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  1. Yeah, from my experience you can't exit the crazy place out of a teleporter you've not activated from the other side at least once. Nicely done though on a round 5 Boomhilda! I've been trying my own early round challenge to see how early I can get an upgrade lightning staff. So far I've managed it by round 7, but I can definitely improve upon that.
  2. The method that works well for me is to build the lightning staff as quick as possible and then upgrade it straight away. I can generally have the lightning staff upgraded during round 8. I'll be starting round 8 in the crazy place, getting the kills for my lighting staff to finish its upgrade. It doesn't take the whole round to get the neccessary kills so, once it's finished, I'll then head out of the crazy place, say hello to the panzer (and by "say hello" I mean "murder it in the face with an upgraded lightning staff") and head right on over to the church to cleanse the stone. Doing it this way makes getting the melee kills for the airstrike grenades super easy. You just use the upgraded staff to melee, and you have the added benefit of being able to instantly clear out the zombies with a lightning blast if you find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Easy! And, unlike with the zombie shield, you'll still be getting points from your melee kills!
  3. Do you need to have 4 players in the game for this, or will the requirements scale to the number of players in the game?
  4. Well, you don't *have* to pickup the perk bottle after you use the machine, you can just let it disappear and re-roll for another without using up one of your 4 perk slots. I actually like the wonder fizz - it's like a Mystery Box, but for perks!
  5. I could be way off here since I don't know all the intricacies of the zombies storyline, but could the "Samantha" we're hearing for Origins actually be the mother? Have any of the previous Zombies storyline details ever talked about Mrs Maxis/Samantha's mother? And then our usual Samantha was maybe named after her mother? Just throwing it out there! Since it would seem as if it fits into the timeline better to me and would explain the different accent while still being and interesting tie-in to it all. Or, you know, I'm completely wrong and just missed the stuff that mentions Samantha's real mother.
  6. No, I'm getting a new Time Bomb each time I pick up a Max Ammo. You can see the Time Bomb Icon, just above the grenades on the HUD, go from "0" to "1" when I pick up the Max Ammos.
  7. I know that when you get revived by ballistic knives you don't get the benefit of the Tombestone Persistent Upgrade, but it still isn't completely gone. Next time you go down with perks and get revived regularly, you will still have the upgrade. I've still no idea how you lose it, nor have I lost mine ever since originally getting it.
  8. Glad you guys liked it. Just a bit of pointless fun! Direct link added to my original post, for mobiles :)
  9. Hi guys. So I was just messing around and thought it would be fun to go straight from 0 perks to all 7 perks in 1 witch round, using the trick to keep powerup drops plus time bombs on the witch. Here's the vid! vBKTzZjDt0M Direct Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBKTzZjDt0M I could've done it by Round 3 but I accidentally picked up one of my Max Ammo drops as I was running around the map, do'h! A more practical use would be to just hang on to all those Max Ammos for when I really needed them, but where's the fun in that? P.S. as well as keeping Max Ammo drops, you can also keep the witch's Perk Bottle drops too. Now that is handy!
  10. Yup, you absolutely could do that too. After Tranzit though, I'm all MP5 wall-weaponed out. All I ever did on that map was horde near the Diner and buy MP5 ammo! Good times...*shudders*
  11. So after we kill the witch and get the bottle, it will never disappear? I read here that LEROY switched drops tend to do have the same effect. Didn't know about this. +1 Using Leroy's switched drops trick is exactly how you do it. It's just that it also works with perk bottles ;)
  12. You can keep the perk bottles that the witch drops, allowing you to horde them up for when you really need them, i.e. after just going down.
  13. Some great suggestions/spots here guys! I really liked the idea about the Remington area, but putting a more useful gun in its place. Buying...Ammo...? What madness is this?! If I'm playing co-op with randomers, I'm lucky if it goes past round 30, in which case Max Ammos come more than frequently enough when carrying 3 weapons. If I'm playing Solo (or get lucky with the box in co-op) then Vulture-Aid + Paralyzer is practically a constant ammo producing machine. If I find myself low on my other 2 guns then I just switch to killing with the Paralyzer and then picking up the ammo drops for whichever gun I want ammo for (which is generally the Mustang & Sally).
  14. Is it just me or has this only started happening since the latest patch? I'd never had it happen to me before, but since the patch it happens to me almost everytime I attempt to do this trick while I'm just outside the back of the mansion (she always gets herself glitched under the stairs). I've been unable to get her unstuck once this happens, if none of her body is poking out through the environment. I've tried going through the well, running back through the mansion, shooting around where her body should be. Nothing seems to kill her or get her to respawn when it happens.
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