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  1. Not the crossbow!!!! But I think monkeys could possibly make a return
  2. That's why I'm so insecure about my beloved ballistic and cross bow
  3. It was with ranDUMBS and I had to back pack the entire game I just thought will they bring back the M1911? Cause if they leave out these three weapons I'm going to a little angry with treyarch Every zombie game I have an eternal journey to get the ballistic knife and I never get it for some reason. I spend like 30,000+ every game just be a revivalist.
  4. I prefer the mustang and sally over the ray gun any day! I mean it's alright but m&s wayyyyy better! I've had 122 revives with the ballistic knife in one game before.
  5. So I wanted to start this thread cause I am very concerned of my most dear weapons. Anyone who has played zombies with me knows very well that EVERY game I try to get the ballistic knife, pack a punch, am go in a revive rampage. If I'm going for high rounds I will get the crossbow pack a punch'd. But ballistic knife is my absolute favorite weapon of all time! I am probably one of the very few but I like being the hero. Anyways, is the ballistic knife and crossbow going to make a return in black ops 2? Or are we going to get new and improved weapons that have these same abilities? Either way I want these to make a reappearance somehow. I also thought it would be really awesome if you got to choose if you wanted to start with a pistol or a ballistic knife and if no one chose it it would be available in the box.
  6. I say keep snipers and shotty's!!! Snipers are awesome when you're killing zombies! If anything I say more bolt action snipers and a wall sniper
  7. Juggernog 2.0 - 6 hits to go down? I don't think so... Mediocre players would probably never go down. And good players... They'll never die. Mule kick 2.0 - 4 weapons? You're setting the bar too high. It's annoying enough trying to cycle through your weapons to find your OH SH*T weapon
  8. Juggernog 2.0 - 6 hits to go down? I don't think so... Mediocre players would probably never go down. And good players... They'll never die. Mule kick 2.0 - 4 weapons? You're setting the bar too high. It's annoying enough trying to cycle through your weapons to find your OH SH*T weapon
  9. This is a good idea but just think about how many trolls will shoot you with their ray gun, mustang and sally, or launcher just saying I think it would cause a lot of ragers
  10. Some of the most appealing things are evil o.O Money = greed, fame = illuminati
  11. This sounds like a good idea and all but just imagine the zombie games when you go to round 40,50,60+ no way it would probably crash. Just imagine all the people with high round games being recorded. It a great thought but I have a feeling there would be crashes a lot!
  12. 8 players? When the French toast did that be mentioned? They're is no way I'm going to play with 8 little whiny kids that are noobs. Hahaha
  13. I have a strange feeling that treyarch is going to emd up putting completely new characters based on information Ive seen... Im not sure if that would work because we have all come to like the original crew. If they do decide to use new characters what do you guys think the new characters will be like? What race, ethnicities, personalities, what would you guys like to see?
  14. I sure hope so... I hope they don't ruin the whole thing... But I see thy hard for them to do
  15. Yeah I heard it was supposed to be "from a whole different world" so basically all we can do is wait
  16. Yeah that was my first speculation of the storyline. I don't think I would like it if there were new characters... It wouldnt be the same. Anways just a thought I had. Does anyone think that the weapns featured in the Black Ops II reveal trailer and on the game poster will be in zombies? Because in BO the mustang and sally was on the poster Does anyone think so? Maybe? If soooo how epic would it be if those weapons were pack a punch'd
  17. Ok so in the trailer it says the year 2025. If we assume zombies also takes place at this time era then where does the original zombies crew leave off? Are there new characters that agree going to appear in the next game? Are there descendants of the original crew? Or did the orginal crew time travel to the year 2025? If so then are they going stay in the year 2025 for all the maps Just some thoughts I had about it. Please provide feedback
  18. This seems odd. I mean when I play zombies the zombies always die and I would get frustrated cause they are really slow. Soo I don't think so... And I definitely wouldn't want to be a zombie if syndicate is the human haha
  19. I think they should keep the M1911 for the starting weapon. Zombie exclusive weapons is a great idea and like you said no wonder weapons. I want better bullet shooting weapons for only zombies. I think they should add buyable endings for like 100,000 points instead of killing yourself and it saying GAME OVER it should like b low up the map and say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED IN 50 ROUNDS. Thats just an example. I think they should add a zombie counter from WaW custom maps and it could be turned on and off from the options menu New Zombie Maps every month would be amazing but I prefer quality not quantity. So only if its possible Keep the storyline. But I wouldnt mind different characters for different maps. I think we need more weapons too. Epic ones off the wall and out of the box. A map with older weapons like from WaW would be awesome and even older maybe.
