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A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

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Gotta give props to you, MMX.

Thank you for realizing this project.


Hope you are doing well. :)

Can't wait for the videos.


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A Zombie Trilogy v.III Explaining the Entire Call of Duty Zombies Storyline 12-Part Series   After many years of hard work with so many of you on this site, I've finally completed

Major update guys! The video is now finished. So feel free to check it out in your spare time.   Since the site has been down, I had made a lot of updates for the text version. So, instead of updati

Hey I just wanted to give anyone who cared an update on this project. It is still going well. It is just going to take time.   The script is basically done. I am literally just waiting on th

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On 9/11/2015 at 7:00 PM, MysteryMachineX said:

Yup. I'm reviving this old thread because there was news that was important to me worth discussing I felt you guys should know about. You know that Call of Duty Zombies Storyline I headed with the help of so much of you guys? Well the other day it was actually killed, a few months before the next installment of the series. Activision/Youtube literally blocked it in some countries, and short-story is, it is no longer on the internet. I'm not standing idly by though. I felt you guys should know about this. Feel about it how you will. It has hurt me.

Here's the video in which I talk about this.


Here's a transcript:

Some of you may have noticed my most popular video, the Call of Duty Zombies Storyline, has been removed. This is the result of no accident; it was intentional. Just not by me. This 2 million view video was my most popular video by far, and I spent years working on it before its release. I do try to do other things besides Zombies nowadays, but it was no secret this video had much popularity.

Earlier this week, this 2-year-old video received four copyright strikes on the same day at the behest of Activision, along with Youtube. Why? Is it perhaps because Activision plans on releasing a new game in a few months and doesn’t want this out there? Perhaps it is a consequence of the less-than-optimal review I gave last month about said new game? Perhaps some HR there only now got around to seeing it?

While I do think the state of copyright law in this age is deplorable, what really gets me is how this video has been absolutely fine for TWO YEARS without so much as a word of violation. Since this was my most popular video, this event has literally reduced my livelihood. While I would like to work for a subsidiary or affiliate of Activision someday, such as Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Blizzard, etc., this is a breach of relation between developer and consumer that I may one day forgive, but NOT forget.

I’m telling you viewers, as you made it clear you enjoyed the video. You should be made aware of this situation. I will work on creating an edited version of the video that I shall upload in its place and do my best to appease the lawyers behind Activision and Google. Yes, this means that my video will be starting from SCRATCH. From 2,116,213 views to 0 views. So please do not fret.

I aim to create an updated version of this video as well some day after the release of their game. But if this happens again I might not be able to simply afford to do so. As much as many of you would like to hear me promise to make it, I cannot. I will however, see what I can do. Thank you.


It's almost shocking, if not appalling, that this had to happen to the video. As, how it stands, that video was a GREAT one. I sat through it and enjoyed listening to it, and it provoked plenty of thought for me for regards to the story it presented, and the new views it provided to me.

It honestly sucks that they dragged it down. Also sucks that I heard about it so late, but that's less important than the matter.


If I'm to be fair, though, I'm more than certain the updated version will be wonderful in comparison to its predecessor. I do hope to watch it when it comes around... if it's not already out. Do tell me if it is, as I really am very late to hearing this...


EDIT: Just read the above comments, and I'm glad to hear what it's becoming. As curious as I am about how I was made a contributor... well, I'm somewhat honored, even if I'm not so sure what I did. For what it concerns, I feel that the way you will deliver this will be good, and I'll be happy to watch it when it comes out.

Edited by The Meh
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Thanks Lenne!


That's old news, Meh, but I haven't forgotten it. The original version was vI. The edited one I had to reupload was vII. This one I'm making and going to promote will be vIII, going along with Black Ops III. The new version is vastly superior to the old one. The old one barely had visuals. I have gone through great efforts to try to stay within the confines of copyright law, much like how E. Coli tries to stay within the bounds of an ever-confining organ dripping with corrosive bile. (Too harsh?)


And yes, Meh, you did contribute. The conversations we had? You gave me outlook onto things with this story. Guys, don't be surprised that you contributed. Even if you only did so a bit, I made note of it. You're a Contributor unless at some point you chose not to be. People like Tac, who so publicly put in considerable input, are listed as Dedicated Contributors.


