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  1. Can we discuss about the most annoying deaths in Call of Duty Zombies? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are the most dumbest reason to go down? What is the most 'BS' in going down? Can we have a moment to talk about his? I just finished playing zombies and I was getting juggernug and got myself down with a trap! HUGHHHHHHHHH Thank you Peace
  2. I don't mean to be an auld fuddy duddy (an old fart) but is their any need for all the font colours? Keeping text in plain format and paragraphs makes things easier to read and follow, it is also beneficial for those with poor eye sight that may be reading the forums. Formatting is absolutely fine but only when it's needed. Doesn't this read a lot better? I'm sorry my bad I just think it would pull attention But you have a point Yeah I'll change my style when I post Thanks Never really thought of that Peace
  3. 2nd day on these forums :)

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    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      WELCOME TO DE HOTEL CODZ-A_FORUM! Such a lovely place (such a lovely place) Such a lovely face...

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      You can log-out any time you like.


    3. Tattoo247


      Yea I've been here for a couple of years, you never leave, it gets to the point where I check the forums before opening up facebook lol

    4. Hells Warrrior
  4. Hello everyone I am wondering where do I post in the forums for Youtube things? For example: Since I have a Youtube channel and I do Call of Duty Zombies videos. And If I want to ask in the forums what should be my next video Ideas or topic people want me to create in a video ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where would I post something like that and also to share my videos (all about zombies) Thank you
  5. Thank you very much (The first ones the awards) was the one I was looking for P.s. How do I close a thread
  6. Hello everyone I would like to say "HI" I am new to these forums and would like to say I it here {love} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My name is Carlos and I am a 14 year old "youtuber" who wants to start my career for zombie on youtube like SmithPlays. I would like to colab with him one day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I started my youtube channel on March of 2014 I made videos and found out I wasn't much entertaining So I deleted all my videos and started fresh. I created my channel into a Call of Duty: Zombies Community Channel Like SmithPlays (You guys should search him up) He inspired me to create of what I have now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would really mean a lot if you guys (from the forums) Check out my channel {Im not forcing you ) But if you guys are curious I'll leave a link to my channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRxYQ2--gxQj7HEaILOwrw I have 24 subscriber it would mean the world to me if you guys help me grow Don't forget to Subscribe ( if you want ) So far I have two video Top '5' Cod Zombies Map & Top Cut Perk-a-Colas If you find me interesting if you want sharing and spreading my channel will also mean a lot <3 To the best of luck Thank you guys Peace
  7. Hey guys whats up Today I joined the Call of Duty Zombies Forums When I was scrolling around' I found other forum members with badges/awards when they post? Out of curiousity how does one receive some? Like me I want it to look cool has I post. If someone can respond {ASAP} I'll be glad Have a nice night...peace
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