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  1. Can you explain why the zombie will slow down? Will it work in other scenarios as well?
  2. The bunker is in the center of the map. I think it's quite a convenient place for Juggernog to be. Compared to all older zombie maps, it's in a place where you could expect it to be. It's about... 6000-7000 points to turn on the power. A rough 10.000 for a wallgun, power and Jugg. Is that too much? I think it's not the first time we pay a bit more than average. I think I spend about the same on Shadows before I actually buy Juggernog.
  3. But... In tranzit you could do the same thing using a turbine. After it breaks, the perk will become inactive. Until you power it again. Is it permanent this time?
  4. What kind of boost and how would it affect your chances of survival? And does it work for both for the KT-4 and the Masamune, or will the effects differ?
  5. Aye, thanks! Looking forward to give it a go this weekend.
  6. The new ones seems to be aimed at leaving zombies alive so you can do easter egg stuff. All it did was decreasing the chance of getting anything good, hahaha. By the way, I hope they fix the dashboarding soon. As soon as you take the gum, it shall be lost forever. I'm jealous at people who have tons of double points gumballs and such. XDw
  7. It's Samantha's laugh. The game considers the specialist weapon to be a gun. Therefore you had three guns without having mulekick. Therefore the game thinks that you are cheating and you are punished for it. It happened in the Giant every time. I've had it happen a bunch of times on Der Eisendrache. Oddly enough, it never happened to me on Shadows of Evil.
  8. Yeah, the hide in plain sight is the only one I'd use. It's actually really good! The perkaholic one... meh. I don't like mule kick at all. It just gets me confuse I don't like widows wine as it gets me stuck all day. I don't like electric cherry for all the stuff going on on my screen. And speed cola is useless now that you can sprint and reload at the same time. I have 34 perkaholics left and I don't use them, lol. I'd trade them for 68 licenced contractors any day. I actually hope they introduce some gumball melting or trading option.
  9. Most gumballs are pretty useless or at least really inconvenient. In case you want them to be of any use, you actually need to create a scenario in which you could use them.
  10. This map is more tedious than Tranzit in my opinion. Both are fun, but not the best in my opinion. EDIT: Here is some feedback... Why on earth aren't the skulls in a shared inventory? I mean, haven't they learned from shadows of evil?
  11. In fact, it's even annoying in organized groups. I hope they keep it in mind for future maps. Also: Crawlspace, Undead Man Walking, Fear in Headlights.... Where will it end?
  12. I'll try to mimic the steps you described. Do you need to shoot down the second painting with the upgraded Kuda?
  13. Wait! How? Don't you need to turn on the power to buy perks?
  14. I pretty much never leave zombies alive. I haven't seen a World at War map that would need it so far. It depends on the way you play the game I guess. Crafting a shield can be done in-between rounds for example. In Black Ops 1 and 2 I never needed to leave one alive either. Granted, I'm not that good with Origins, but I never took the time to learn it anyway. In Black Ops 3, half of the time I play with randoms, I have to wait for the round to end way too often. I've never experience that on Mob of the Dead for example....
  15. I've heard of this little easter egg, youtubed it and I couldn't get it to work. Does anyone know the exact steps?
  16. Black Ops 3 seems to have changed from a 'survival' game to a 'leave-one-zombie-alive-so-we-can-do-stuff" game. NERF PLEASE. Playing with randoms isn't by far as fun as it used to be in my opinion.
  17. Aren't there two work benches for it? One to craft it, one to upgrade it?
  18. A flashlight would be cool, but then again, I'd rather keep the stock and fast mags and such... Still a nice idea to throw on the table. I can see where you're coming from with the color schemes and vibe of the whole map. I kinda miss some places that really stand out. In the other maps you're at the Ruby Rabbit, or you're at the clock tower or at the weather vane. In this map you're ... there... around.. left... yeah kinda... over at that place... Sorta... But, my sense for direction is horrible, I know as much. XD
  19. Thanks. I tried listening to it, but it was impossible while playing on normal settings.
  20. There are two ways to set up for a game. One way is the old 'I buy Juggernog and any gun I can pick off the wall' The other is the high round setup including buildables, wonder weapons, all perks. That stuff. I don't mind to go a few rounds because I need points, but when a spider takes three minutes to get into the cage, I'm like.... dude.. c'mon! As for the lights, some parts are simply so dark that it comes close to being pitch black. I like to have some idea of where I'm going, so I turn up the brightness and then the game doesn't look all that beautiful anymore. But that might be a matter of taste. XD I was never fond of the looks of Call of the Dead either, although it's fun to play. My all time favorite place so far is the cinema area in Shadows of Evil. Nice and bright, lots of colors and eye candy.
  21. I've played it a handful of time on the xbox now and I want to say this: Setting up took about 45 minutes or even more and that was when I knew what I was doing. Another problem I stumbled upon were the moments that you are running back and forth. Back and forth to get more water, back and forth to get a part in some dead-end tunnel... The swimming feel gimmicky for the feeling that they could have gone without water at all. I mean, a dead end? Is that really the best you can come up with? I like the map, but it surely won't be my favorite. It has good elements like new enemies and cool ambient sounds, but I miss some sort of flow going from a to b or a reason to escape an area and go to the next or something, anything really. I'm not sure how to describe it. Two more cents: The map is just too dark and needs some lights and colors. The giant spider is way too noisy! 7/10 for me.
  22. But if you beat the Easter Egg on ZNS, one character will say something like: It looks like Nicolai is up next. Then Richthofen responds with something like, nah, we'll be visiting some other place first. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see... What happened to ZM_Egypt by the way?
  23. Pretty unique... music. I muted it within one minute or so. Not my cup of tea. The cinematics are looking good, but we already knew they did. I wonder how old this is. It could explain different colors for the kt-4 and such. The thing I'm wondering at the moment is this: How would people be so sure that dragons are confirmed to make their return? Didn't we just deal with them last map? If it's based on youtube speculation, we know they seem to be wrong 99% of the time.
  24. You can spend three or four rounds at the rocket, fling back up to spawn with the jump pad and there are three zombies waiting for you next to the landing pad, effectively trapping you. When you're still in the air, you can already see those little thugs camping on the landing circle. I think they should spawn in after actually landing. I agree on the pack-a-punch, it takes me three minutes to hit X correctly.... What are beserker zombies? You just mean the faster ones? I kinda like to have a train of those. Easter Egg? Weird as usual. At least this one can be done solo.
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