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  1. @NaBrZHunter Well, like I already said, I already have a PS4 (and I love it), but I don't have access to it most of the time, because I'm at college.
  2. Hey guys, This is my very first post, by the way. Before you tell me to "just upgrade to PS4 already," let me tell you that I do indeed have a PS4, BUT I'm away at college right now. The PS4 is at home with the rest of the family, while I have our old PS3. I know that Black Ops III on the last gen consoles is absolute rubbish compared to the current gen versions, but the PS3 version is good enough for me. I really only buy CoD for the Zombies anyways, and I'm not super concerned with graphics. I was wondering if anyone heard anything about Der Eisendrachen's appearan
  3. When my friend first told me about "Der Eisendrachen," I thought it meant the "iron kite" (in German "der Drachen" can refer to a kite). Needless to say, I was a little confused. Haha. Anyways, I postulate that maybe Die Festung Hohenwerfen (the Austrian fortress where this map appears to be located), may have some connection to Group 935. Perhaps it was a place to securely research the making of wonder weapons. The reason I say this is because Der Riese was a facility which built wonder weapons with the name of another mythical creature (The Giant). I wouldn't be surprised if a new 1
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