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  1. To add on to my post. Whoevers side you choose is the way you choose to die. You can die quickly by blowing up with the earth by some crazy scientist maxis for the sake of his daughter sammantha. Or you die slowly being tortured by richtofen for how long he pleases. Either way you're dead.
  2. This reminds me of the 2013 pres elections. Choosing between 2 dimwits that are clinically stupid and can't do anything right :c. Personally I'm on neither side. Regardless of who we choose. We're all fucked. But I did choose maxis EE side. It seems interesting...
  3. Thanks. I do wonder where the next map will be. I doubt iy will ne argatha. As they haven't yet found the pyramid to argatha. The next map will be either an other location in shan gril la where argatha is close to or in the himalaya. Where the pyramid is hidden
  4. Hey guys. I found the time to write up an analysis on Luvidig Maxis grand scheme. We all thought he was good after what happened on the moon. Richtofen was the evil selfish one. However is maxis really the good guy? Is his only intention is saving his daughter Maxis? Did he really want to save the earth. Well turns out Maxis really wasn't who he was protrayed to be and here's why. Moon events Everyone is aware of what what down on the moon. Richtofen won. He controlled the zombies. And pretty much got his way. Maxis launched 3 nuclear weapons from griffon station(the moon) to m
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