Also, I will be releasing a trailer soon in the coming weeks so you guys can see what it is.

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8 hours ago, MysteryMachineX said:

Big news everyone! There is a trailer and a release date for the video series born out of this very thread! A Zombie Trilogy!



Looking good, MMX! Can't wait until ep. 1 is released

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Hey everyone! Part one of this documentary is now live! Please watch if you get the chance and show people and whatnot. All that stuff. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible! The credits will be on the last one. Don't worry!


Also, could a staff member perhaps move this into the zombie hub or general zombies forum or something? I'd really appreciate it. : )


EDIT: Thank you staff! : D

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Hey everyone, so, my documentary series on Treyarch's Zombies is halfway over, so I just thought I'd update this thread with the videos that have been releasing every week. I understand Treyarch's Zombies is over, and people are anticipating newer Zombies by other Call of Duty companies, but I hope some of you can still enjoy the tale of what was always the best, in my opinion, Zombies story. This wouldn't have been possible without so many of you, so thanks again.


Part 1: The Beginning

The First One creates the 63 Universes and life.

The Great War is fought between the Keepers and Apothicons.

Mankind begins to inhabit the majority of the Earth.

Group 935 forms prior to World War II.

Maxis and Richtofen fracture Group 935 into factions.


Part 2: Cold War Era

Samantha rises to power and wipes out Group 935.

Zombies unleash shortly after World War II.

CIA and DOD experiments with Group 935 technology.

Ascension Group has Casimir accident.

The Test Subjects travel into the future.


Part 3: World's End

Actors star in the movie, Call of the Dead.

Famous explorers rediscover Shangri-La and die.

Richtofen rises to power in Samantha's place.

Maxis rises to oppose Richtofen's schemes.

Griffin Station blows up the Earth.


Part 4: Post-Apocalypse

The Survivors fight in a post-apocalyptic world.

Broken Arrow incriminates itself.

Richtofen and Maxis vie for control.

Three global polarization devices are sought out.

Maxis fractures the 63rd Universe.


Part 5: World War I

Group 935 forms early prior to World War I.

Maxis befriends Richtofen as a father figure.

Samantha reaches through to this world.

The Heroes meet upon the dig site.

The Heroes destabilize the millions of alternate realms.


Part 6: Campaigns

Group 935 fails, but the Kronorium is found.

USA and USSR victorious in World War II.

Mason brainwashed by Dragovich in the Cold War.

Cordis Die uprising leads to drone attacks.

DNI technology leads to AI during the Second Cold War.

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And I must thank you, MMX. Part 4 showed me some quotes of Richthofen and Maxis that I have never heard before. Some quotes that leave behind a mystery and scream to me to theorize about...

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MMX, just lettin you know, Treyarch released a complete timeline explaining but just everything. You're gonna have to fix a lot of things. Just to give you a few things we've found out, Yuri is the Pentagon Thief, Maxis got teleported to the Crazy Place, and a lot of other stuff. You should take a look at it. 




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What are your thoughts on it MMX? Interested in hearing what you like/dislike about what's been confirmed/not confirmed.

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I am personally devastated at this. I waited so long in case something like this happened, but they actually did it. Nearly a year after Revelations but they did it.


My series is going ahead as scheduled, but I have added a video for the purpose of this timeline.


The grand picture shifted beneath my feet. Dates were added, new fan fiction -ahem- facts were added, and the universal picture was somewhat different. I don't think I was really that off. The fact that they admitted Moon had to be in 2025 means I helped influence it. But there's simply so much mentioned there that was never once ever mentioned in the games…


Honestly, I just want to take a long break from zombies now… I'm only even answering this question because it is you, Rissole, and you too, Mac. I'm just…. so tired… Thanks for everyone's help in getting where we got to without the timeline.

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It has a lot of stuff connecting the maps that we didn't have before. Like for example, the crew went to Shi No Numa to get Richtofen's diary. Richtofen began his plan once he got his diary and then went to Der Riese. He wanted to teleport to the Moon but it got overloaded and was sent forward in time to Kino, dropping his diary. This same diary was picked up by the Soviets which is the same diary Yuri had. Just a lot of explanations.

