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  1. I'm pretty sure that's part of the campaign. A Strike Force mission is what they call them if I remember. I would link you to the video that explains these missions but I can't at the moment.
  2. I really hope it's not all MW3 things because I don't have MW3 anymore.
  3. What about the gun on her side. Anyone know or have an idea what gun it is?
  4. Yea zombies definitely won't be the same with out the original crew we know and love. And they said that zombies is going to be in it's own world and have it's own characters so this might imply that they will be using different weapons from the multiplayer. And where does this leave us if they decide to increase the player count to 8 or any number?
  5. They just need to use the old ones they don't need to make completely new ones (beside the Wounder Weapons.) I mean they did it for the revamped old maps on BO why not do it now again. An the temple in Shangri-La was built by Group 935 to resemble an old temple so it's not as old as you think. As to when it was built i'm uncertain.
  6. Why does it "need" to have the MP weapons in it?
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