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  1. floppercopter


    hey guys my gt is Floppercopter on xb1 i run a stream called TheZombieLounge and am looking for team members to run this! all will be streamed! please msg me thru codz forums to discuss this special thanks to the codz guys your awesome and what a great idea!
  2. floppercopter

    1 MAJOR Flaw, that should be fixed ASAP!

    honestly i dont mean to sound insensitive but. its 2016 bro u need to get yourself some internet i know guys in the middle of the alaskan wilderness with high speed cable lol not hatin i know people have complex situations and finacial issues but if u want the best z experience your losing out heavy man with the addition of the gobblegums and the new patch meaning u can spin it more then once your really at a disadvantage anyway please dont take this the wrong way just sayin there are a couple ways to get internet even in remote or obscure places happy huntin homies and be safe out there!

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