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  1. I think I still go with my decision. I have 2 days left to decide, I will sell my game to GameMania wednesday. Farewell guys and thanks for everything.
  2. Guys, I have enough theories. I asume it is just a glitch.
  3. I turned auto aim off and I still seem to aiming at zombies when I walk past them. Really annoying when I'm running my train!
  4. Ice cold killer man!! How many energy drinks did you consumed?
  5. I didn't had sickle then, there were more crawlers, and I don't auto aim turned on.
  6. I don't really care about dieing before round 20 in solo, it is still easy to get my perks back and IMO round 1-20 are harder than the rounds afterwards. I hate when I'm feeling so awesome about a game and it's going to great and then suddenly I get stucked and downed, and at the beginning of a round I can't get my perks back, so game over. When I felt to make it high.... I do hate it also when I down at Ascension. I ALWAYS die at the left side of the stairs to PHD, next to the random box. It is mostly easy with thunder gun, but it is a waste of ammo. Or I'm unlucky and don't have the thunder gun on round 23 YES that happpened to me and then there is no way to escape. Even when the zombies are coming from both the stairs, so the chance of getting stuck is een higher. When the max zombies have spawn it's way easier. But in the early there are slow zombies which can block my way much easier, hence why I die more times before round 20 or so.
  7. No, there was like a couple metres between the the crawler and the other zombies. I know they can push you, but not over 2 metres away.
  8. Wow this is the first it happens to me! Did this happen to you when you knifed? I will stop knifing then I quess Thanks for your answer :)
  9. Yeah thanks for that The main thing probably is the slow zombies in the earlier rounds. They can turn around and meet me halfway the loop instead of joining up the train. That is the reason why I mostly die I quess. Especially on the stairs of the stages, they can turn back and meet me at the other stairs Is it known, in which round all the zombies are on their fastest?
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