  20. Yeah I have a long post on my different map ideas. Check them out and tell me if you like them viewtopic.php?f=81&t=19924
  21. I think they should make a map of Tunguska! Where the whole zombie apocalypse started! I don't know exactly what it looks like but I could only it would be in an outside open area. With a river maybe as a trap? An Easter egg, an amazing wonder weapon, and maybe a buyable ending! Speaking of buyable ending! If you don't know what that is I'll explain. A buyable ending is instead of going to a high round and then just killing yourself you can buy a teleporter, nuke, or some sort of quick transportation that costs a certain amount of money and you can "get the hell out of there". So instead of at the end of the game it saying GAME OVER it could say COMPLETED... (Whatever map) IN (however many rounds) Just so you feel more successful But the buyable ending would not be cheap at all! My last thought would be more snipers!!!!!!! But not like the useless dragonov or the mediocre L96. I mean like the beast mode PTRS! Is a one hit kill till like 30? I don't know exactly but it is really good. So any bolt action sniper rifles would be amazing!!!!
  22. Yeah that's true but it separate the zombie plays from the zombie slayas. I also thought about the pro perks can be enabled by unlocking them mid game. But then the challenges would have to be smaller proportioned such as only like 10 revives in one game for quick revive pro and etc.
  23. I think they should do it like multiplayer and say want a pro perk then you have to complete challenges to unlock it. Once unlocked all challenges for that perk then every game you go and buy that perk it is already a pro perk! Keep in mind the perks still do all have the same effects when pro is unlocked Quick Revive Pro Challenges: Revive 200 team mates. Revive everyone on your team when you're last man standing 10 times. Get a 50 revives with the ballistic knives. Get a ballistic knife revive from 50 feet or farther Quick Revive Pro: Shoot any team mate with a PaP'd weapon and they will be revived One self-revive available per game. Juggernog Pro Challenges: Recover from red screen without going down 50 times. Don't get Jugg until round 20 Don't PaP until round 20 Juggernog Pro: Take 5 hits Faster health regeneration Stronger weapon damage (Instead of Stopping Power Perk) Stronger bullet penetration No environment damage or nova gas damage (ex. No freeze in COTD, not effected by nova gas crawlers) Speed Cola Pro Challenges: Kill 300 zombies ADS Kill a zombie within 5 seconds of reloading 50 times Damage a zombie, reload, and then finish them off by shooting them 50 times Speed Cola Pro: Faster reloading Faster movement while ADS (Like Stalker Pro in MW3) Faster weapon switch and equipment readiness Double Tap Pro Challenges: Kill 10 zombies in 10 seconds Kill 20 zombies in 20 seconds Shoot 1,000 bullets into enemies Double Tap Pro: More Ammo: Three extra clips in reserved ammo (except wonder weapons) Faster weapon cocking (mainly for shotguns and bolt action snipers) Stamin-Up Pro Challenges: Run 50 miles Avoid getting hit for two consecutive rounds 10 times Activate the power 15 times Stamin-Up Pro: Run for an even longer duration Faster ADS after sprinting Flopper Pro Challenges: Flop and kill 150 zombies Kill 100 zombies with grenades PaP the M1911 five times Flopper Pro: No flinch when hit Flop on flat surfaces Stronger grenade damage (Uber-Grenades) DeadShot Daiquiri Pro Challenges: Hip fire and kill 500 zombies Get 350 headshots Get two knife kills simultaneously within three seconds 20 times DeadShot Daiquiri Pro: Faster melee Auto aim headshot after sprinting Increased accuracy Further range visibility (snipers only) Mule Kick Pro Challenges: Switch entire weapon cycle and kill 100 zombies PaP all three weapons 20 times Mule Kick Pro: If downed get third weapon back that you lost after mule kick is purchased again Let me know if there should be anything added or taken away from these pro perks
  24. Wow I like these ideas! You have put a lot of elaborate thinking into all of them. I like that WWI and II feeling about the WaW maps I think that's exactly What they should do cause I like the old WW weapons and WE WANT CREEPIER MAPS!!!! Like WaW!!!
  25. Big map or small map as long as I get to rape some zombies and have fun doing it. It's all good with me. The only thing I don't like about big maps such as moon. When you horde up all the zombies and leave to go save the one of the tunnels or bio dome they start respawning in front of you and then it's difficult to hack the excavators. ( I'm talking about solo by the way)
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