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    Numbers in Green Run Question

    Heh, I wonder if that's Treyarch being funny, since you can only "train" 24 zombies at a time. :lol:
  2. BuddhaCrane

    New Hidden Perk? Perk without power.

    Well, like I said, it doesn't work for me when I do it with Stamina-Up. The Stamina-Up perk icon stays lit up on the bottom left of my screen, *implying* I have the perk active, but when I compare my sprinting speed and length of time I can sprint, they're the same as if I didn't have the perk at all. Just for the hell of it, I tend to do the Turbine trick on Stamina-Up anyway, before I go turn on power, but not once have I ever noticed it give me the Stamina-Up effect, and yet for Juggernog I get it to work almost everytime. As far as I'm aware "doing it right" is when the perk icon doesn't fade-out when you remove the turbine. Whenever I get the perk icon to remain lit for Juggernog, I notice its effects, but whenever I get the perk icon to remain lit for Stamina-Up, I notice no perk benefit. I've never tested it with the other perks because I tend to go ahead and turn on power anyway (I like to be able to use the denizen teleporters), so maybe the other ones do work, but with Stamina-Up I don't believe it does, it just *looks* as though it does.
  3. BuddhaCrane

    Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Well, I've been playing Public Matches a few times today and I've heard the voice twice so far, when starting matches. The first time I was Misty, but the second time I was Marlton, so I'm now absolutely of the belief that it's not character specific.
  4. BuddhaCrane

    New Hidden Perk? Perk without power.

    Yeah I do this all the time with Juggernog, since I always run straight over the lava to Town first. I've only ever done this with Juggernog, since I then end up running directly to power immediately after anyway, but from my experience it doesn't actually work with Stamina-Up (can't vouch for the other perks). The trick is to hold X to pickup the turbine immediately as the perk bottle in your hand has left the screen, that's when it will glitch. So you're not trying to pick up the Turbine as soon as you can, but at the exact moment you no longer have the perk bottle visible on your screen. Like I said, I always do this for Juggernog (and even then, I'm only getting the benefit for approx 10 mins while I go turn on power), but if I do it with Stamina-Up then, yes the Stamina-Up perk will stay lit up on my screen, but I do NOT actually have the effects of Stamina-Up, unlike with Juggernog where I've tested and I can be hit more times. Now I haven't tested to see whether some of the other perks work when glitched without the power, but I can tell you that Stamina-Up won't. In the end, this thing is a glitch, so you can understand why it might not provide reliable results.
  5. BuddhaCrane

    Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Well I kept on stopping and restarting Solo games in the hopes of hearing this voice again, and not once did I get it, even when I was Misty. It's all very odd, since I have actually heard it before and on numerous occassions, just never in Solo. I wonder if something about the way that we triggered this voice (whatever that may be) means that I only hear it in Public Matches and you only hear it in Solo matches? Also a bit of a stretch really...
  6. BuddhaCrane

    Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    Hmmm...Now that is an interesting theory...I like it! OK, well rolling with that for a moment, presuming it is character-based, we should hear this voice every time we're that character, no? So, the question is, are you hearing it every time you happen to play as Misty? Now, even I was Misty last time I heard the noise but I don't remember if I was her when I last did the EE; I will, however, from now on be sure to note when I hear the voice and when I'm playing as Misty, as I know that I haven't done the EE again aince I last heard the noise. EDIT: Actually scratch that whole thing. In that video I linked, the guy hadn't even done the EE (there's a part in the vid where he goes through the cornfield, and the Pylon isn't glowing at all). I just don't know what to believe anymore! P.S. Do you ever get the noise to play when you start a game Solo? I only ever hear it when joining Public Matches with other people. Incidentally I even just started a Solo game as Misty and didn't get any voice.
  7. BuddhaCrane

    Steady Aim Upgrade

    Well, I can at least confirm that the Headshot Popper upgrade definitely does not effect the size of your crosshairs. Started a game with Headshot Popper, used the tiles in the starting room to measure how wide my crosshair was when standing in a particular spot, knifed a bunch of zombies to lose my ability, checked crosshair again, still exact same size. So if there really is something that decreases the size of a gun's crosshairs, it ain't the Headshot Popper upgrade!
  8. BuddhaCrane

    Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    I was the one that said it was saying "Behind You". I tried to point out this voice several times and no one seemed to care to believe me. I even said at the time that I thought it was a slowed-down voice and that I was only *Guessing* that it was saying "Behind You". What's weird is that when I tried to play the voice back in Theater Mode, it didn't play, so you have to scroll back again? Weird. On the plus side, at least I believe you! Oh, and I agree that it does sound more like "Danger" than "Behind you". Hey, I was only guessing! I do, however, dispute your fact that you only hear this as Misty. If I link you to the same video I linked in my own post regarding this noise, where I was able to stumble upon a youtube video that contained the noise, you can clearly see that the person playing is Russman and not Misty. What actually causes this noise to play is still an interesting mystery to me. VeRegj9cYbg I can't say I've ever really come across other similar noises while playing. I have heard a girl's voice over near the Pylon, but I've never heard a slowed-down voice anywhere else.
  9. BuddhaCrane

    Steady Aim Upgrade

    I almost exclusively hip fire (I actually find it easier for getting headshots...I know, I'm nuts) and I can't say that I've ever noticed this, or noticed the Headshot Popper persistant upgrade decreasing the crosshairs either. I'll be sure to look out for this next time I play though!
  10. BuddhaCrane

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Since this sounded quite plausible (well-written post by the way), I decided to test it out with some friends. There were three of us in the game, and I decided to pick up the MP5K on Round 1 and exclusively use it for the rest of the game (not even PaP it, just in case that counted as a different weapon). I picked up Double Tap and had the Headshot Popper (non)permanent perk, and kept them for the entire game - This acted as my baseline for damage. By Round 18 something interesting happened! On Round 17 it took me 3 bullets to the head with the MP5K + Headshot Popper + Double Tap. On Round 18 it started taking me only 1 (ONE!) headshot to kill the zombies with the MP5K. I didn't notice any orb or hear any sound (I've never noticed a sound when receiving the permanent perks, only when losing them), but I'm convinced this is the exact permanent perk the good sir above was refering to! We continued playing until Round 28 and I retained this perk the entire game. I did keep almost exclusively using the MP5K the whole time though so I don't know how long using another weapon would cause you to lose it again, although I would assume that you could not activate this perk on another gun without losing it on the current one. Some observations regarding the perk: - I started using the MP5K at round 1 and used it exclusively (apart from meleeing denizens and about 2 zombies), and I had the perk by Round 18. This might mean that you need to use a weapon exclusively for 17 rounds (matches with 17 revives for Fast Revive perk....hmmm....coincidence? I think not) - I decided to upgrade the MP5K on Round 26, and the upgraded version still had the bonus! This leads me to believe that it still counts as the same gun when upgraded. So you could probably do 17 rounds as a combo of the regular and upgraded version of the gun to receive the perk. - As an indicator that you have the perk (apart from the obvious damage boost), when you remove a limb from a zombie (or pop their heads off), it makes a more *crunchy* sound than normal. Kinda hard to explain this one, but the limb removal noise is definitely different. It's like bones are snapping more or something. - The perk only applies to the gun you were using when you gained it; I also had a HAMR but it did not have the damage bonus (and didn't make the *crunchier* limb removal noise) Finally, huge congrats to the guy above for finding this! At last, a proven 4th (non)permanent perk! P.S. I would have analysed this further, and checked for noises/orbs etc but when I try to play my recent game in Theater it gives me "You have selected an invalid film or clip". Typical.. P.P.S Ah ha! I know exactly what it is!!! I decided to load up a new game solo to check that I still had it, which I did. I then realised that body shots weren't doing extra damage (I generally go for headshots only) and it dawned on me. This perk makes you do extra LIMB damage! This explains why headshots were doing more damage, as well as arms coming off easier, as well as the extra crunchy noise whenever limbs were being removed. So there you have it chaps, an extra limb damage perk for your chosen gun. This makes me think that it might not simply be about using the same gun for a number of rounds, but instead getting a certain number of limb removals with a gun (bearing that in mind, I had about 300 headshots by round 18 if that ends up being helpful, but you'd have to account for extra limb removals from arms and stuff too of course).

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