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  1. TheSickTrickZ

    What's your worst habit in zombies?

    I don't really care about dieing before round 20 in solo, it is still easy to get my perks back and IMO round 1-20 are harder than the rounds afterwards. I hate when I'm feeling so awesome about a game and it's going to great and then suddenly I get stucked and downed, and at the beginning of a round I can't get my perks back, so game over. When I felt to make it high.... I do hate it also when I down at Ascension. I ALWAYS die at the left side of the stairs to PHD, next to the random box. It is mostly easy with thunder gun, but it is a waste of ammo. Or I'm unlucky and don't have the thunder gun on round 23 YES that happpened to me and then there is no way to escape. Even when the zombies are coming from both the stairs, so the chance of getting stuck is een higher. When the max zombies have spawn it's way easier. But in the early there are slow zombies which can block my way much easier, hence why I die more times before round 20 or so.
  2. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' Verruckt 50+ solo strategy guide

    You made it to 62? Nice:D
  3. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' Verruckt 50+ solo strategy guide

    Nice! I will test this out soon!
  4. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Slow and steady wins the race, I am glad you are improving my friend. Thank you I hope we could play some time. I'm so tired now getting crazy from it.. Could take a month but also a couple months till I can get to a how you call that? 'people who has a lot of knowledge about medicine' and he/she can make me quit my medicine or not lets hope it will be I have PDD-NOS, a form of autistic, if you know that. If I stop it, I could become a bit agressive or I will imagine things there arent be there. Or be very busy and having to much energy haha Wont be much zombies for me the following month(s) I love zombies :(
  5. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Of course I failed again. Almost killed george for the 2nd time.. Accidently killed the last crawler, didnt expected such a huge radius. So i run back all fine. but what happens when i get nervous, ofcourse i got stuck... just paped my scavenger, 5 perks, almost 6th one, almost ee done.. so ofcourse i lost the game. if i didnt killed the crawler, this wouldnt happen.. it went to good, felt like ti went to make it really high. might be trying it again but not today or tomorrow.. the medicine is use now makes me so tired i might be getting rid of it since i got it when i was like 12 or so to keep me easy and not so busy and angry fast, but im 18 and i dont feel like i need them anymoe. and i cant drink energydrink with this, it makes me really really ill, so if i get rid of this medicine i wont be so tired and can drink some energydrik and will breakt my just set record of 17!! :P
  6. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Ah that's great!
  7. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Yeah it does, you only have to do it once to get the achievement and it'll appear in all games after that. It doesn't swap for a weapon, it's sorta like having the Death Machine - once you have it you can't swap to any other weapon until it runs out. Rather than lasting for 30 seconds though it lasts until the ammo runs out. It can be replenished by a Max Ammo but it can't be PaP'd. Ah I see good to hear. But I just started a solo game, and is the WW really that important? Should I finish the EE quick and start over?
  8. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Alright, I will think about it, see what is the best strategy and I will start off tomorrow. Does the solo EE also grants me the Wunderwaffe? But for which weapon do you switch the WW?
  9. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Wow never thought of that!
  10. TheSickTrickZ

    Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Awesome guide! I always failed in the first few rounds, and now I know how to handle with that! Now I also know how to run a good train, since I always ran around the other way (clockwise, and this is counter-clockwise) which must explain why I get stuck often! I only would use a different setup: 1-25: M&S Scavenger Ak74u I would use the same of killing George as yours. But at round 25/30 I would swap the scavenger for a vr-11 and use that if I would get in trouble with George. At every round George is back I would swap the AK for the scavenger and kill him. Then swap it back and at round 30+ PAP it right away. And just start the next round with a PAPed AK74u. At round 35/40+ I would swap the M&S for the Awful Lawton. So I would end up with: Awful Lawton Vr-11 lazerus Ak74fu / Scavenger. + Way more points Safer Easier No need to use the box during rounds No angry George - More time consuming More points wasting at the box What do you guys think of this?
  11. TheSickTrickZ

    Shotgun Sally on Der Riese is fun!

    Didn't know that my channel was unavailable, I'll have to change my settings... The vid's not in HD cuz I used Windows Movie Maker I'm just a casual uploader and putting the clips together and outputting it in a smaller file size makes the output and uploading a lot quicker, can take quite a while to upload a 10GB HD video as you'd imagine. Definately, I always have it in my arsenal when playing this map Yeah true, I have never seen a big difference between 360p and 720p HD in Zombies mode. Unless you use Dazzle lol. The graphics of zombies aren't the best at all, so 720p HD doesn't makes it better or so. MP is different, 360p is damn ugly there. Good thing I don't play MP.
  12. TheSickTrickZ

    Shotgun Sally on Der Riese is fun!

    Which program did you use to make this video? It's not in HD :(
  13. TheSickTrickZ

    Shotgun Sally on Der Riese is fun!

    Round 55 with shotguns only is pretty good But why is your channel not in use?
  14. I believe I saw a place of the singeplayer mission in Ascension. From the luna lander. If I remember it right, is that big crater thing where you walk next to when you rescued Weaver.
  15. TheSickTrickZ

    Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    Wow, I just played COTD with randoms. And at round 11 they all downed, didn't revived them they were far away. And I managed to get all the zombies behind me and runned around the whole map keep shooting back and buying weapons everytime. I felt like I improved myself a lot at COTD I was pretty proud of that. But suddenly the next round I was again the only one left, and got stuck at the ship But I was happy about round 11 COTD isn't so hard as I thought :)

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