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  1. zacattack82

    4th Rift

    once you open pack a punch the 4th rift appears to the right in the first rail car as you exit the ritual area. stand in right corner of the rail car, pod will be on your left. jump up and hold action button. A voice talks to you... "To any survivors of this realm, I am truly sorry. I wish I could offer you some words of comfort, but I cannot. It is my hope that I can rid the universe of Evil that has plagued us for so long, but in my heart I know that many more dimensions will be lost forever as we continue our journey towards peace. Forgive me." I think once you activate this, Upgrade the arnies, Go get the Margwa masks. (which I think are used to your advantage in controlling them cause we had one eat zombie for us) , then finish the whole Easter Egg. We are gonna try this tonight. the EE we got locked down and Margwa hearts are done using three train rides if necessary. maybe after accessing the 4th rift, which then disappears, will mess up Rictofens??? You cannot acess the 4th rift after you get your Margwa masks. We tried this. This is why I think the Order of the true easter egg has been done incorrectly. Maybe we get a new cutscene (becuase we take away the rift from Rictofen) or an answer about the docks at waterfront. so many secrets lie in that area. from the 3 orange clouds to the light pole left of the huge cargo ship to the green teleport latern (same as Tranzit).
  2. zacattack82

    Clue leads to next Zombies Map!

    In the Burlesque at Footlight is a table with a page of the puzzle. I have found 2 pages (other one is in boxing gym at Waterfront.) which form a picture of the solar system. On this paper are Longitude/latitude coordinates. The numbers are in Degrees minutes and seconds. N 6. 53' 12.07" E 158. 10' 50.31" These coordinates lead to The Federated States of Micronesia. This island is due far west of the Philippines. There are actually 600 islands in this country. There are ANCIENT RUINS, PALM SHADED BEACHES, WRECK FILLED DIVES (SUNKEN SHIPS), SUNKEN BASALT TEMPLES, and BURIAL VAULTS. This would be an amazing zombie map. Shangri La on steroids!

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