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I'm sorry to hear that his reveal has been disheartening, your efforts to create a complete and accurate version of the storyline has been incredible to be a part of. 


The new information is incredibly exciting but I can also see how it can be frustrating to see things conflicting with what we seemed to believe. 


If you are going to be leaving for a while I wanted to thank you for the work you have done for the story

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@MysteryMachineX Look it from the good side: You have guessed/theorized alot that now is actually confirmed by Treyarch. Not all of your stuff in Zombie Trilogy is wrong. Moreover, the most stuff is still correct. And besides this all, your Trilogy is your perspective. Your view of the story. It is YOUR story! No one can say that it is wrong

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I'm not upset that they released the timeline. I'm just upset that they waited so very long after "The End" of zombies (Revelations) to release this timeline that has never-before-seen info. I should've known better. It's Call of Duty. There never will be an end...


But, thank you for the kind words guys. I really appreciate it.

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Hey everybody, if you haven't heard, this series is now concluded. All twelve parts of the series have been aired, in addition to the Credits as well as a video that covers my thoughts on the new timeline. The Credits feature every person to my knowledge who ever helped in debating this storyline or helped it out in some other manner. The other video is, well, not exactly how I intended to end the series, but it's done all the same.


I hope you guys enjoyed the series, but this marks the conclusion of my time with Zombies. If you watch the last video, you'll understand why. You guys have been great, but I just feel I need to move on with my life. I hope you guys enjoyed this series, this culmination of the work that first brought to this website. I hope I've left something worth having seen. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all. I'll probably lurk occasionally, but not very often. If you ever want to reach out to me, you can find my email on my Youtube channel.


Thank you

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I understand you completely. or well, I don't know exactly how you feel but I understand your sadness. And with your almost 6000 posts on this site, more than 6 times as much as me, I would like to say: Rest. For the sake of yourself. Do whatever you want to do. There is no obligation for you to stay in the Zombies Saga's. And those series you've made are like the "peak of your carrier". The end of your grand scheme. It's like blowing up Earth. It does not matter if it is completely canon to Treyarch's timeline, you have enjoyed people with it! Amused! What does it matter if it's not exactly the same as Treyarch implemented the story. After all, we, the fans, are those who REALLY created the story to what it is today. So no sadness, my friend, it's your story!


One thing you've said buggers me though


"There are stories that are even more crazy than the zombies story! Take Fallout for example, or ...."

So...you continue theorizing and writing down a game's story? It is not writing down a story itself with what you are done with, but rather specific the zombie story only? You still cannot stop talking about the story of a game?


And I have to say about myself: The story of a game was something I never really cared about. But ever since I'm familiar with CoDZ, the story of a game is what I care the MOST! Even more than the gameplay or game itself. Pretty weird.


So I want to thank you for your support with creating and discussing the Zombies story, and I have one last question. Do you know the story of Half Life?

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Thank you, anonymous. You specifically have been really proactive in responding to cheer me up after this whole ordeal, and I really appreciate it. You are truly kind, and also definitely deserving of the User of the Month title  : P


I'm only done with Call of Duty Zombies. Nothing will stop me talking about the stories of games. Caring about that stuff is essentially my purpose in life. Truthfully, Zombies was only one of many franchises that I loved. At one point, it was the one I loved the most, but that was a while ago. My Youtube channel will remain as a canvas for me to make pretty much just whatever I feel like making in the future. But my real goal is to one day make a compelling game narrative of my own. It is funny though, I also only got into Zombies for the arcade-style gameplay. Heh.


Portal is one of my beloved franchises, although really Half-Life and Portal are two halves of the same franchise. I know everything about Portal, although my Half-Life knowledge is lacking, sorry. And thanks again!

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No... Thank you, MMX.


I wish you all the best, buddy. 



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There was a time when I'd make theory posts and specifically think "Now how will MMX debunk this" before I posted it. All in a good way of course :biggrin:. It would make me really rethink the theory again to make sure I was happy with it.


Good luck with everything MMX. :thumbsup:

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But you can do SO much more!


Zombies was brilliant, and you know what so were you.






Fantastic job with everything here, MMK.  

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