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Superhands' Verruckt 50+ solo strategy guide

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Hey guys, here's me bringing you another written guide for soloing Verruckt. Many people regard this map as one of the hardest maps there is for playing solo, but after finally playing a solo game on the Black Ops version and devising a very solid strategy I really beg to differ. If played strategically this can be one of the easiest maps there is for solo play.

This is easily a round 50+ strategy and you'll rarely ever down after round 10.

Starting area

First round – knife only. Don’t forget to buy Quick Revive when possible – in solo, if you go down this will automatically revive you. Be aware that you’ll need to buy it again if you go down, and can only buy 3 in total.

Second round – 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Third round – Keep knifing the zombies at the windows, holding them off for as long as possible. When they start to pile in, open the next area and buy the Thompson/MP40 (depending on what side you’re on).

Before Round 10

Once you’ve opened the next area from the spawn room, as mentioned you’ll grab the Thompson or MP40. You’ll start on a different side from game-to-game, with Quick Revive being on the Thompson side and Juggernog being on the MP40 side. The door separating the 2 sides is opened once the power is turned on.

Back to the strategy. You’ll be using a camp-and-move strategy up until round 10. Using your Thompson/MP40, camp with your back to the next openable door, shooting the zombies as they come at you. When you feel like you’re getting overrun, open the door, move to the next area and do the same thing.

Keep a zombie at the end of each round, preferably a crawler, to buy perks and box weapons. You should be aiming to get the following things in order:

Juggernog & Quick Revive

Double Tap

Winter's Howl

Ray Gun

Speed Cola

Monkey Bombs

You’ll be keeping the Thompson/MP40 for the rest of the game, so will need to trade out the Ray Gun for the M1911 when you get it.

Keep the Winter's in hand when looping round the map, as you can use it to free yourself if you get stuck in the rounds leading up to about 25, which is the most common time that you might get stuck due to the slower spawning.

Use the Ray Gun to do all of your killing, only using the Winter's when in trouble. When it comes to using the traps later on, the Winter's will be useless by that time so you may as well just trade it out for the Thompson for point-building for the trap.

If you have opened all of the doors before round 10 because you kept getting overrun, no problem – just start running the main strategy. Carry on reading for instructions on how to do this.

Rounds 10-30

You’ll now start using the main strategy. The base is pretty simple; you’ll just be doing a full-map loop in a clockwise direction.

The key to making this strategy work is controlling the spawning of the zombies i.e. getting them all to spawn in one area so you can loop round the map freely. Sounds difficult, but it’s actually really simple, safe and generally helps you avoid any sort of dangerous situation throughout any part of the map.

There are only 3 main rules that need to be adhered to in order to make this strategy work and give you an easy time:

1) Start each round or wave next to the STG.

2) ONLY kill zombies in the MP40 room

3) NEVER fix any windows or collect a Carpenter power-up. Doing this can mess up the spawning and put you in danger.

To start any round, stand next to the STG-44 on the wall. As soon as you hear zombies, start walking towards the power room to begin your clockwise loop.

Just continue to casually walk round the map – you shouldn’t be confronted by any zombies so it will be a casual walk.

Once you get to the Thompson room, use the space to help bunch up the zombies to make it easier to take out more of the group shortly. Here’s an image demonstrating a manoeuvre I like to use to gather them together:

Continue past Quick Revive and Juggernog and up the stairs, turning left into the MP40 room. You might get one zombie coming down the stairs as you come towards Jugg, but he comes down the stairs way before you reach them and is easily avoidable. It's never more than one zombie if you stick to the strategy and only kill in the MP40. Sprint to the end next to Double Tap, then turn around and spray into the zombies and kill as many as you can before you get overrun, preferably using a Ray Gun but a Thompson works well in the earlier rounds.

Continue through the door to the STG, rinse and repeat.

As mentioned, it’s very important to only kill in this one spot. Done this way, all of the zombie s will spawn into this area and will all come in behind you, leaving the rest of the map clear for you to walk through. In the earlier rounds you may encounter a zombie on your way to the Thompson room, but if you go to the left side of the stairs on the way to them (where the Trench Gun is on the wall) you’ll easily squeeze past him. Either that or you can take him out with the Ray Gun. As the rounds get higher of course the zombies will spawn in quicker and you’ll never encounter a zombie here. You tend to get 2 stragglers come in the 2 windows next to Mule Kick after you’ve entered the Thompson room, but they’ll just join your train as you do the gathering manoeuvre.

Speaking of Mule Kick; this perk is in no way needed. The Ray Gun & Thompson/MP40 are the only weapons you need. I’d actually avoid using the Winter’s Howl on this map unless you have it in the early rounds and really have to use it – some of the runners could be turned into really slow walkers, you’ll encounter them on your next loop and possibly get blocked off, which of course can be very dangerous. As we’ve established, if this map is played correctly there’s really no reason that you should get stuck and have to blast your way out of trouble. The Winter’s Howl won’t really save you after round 20 anyway.

Round 30+

You’ll continue the same strategy as before, but you’ll now be using the MP40 trap to get all of your kills.

Of course you’ll still need to shoot the zombies to make points for the traps; if you use the Thompson/MP40 you can build points for the traps without killing any zombies, as their health will be high by this round. After you leave the Thompson room, sprint to the stairs before the MP40 area, turn round and shoot a few clips into the bunch before they reach you, then proceed up the stairs.

By the time you’ve completed each lap, after the delays you cause when gathering in the Thompson room, the trap will be ready to use again.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you get the zombies on the right side of the wall so you can run them through the trap. You can gather the zombies on the right side by walking round the edges of the room just after the stairs. Use this simple gathering technique and you’ll have no problem with this:

You may get a few stragglers from the end of the train that don’t go through the trap because they went do along the other side, but this is no problem as they’ll just lead the way in your new train.

Of course using the trap to get all of your kills won’t drop power-ups, but you won’t need them anyway. The only gun you’ll really be using at this point is the Thompson/MP40, which of course can be replenished by buying ammo off the wall.

Even so, it’s a good idea to use the last group of zombies at the end of a round to do some point-building, which also carries a large chance of them dropping a power-up. If this is a Nuke or Instakill, it can be saved for use at the beginning of the next round. Just be sure to kill them somewhere that allows you to get back to the STG area before the next round starts. Running a loop in the Thompson room or MP40 areas both work well if it’s a small group.

Here's some video footage of my highest round on Verruckt so far (only stopped by an error at the end). This video demonstrates the way the loop should be run and traps used:


You’ll keep using this exact same strategy for the rest of the game and you’ll notice the difficulty won’t really increase. After round 35 or so you might need to sprint through the power room to the **** please report this topic, post **** area to pass the window in the **** please report this topic, post **** before the zombies come out of it.

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Yeah had another go last night, this is also a very quick strategy actually the game only took about 4-5 hours. Killed myself at round 62 cuz it was getting late, only downed once at round 4 cuz I got double-hit. After about round 35 this map gets ridiculously easy, you can't go wrong when you're rinsing and repeating with the trap.

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As always I read your solo guide for tips and strategies before seriously going for a map.

You are just awesome.

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As always I read your solo guide for tips and strategies before seriously going for a map.

You are just awesome.

I do this too. Even when I already have a strategy mapped out I like comparing it to yours and seeing what I can take from it :D

Sans credit of course ;)

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This is the first strategy guide I ever looked up regarding zombies. Always just figured strats out myself, but Verruckt always gave me bother. Ah... the memories.

I miss SuperHands. :(

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great guide! :thumbsup:

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