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  1. Update: recently went through Taylor's Journals again. The final entry for the "last" mission, Life, is a mess filled with jumbled dialogue from the campaign as well as code deciphered using the phonetic alpabet. By now, members of the community have deciphered it, and one message DEFINITELY stands out: Delta-Romeo-Alpha-Gold-Oscar-Victor-India-Charlie-Hotel-Kilo-Romeo-Alpha-Victor-Charlie-Hotel-Echo-November-Kilo-Oscar-Sierra-Tango-Echo-India-November-Echo-Romeo-Tango-Hotel-Echo-Sierra-Echo-Mike-Echo-November-Mike-Uniform-Sierra-Tango-Delta-India-Echo. Translation: DRAGOVIC
  2. Thanks for the kind words! You're almost definitely right... I'm just constantly looking for a connection to the other Treyarch campaigns, other than the world that Black Ops 3 is set in. I feel like it should have a title other than BO3, considering the original Black Ops wasn't called "World at War 2" but built off of the events WAW... I just want closure. And by that, I want to know for sure if Reznov died in Vorkuta/where the hell Alex Mason was for 30+ years! Who knows, maybe there's something crazy hidden on the data terminal. :P
  3. That's a great question, and why I still can't get fully behind the idea either.
  4. Make no mistake, Reznov is dead. Corvus itself, however, is the combination of the consciousness of many people. His thoughts and ideology would have been uploaded into the program, if this were to be true. It had to start with someone. My best assumption is that he was captured rather than killed in Vorkuta, and in turn placed directly into the program/machine. According to Black Ops 1 Intel on the terminal, they knew Reznov brainwashed Mason. The CIA likely wanted his talents. No, he doesn't have a human form any more... but being the first consciousness uploaded somehow gave him control ove
  5. He doesn't become Corvus itself, but would be the original consciousness uploaded into the program. In the scene where Hendricks mentions that "all the people didn't volunteer", we see that their thoughts have all been put into the Corvus program against their will. In order for Corvus to even exist, though, there has to be an original victim/test subject. Resnov fits, based on Corvus's consistent hatred and attempts to hunt down those who created the program. It's actions are very similar to how Resnov hunted down Steiner and the others...
  6. I'd like to start off by saying: wow. This campaign was very interesting, and the entirety of the Frozen Forest scenes blew my mind. However... I pieced something together throughout the game. It may sound very odd, but I have a feeling that Corvus is Viktor Reznov. Hear me out here, because there are a lot of little details to make up this analysis. Let's start with the idea that Reznov was the beginning piece of the Corvus program. This would mean, rather than being killed in Vorkuta, he was captured and underwent the process that made him into what
  7. Very interesting idea with building the fly trap... Treyarch did say there will be a new, major quest Easter egg, so that may be part of it. Man, I cannot wait to play these two Zombies maps!
  8. First off, welcome to the forum! As for the shield, that was the only common buildable item that I noticed in that trailer... However, the different types of swords may be buildable just like the staves on Origins were... There may be up to four different sword types to build and upgrade so each player can have one, just like the staves were. Buildables never really bothered me personally, and it looks like they're back in some form for Shadows of Evil. Highly doubt we'll see them in "The Giant", though!
  9. Yeah, I feel the same way. Shadows of Evil looks genuinely fun, and very unique. I love the Noire atmosphere and the storyline they're setting up with it, which seems very similar to Mob of The Dead. Great cast of characters, by the way! The wait for The Giant's trailer is killing me, though!
  10. Thanks for the link! There wasn't all that much mystery in the O4's World at War Bio's either. They were more detailed, but it was the same base format. I think that they're saving the real mysteries for the actual map itself this time around.
  11. I absolutely love the style of this map, and the story seems really intriguing. Only a few months to go!
  12. To clarify, the campaign is four player co-op on PS4, PC and XB1. On PS3 and 360, it's limited to two players. That's why I'm worried that Zombies could be limited to only two players as well on last-gen consoles. It's unlikely that it will, but we've had no confirmation on anything else related to the last-gen version of Black Ops 3, so it's something to consider.
  13. Didn't notice that text, that's a really good point. Remember that the co-op campaign in Black Ops 3 is limited to two players... It's a shame, but entirely possible that the Zombies maps are limited to two players as well...
  14. I feel the same way... I have no idea where they're going to take the main map that ships with the game, but I'm super excited. Hopefully they tease this map during the reveal as well. "The Giant is rising."
  15. Return of the O4, a Zombies-heavy collector's edition, and a Der Riese remake... All the dreams are coming true, and the actual reveal hasn't even happened yet. Damn, do I love Treyarch!
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