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  1. Excited for Voyage of Despair

  2. Here is Origins in a nutshell (taken from Deviantart and not mine) Tell me how you think of it -CODBO2RGM2
  3. Forget FNAF, It's all about that SNAS now. Seven night at Skydoesminecraft's

  4. Veteran's Day at school. IM IN 2ND PERIOD AND BORED ALREADY!!!! D:

  5. Not really much different than the original ending. I think it should've been better than a ripoff of the original ending.
  6. What you mean by whoa??? Is it really that good???
  7. Avenged Sevenfold > any music trolololololololololo :3



    Hey you might already know me as CODBO2RGM2. I am a big zombies fan. my highest round is round 23 on town solo. I hope to all new users you would like to get to know me.
  9. I say we should put new zombie maps adding more story between buried and origins
  10. Hey guys!!!! I am here with a poll for more people to be aware of the call of duty zombies!!!! have you ever dreamed of drinking a Juggernog soda??? Or ever dreamed of having a wind turbine fan??? Well, here you can let your voice be heard!!! give your opinions guys! Come on! Cannot wait to hear your opinions
  11. Hi guys! It's me again! We all know that Treyarch screwed up with the release of Origins after Buried. I have a theory of what happened after the maxis easter egg in Buried but way before Origins. The theory: Before the events of World at War's zombie outbreak, Richthofen got an idea of establishing three element 115 converters and two control stations to prevent sabotage. Richthofen decided if anything were to happen in result of element 115 that there would be a way to remove it and dispose if it through combustion. So, Richthofen established three main converters in the Eiffel tower, the Seattle space needle, and the Tokyo sky tree after finding a way to travel through time. After the three converters were done being installed he put the two control stations in the pentagon and Reichstag and not even Maxis knew. After maxis took control and tried desperately to free Samantha after Richthofen was removed and put into a zombie, Richthofen discovered he could still talk to people within the mind. He soon found out four more survivors were in Paris nearby the Eiffel tower. He then contacted one of the members of the group to follow his instructions to restore the earth and rid maxis of control. What he didn't know was the core of Earth was exposed of enough element 115 to blow earth up from the missile impact from the moon. No one knew of this at the time. After activating the first converter maxis found out and tried to stop the four survivors. His plan failed. After activating all three converters, they activated the first station in the ruins of the pentagon. And after the activation of the second station, something started to happen. The earth started shaking and the core eventually blew the earth into pieces. Maxis got very enraged due to the gateway to Argatha was destroyed in the explosion. But maxis soon found the power to alter the fabric of time and space. But it required a chunk of the planet to change time. Luckily, the western town was blown into a chunk which remained intact. He then used that chunk to restore the earth and change the course of time. He found the perfect time period, 1918, and altered world war 1 into his desire. And then came Origins. So that concludes my theory. Tell me how you thought the theory was. Give it your best thoughts!
  12. Which would you prefer? BAR Gun or Trench Gun

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    2. 83457


      Gutshot, err...trenchgun.

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Hate the trench-y i prefer the Double barrel, so I choose the BAR.

    4. ZombieOfTheDead


      Why not both? BAR has gotten me out of some nasty situations when I first started out, however.

  13. I will agree Origins screwed up the storyline. If they didn't throw it in, the zombies storyline wouldn't end there. It keep going. But I feel it was good because then it gave more of a background on the characters. So it's not bad, and its not good.
  14. I believe you on your part. I was thinking that Treyarch was supposed to throw in a secret DLC map (or two dont really care how much) that takes the four new characters back to old maps such as Ascension and Der reise as part of the easter egg and the place is like a "core" to harness the element 115 in order to gain Richtofen/Maxis control of the zombies and send these characters over to Die Rise to activate the second tower. The reason I say a core is because for some reason, the tower of babble was overheating with element 115 and needed a place to send the extra and open the gateway to the aether for Richtofen/Maxis' souls can override and control the zombies.
  15. True. True. That's where I got the theory from. The theory is based on the picture above ^. I guess it might be a missing link in the story or it might just be a figment of my imagination.
  16. Because how would those four have any possibility to travel from the USA to China in a random purple light? Ascension + Der Reise have teleporters that can send them to the place.
  17. At school and cannot pay attention UGH!

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    2. Boom115


      How dare you, he is Cyan. Respect the robes.

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      What is Cyan classified as….

    4. Naitrax


      Cyan stands for Csurpreme Yruler Aof Ncodz.

  18. Hey guys, CODBO2RGM2 here! I have a theory that could change your whole idea on the storyline of the call of duty zombies franchise! The theory Ok so here's my theory. After the four characters Marlton, Misty, Russman, and Stuhlinger activated the Tower of Babble in Tranzit, they then hopped on the bus and passed by Nuketown and broke down nearby. The four characters then entered the ruins and went into the fallout shelter after being jumped by zombies. After heading into the fallout shelter, they were suddenly knocked out by a strange light (the missile hitting nuketown a second time) and knocked out. Richtofen got mad and resurrected them and sent them to the remains of Ascension. After activating the teleporter from Maxis's orders (While fighting zombies) Richtofen made the teleporter teleport them to Der Reise, which remained intact, which they had to power that location as the "core" of all the element 115 they use in order to power all 3 towers (In tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried) to gain Richtofen/Maxis control. After following one of the two's orders, they used the teleporter and were sent to Die Rise to activate the second tower. And that concludes my theory. Tell me your thoughts on this theory! Go ahead and share!
  19. Not a clue. I was just looking around for a post like this. First one I found. So just thought of posting on it I guess
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