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Yeah that was my first speculation of the storyline. I don't think I would like it if there were new characters... It wouldnt be the same. Anways just a thought I had.

Does anyone think that the weapns featured in the Black Ops II reveal trailer and on the game poster will be in zombies?

Because in BO the mustang and sally was on the poster

Does anyone think so?


If soooo how epic would it be if those weapons were pack a punch'd

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I feel like Treyarch has put too much time and effort into developing our famous 4 characters and the story progression of Samantha. Will moon being their last Black Ops I DLC they decided to to out with a bang and add a MAJOR twist in the Nazi Zombie story. I don't think Treyarch would go ahead and ditch such a major event without offering conclusion to an unexplained scenario.

An idea- the Easter Egg on Moon ended up leaving the world in a firey blazr.

maybe the characters will once again time travel to the point in time that the Earth will be inhabitable once more and figure out a way to get Richtofen out of the power seat.

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I have a strange feeling that treyarch is going to emd up putting completely new characters based on information Ive seen... Im not sure if that would work because we have all come to like the original crew. If they do decide to use new characters what do you guys think the new characters will be like?

What race, ethnicities, personalities, what would you guys like to see?

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Yea zombies definitely won't be the same with out the original crew we know and love. And they said that zombies is going to be in it's own world and have it's own characters so this might imply that they will be using different weapons from the multiplayer. And where does this leave us if they decide to increase the player count to 8 or any number?

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8 players? When the French toast did that be mentioned? They're is no way I'm going to play with 8 little whiny kids that are noobs. Hahaha

When they said that the switch over to the MP engine allows for double zombies and players. Hopefully Host Migration will work as well, but classic zombies with the 4 players and wave after wave style is confirmed.

I'd love to see 4 new characters with their own dialogue as long as it isn't bad like CotD was (I didn't feel it had the quality of the other maps with the main 4)

As far as the time travel goes, they could do maps through the decades after Moon (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and 20s). Either that, or just go straight to 2025 to show the effect of richtofen's reign after 60 years. If they do this, then I imagine that the universe that campaign is in, is a different universe than the universe the zombies is in. I think this is implied by JFK's knowledge of zombies on Five, but Mason's isn't trying to get wonder weapons/115, but is trying to stop the nova gas. 100% off the top of my head though, but I do think the universes are different.

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