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  1. Guys i want to do every EE on BO3 before DLC4 drops and jason b. also said that we should get all the gate worms and the summoning key icons before DLC4 comes out sooo can i do the SoE EE solo and get the summoning key icon?? SOMEONE PLZZ ANSWER!!!
  2. 1.jugg: its life saving obviously(if playing solo quik revive) 2.Vulture Aid: if u get cornered and theres green mist it will save your life and youl have time to reload or revive.Also scavenger good for good weapons with low ammo 3.PHD:if u get cornered and u have lets say a ray gun it can save u without getting hurt by the ray gun,it gan help you when you are read lets say on MotD (to sad its only on grief) and you need to fall down to escape also flopping, fun way to kill zombies 4.Electric cherry:again it can save you when cornered or if you have a gun that takes a long time to reload 5.DT2: its really good witho you shotguns with low ammo and you kill them easier 6.mule kick: would be higher but if you waste all your points on it and the box and then you go down you lose your gun and you have no points for perks.But its good when you just want a third gun coz your bored and you want to spend your points on something, and it just makes you tougher 7.stamin-up:it makes you 7% faster and you sprint longer, really helpfull when you need to revive a teammate before he dies and if you need more time to reload 8.deadshot daiquiri: it helps you spend less ammo and kill them easier :\ 9.speed cola:reload faster really helpfullif you have a LMG or shotgun(i would put it higher but there are perks that help you reload like the stamin-up, Vulture Aid and electric cherry) :\ 10.Tombstone:its good bcoz you dont lose your guns and perks when you die also theres that glich/cheat you get all the perks on town or tranzit(its stupid bcoz when ppl down they kill there selfs just so they keep there perks insted of waitng till they get revived and help kill the zombies otherwise i would put it higher) :\ 11.Quick Revive:keeps the game going and you revive your teammates faster(i would put it higher but there are perks that help you revive like the stamin-up and Vulture Aid) 12.Double Tap I: i dont like it that much bcoz it doesnt really do much and it just wastes your ammo 13.Who's Who: it doesnt need explenation >_<

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