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  1. hey guys, something weird happened to me yesterday. i was split screening with my bud to teach him the map (xboner), and this happened. what at I did was throw down the DG4 in the death trap area, caught a panzer soldat in it, and then activated the trap. when it was all said and done, I got this funky arc going to a green lit prong. i managed to do this twice. there re appears to be a few more green lit prongs in this area. maybe with more DG4's, we could connect them all? someone please let me know if t
  2. the laundry receipt thingy is for sal from MOTD. and it's pinned to the back of his coat (the one on the right). i would imagine there are more little Easter eggs referring to the MOTD crew, as when you open pap they seem to fly overhead. there's some dialogue too, but it's hard to hear. hope that helped!
  3. I got a radio from Dempsey to Dempsey that said something about the visual paradox though
  4. the fly trap is maxis' beacon, but it seems like Dempsey is trying to activate a different one. a radio from dempsey said something about creating a "visual paradox" or something? i heard an exchange between ritchofen and Dempsey tank: I seen you swoop down to the body, what were you doing? eddie: pictures Dempsey. pictures or it didn't happen. isnt that hat kind of a visual paradox? lol idk. also one one more cool quote richtofen said to Nikolai: "know this; I possess an a
  5. i wasnt referring to the intro. i mean the voices he can hear during gameplay
  6. i too have wondered about the timeline placement of SNN. i read something once that the WAW maps were symbolizing the O4.. SNN- takeo verruct- dempsey der rise- ritchofen and by default, natch- nikolai. i doubt it though lol
  7. It's probably jason todd. I probably found this funnier than I should have. literally LOL`d
  8. that may be, but they couldve picked anyone! richtofen, maxis, sam, etc. and he was on that comiccon poster. only time will tell for sure though.
  9. ok lets look at some FACTS here. kino was originally planned to be the final DLC for WAW. der rise had a small egg, and it was extremely hidden. the teleporter lights do turn green, it happened to me in a game. no idea what triggered it. theres a lot in the map to hint towards a small egg. theres a lot of intractable things. bleeding mannequin, red power boxes, that one silver power box, radios, film reels,, the launching rocket in the 5 room, the drilling sound in another teleporter room, the teleporter lights, the knocking sound at that one window (throw a moneky in the right sp
  10. OK so... when playing die rise as STU, you can hear a voice speaking to you.....and no i dont mean eddie. it seems to be a zombie speaking to stu or something. we know he is infected with 115 from eating zombie flesh. so my theory is that it is the test subject from kino! i know a lot of people believe that it died at kino, but it sounds like it ends up killing the dude whos recording the radios themselves. i mean theres an obvious connection between kino and die rise with the nova crawlers, rightÉ let me know your thoughts and help me pass the time until blops3 lol. ps: kinda makes
  11. the achievements were released and i dont know how many of people read through them, but im like 90% sure that brutus will be the CP (civil protector) in SOE. hes been shown on a poster, and even has a vinyl pop figure coming out in december. as for the shadow mans identity....who can say really. i didnt think about being someone we already know in the storyline because i didnt recognize his voice. but if it is someone we already know, i think the most likely candidates are: weasel, the shadow portrait dude, or the unnamed american ally referenced in der riese. (maxis mentions in his l
  12. Hey guys, long time creeper, first time posting. I was thinking today: blops 1- COTD. blops 2- MOTD. Both have celebrity casts. We know black ops 3 zombies is sponsoring this season of the walking dead so.... prediction: blops 3-WOTD. (walk of the dead) ThoughtsÉ
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