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  1. I'm on xbox, but I saw a bowie knife. That oughtta do it.
  2. It means that your computer ran out of memory. There isn't much you can do, except for playing on a decent PC. Also, less teleporting, using less electrical traps and less wonder weapons could help out a bit, but it surely isn't guaranteed.
  3. My biggest issue is that the map looks so bland and common. The Asian twist to the music and ambiance sounds is great, but the map lacks some serious color. And I think the part where you have to water a plant three rounds in a row is just dumb. Unless it's round 50 and the rounds take long enough, it's not gonna happen.
  4. I'm pretty sure I've never seen attachments for the starter pistol... (xbox1) ?! Razorback in DE? Is it in the box now?
  5. There are three new weapons, which you can't customize. Just like the raygun and the bootlegger.
  6. I'm on xbox, so I have to wait a bit to play the new map, but Oh BOY! Individual spiders added to the normal zombies on later rounds and blocking off doorways? Oh dear... That's some proper game-design for you right there!
  7. They've always had witty names for Pack-a-Punched weapons. This one is no exception.
  8. After upgrading a bow, you can put it down and pick up the normal one to shoot the teleporter. After that you can do the wisps and after visiting the past, a Panzer will spawn and you could get a dg-4 part too. The EE steps just keep coming.
  9. Secret shopper sounds overpowered, but we'll see. Hopefully it only applies for wallbuys. Or non-packed weapons. Fear in Headlights. I can't really think of any moment it would be useful to the extend of using this gumball over another. Unbearable... the name made me giggle. Hopefully it comes with a random tune, like the firesale song or something. Temporal gift. They last longer after picking them up right? It would be nice if it took longer for the drops to de-spawn instead? I don't think my gumball pack will change. I do appreciate the effort of designing new ones however.
  10. I actually enjoyed it. That part at least. Waiting for the rocket or low gravity is pretty boring. Jumping all over the map while the rounds skip ain't so bad... Besides, what would you spend all that money on anyway?
  11. What did the Navcards eventually do? Also, screw Keeper and Apothicion language. If I wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons or learn Klingon, I would. I'm fine with shooting zombies, filling chests and using a new weapon in a super obvious place.
  12. Have you figured out how to nullify trap damage from the castle gates yet?
  13. - Relaxing End recorded a round 50 speed run and is anxious to upload it an hour after release XD
  14. It's nice to craft and upgrade swords, just for the sake of having something to do while the rounds go up though.
  15. I still think Shadows of Evil is way easier. How do you folks get the Panzer helmet? Any specific order, do you use a hide in plain sight, or ... ?!
  16. I think 'Operation Shield' is simply crafting the rocket shield. The old zombie folks were interested in creating weapons of all sorts. Like the mass-production of the DG-2 and stuff.
  17. Yes. Thirty-ish, I think it's 34 at the moment. At the time I finally craft a bow it's pretty much end-game for me.
  18. Which part does bring you troubles? Many people prefer to get a bow done in the low rounds before the Panzer comes around round 12. I just skip through the rounds and end up having a bow around round 25-30. Mostly because I fail a wall run step and come back after a few rounds later. I'm not patient enough to do a proper set-up. Besides, you don't need a bow so early on and you make more points using a gun anyway. If you must, leave a zombie alive and don't forget to get Juggernog and a shield. Or even the Gravity Spikes, but I never get them really early on. I don't want to wait for the rocket and die the round after, so I just make sure I'm geared up in one way or another.
  19. Koslans


    I couldn't find it, what are we looking at?
  20. The later. I'm not even leaving a zombie alive to do stuff, I just do everything mid-round like always. The problem seemed to be the wall running, I skip an easy ten rounds to try it twice, lol Or knifing a zombie to start the other quest in a random game. You knife him a hundred times, only one more hit to go and... nope. someone shot him or got a nuke power up.
  21. I demand a button that sets the rocket flying on solo. EDIT: And for the love of god, please let the dragon feast on multiple zombies at the same time.
  22. When I watched the trailer for Der Eisendrache, I was totally wrong on the training spots. The green room looked terrible and it's actually quite nice while the spot outside turned out to be way smaller than expected. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all works out.
  23. I haven't seen a boxhugger go down and loose their gun on round 3 in ages... I miss those times, lel.
  24. Looks sick. I hope there isn't a part where you have to wait 7 minutes to get some ragnarok part or something alike....
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