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  1. Almost forgot to add this part my bad lol but I think all the mining equipment you see in buried all belongs to group 935. I personally believe they were being used to try to uncover the rift but maxis soon figured out it wouldn't work and that's when he came up with the plan to blow up the earth to gain access to the rift :B
  2. So I was playing on Der Riese the other day and got bored of killing zombies so I decided to just start looking around the map to see if I could find anything interesting. I noticed the chalkboards around the map for the most part have the same exact writing and stuff written on it. As far as I can remember there's only 1 chalkboard that actually had some different stuff on it from the other chalkboards. Anyways I remember seeing a post I think under the asylum forums that showed how there are calculations for a Vrill device on the chalkboards however that's not what really interested me. On most of the chalkboards if you actually look between all the calculations and the scribbles you can clearly see a sentence that says "never again Sam". This really intrigued me as I think maxis wrote it but what could have Sam done to make him write that? Also on the bulletin posts around the map there are pictures of future maps :0 you can see a pic of a boat and lighthouse(call of the dead), a pic of Africa(buried), and a pic of France(origins). I found it interesting that hese are the only maps I could clearly link with the pics but then I thought about it and I realized what do all these maps have in common??? Group 935 sites. Call of the dead was a 935 base, origins is a dig site for 935. And lastly buried...when you start the map as Marlton he says something about all the mining equipment predating the rift. Now hear me out people. When you do he Easter egg for origins you hear Samantha talking about maxis and his "plan". Also when you complete the Easter egg and watch the cut scene at the very end Samantha once again says how her dad has a "plan".... What is it with maxis and his plan? I understand the zombies storyline is very confusing and complicated and they seem to have went thru several changes story wise (Samantha is German in one map and English in another, and the redesign of element 115 in origins) but the two most consistent things I can see in this zombies storyline is 1.) seems like Maxis,Edward,and Samantha and 2.) Maxis'plan. Remember how in the description for Der Riese it says something like "this is where the master plan took shape. Is this where it all ends?" We'll at first I thought just like the majority of people that the creation of the zombies or the Wunderwaffe project was the plan but then I thought to myself....what if the plan in the Der Riese description and the plan in origins cut scene are the same plan? What do you guys think?
  3. The only time I feel you NEED a mic is obviously if your trying to do the Easter egg or if your playing on a map that REQUIRES coordination amongst teammates(like the pack a punch on shangri la or the teleporter for moon)
  4. You all make some good points I just wish people weren't so quick to leave games. Zombies is already a time consuming game so any extra time wasted just trying to get teammates gets annoying
  5. It's funny how many people leave the lobby when they see I dont have my mic in. There's been many times where I decide to plug my mic in and everybody either talks about absolutely nothing important or they either rage when they get down or they ended up being terrible anyways. What is it about everyone requiring you need a mic? I'm a skull and dagger rank and I kno that doesn't prove much but I guarantee you I'm better skilwise and im one hell of a teammate than 80% of zombie players out there that have their mic plugged in...but just just because I don't feel like playing with my mic in it can take me on most occasions 5-10 minutes just to get a match started. Is there anyone else that feels the same?
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