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  1. First things first, this^ is rude. No need to be calling anyone an idiot for having an opinion. Secondly, it is easy to assume they will not add the swaztika for a number of reasons. After having to edit the Kino map so it was eligable for release in Germany and neighboring countries I can see why they would choose to leave the emblem out of this new game so it can pass through without issue. The world has gone all sensitive over the slightest of things and the bigger game developers seem to have abandoned the whole WWII scene for a modern and fictional setting where they are not necessar
  2. lol game devs don't even care about talking a few minutes and removing the swastikas from their games, and it's never been an issue before. And if you think the reason CoD stopped being in WW2 or Zombies moved away from Nazi Zombies is because they don't want to take the time to censor it, you're an idiot. Why would they release a map pack in 2011 with Moon full of Nazi Zombie maps, with even a Nazi Zombie, wearing a swastika badge, as the marketing material when Treyarchs too scared to deal with Nazis anymore? I don't think they are, and no Nazi in a CoD game has ever been censored except fo
  3. He is also missing the swastika on his hat and tie, but I'm sure the final game will include the swastikas (at least in the American version)
  4. Well, better go put on some fresh pants
  5. Ooohh shit! Check twitter for updates GO GO GO!! https://t.co/n96aOv5wd2 Edit: Stream just ended, sorry :(
  6. Remake = Where they take the base game (or map in this case) and completely REMAKE it from the ground up which often includes lots of changes (ex: FFVII remake announced at E3) Remaster (the word you guys are thinking of) = Leaving the base game (or map) almost exactly the same and improving mainly visuals (ex. GTAV, 4 original [email protected] maps in Black Ops)
  7. Wouldnt be very exclusive if any asshole at home jerking off gets to watch the trailer at the same time, now would it? Also, found this on the Xbox Live market place. It's been there for weeks yet I guess nobody read it :(
  8. Hi everybody, longtime lurker but first time poster, and I just want to tell you why I think that Nazi Zombies are very possible for Black Ops 3 Starting with this image: As soon as a saw this image it just screamed WWII to me. Not necessarily the zombie itself, but just the whole design of the poster and the font used is very reminiscent of WWII propaganda art. The zombie itself is way too generic to identify a time period, being just a dress shirt and tie, but note his pistol holsters on his side. Next, we got the hat. Obviously very reminiscent of German SS hats Then, when people se
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