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  1. I have heard only bad things about the new Call of Duty: Ghosts! I have heard the graphics suck, the game is the same as the previous ones, and that the franchise as a whole is being ruined by this single game. I even asked a worker at my local and trusted game store and he said that he wouldn't even recommend the game to me if it would make him money! Just wanted to know why it is so popular if everyone thinks it sucks!
  2. Also, I would definitely be interested in playing with you sometime to get to that round 50 on a map of your choice! My gamertag is killer ant1234!
  3. Welcome to the forums! I just joined recently and have had a great time so far! Really a great place to share thoughts and talk about everyones favorite game: zombies! I hope you feel as welcomed and comfortable as I did and still do!
  4. This is interesting but I honestly wouldnt waste my time and efforts trying to get the 7 perks! I personally just like to play the game and build/buy what I need when or a little before I need it!
  5. I think that Russman dies on Die Rise from one of the jumping jacks (as seen in the intro cinematic for Die Rise). Then, in the same cinematic, the rest of the team is overwhelmed and assumed to be killed! This is followed by Richtofen's voice saying something like: "Accept your fate. Begin anew." Some, including myself, think that the intro is like a glimpse that the characters get about their future fate in the crumbling building. They can fight and fight all they want but in the end, they must die (as is of course customary in zombies). So, when you spawn on die rise it is just the characters' last push before death. SO, I believe that their final resting place is Die Rise. Now, I dont know how buried fits in but I really dont think this is where they die!
  6. This is a very helpful and detailed guide to getting through the maze! I feel that it could be very helpful for those who are struggling! However, I find that its really easy as it is to get through! Leave one zombie and just explore. Just try to get to the right side when facing the gazebo and everything becomes easy from there. There is almost always easy access to the fountain teleporter and the gazebo PaP from the long straightaway on the right side!
  7. This is great and very detailed! I can see though why the buildables sections is incomplete! There are just so many to name and explain. Origins on its own had AT LEAST 6 or 7 buildables (including the staphs). I will do a bit of research and get to work on that part if I can! I don't know if it has already been completed by someone else, but I would be happy to help if it hasnt been! Let me know!
  8. Ok! I changed some settings and now I got a notification for your quote! Thanks for the fast responses and accurate information!
  9. I just have a few questions... (1) What are brains near the profile picture on the left? (2) How can I tell who responds to my posts or quotes me? I am getting comments and quotes but no notifications. Thanks in advance!
  10. From my understanding, most of these are correct! I will agree that the tombstone one may be incorrect slightly but I think that for the majority, the content is accurate. I just have one QUESTION! I have never gotten the half-off points persistent perk or whatever and I don't really understand how to get it still!
  11. Wow! I have played and studied up on zombies for years (since it came out) and I never knew these existed! Thanks for the cool update dude. Like many others though, I wouldnt have the time or the mental strength to get that far without wanting to quit!
  12. Dude, I TOTALLY agree with you on this one! When I put a mic in, it always seems that no one else has one. When I don't have one, everyone seems to! Of course, this is not always the case but it happens quite a bit. I think others can relate to this next point though (which is kind of funny)! I get in lobbies that have mics alot when I don't have mine out. Then, while I am fumbling around in my game supplies looking for a mic, the other players leave! I can't be the only one!
  13. Thanks everyone! I didn't expect this kind of welcome! It's much better than I expected! I think I will fit right in here.
  14. Ok turned was definitely entertaining... BUT they made it too difficult on Buried! They basically spawn you each time on the polar opposite side of the map which was more frustrating than anything. Now, I get it, the longer you stay alive the more points you get. But, I still want to have some action without waiting 10 minutes for the other player to get to me! The diner is great though: simple and small! I think they should stick with the modes they have! They are already making incredibly complex maps, so just leave it at that!
  15. Hey everyone! I am brand new to this site but definitely not new to zombies! I have been a fan ever since World at War. Since then, I have purchased every single zombies map in some way or another. The only reason I played CoD was really for the zombies. My friends call me a variety of things. I have been called a "zombies nerd" and a "zombie fanatic." In fact, when I am introduced by friends, they usually add in something like: "He literally knows everything about CoD zombies!" Though I put most of my time to my school work and my social life, zombies takes up a great deal of my free time. Even when not playing, I like to study up on the weapons, strategies, maps, and the story (theories). There are only a few things that can make me shake out of excitement and adrenaline. These are running (before a race) and zombies (especially when a new map just comes out)! I always do careful analysis of the trailers and post my thoughts and theories during the waiting process before maps are released. My favorite WaW maps are Nacht, Verruckt, and Der Riese (I HATE SHI NO NUMA!!!!!!)! My favorite BO maps are Ascension and maybe Moon (Just because its a cool concept). My favorite BO2 maps are Mob of the Dead, Buried, and Origins! My farthest round was on Buried: 45! I could have gone much further but I think we can all agree that it gets pretty boring at this point! I gave myself up, knowing that I could last much longer than I wanted! I'm SO excited to be able to talk zombies with everyone here!
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