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  1. ...Why would you try to mow your lawn with a pair of scissors? I'm interested in "older" tech. That includes old devices and old operating systems. Personally I find it interesting. Don't ask why, I just do. For me it's actually quite interesting how far computers have come in the past 13 years.
  2. I just paid a visit to CoDZ on Windows 98 through VMWare. With Internet Explorer 5.0 As soon as I got to callofdutyzombies.com my browser froze for 30 seconds and everything was messed up. :/ The logo was fine but the rest was all messed. :O
  3. So as I posted earlier, I found a link where someone had exported all Black Ops models in a .3ds format. Also as I posted earlier, I was bored as hell, so continuing on with my COD Zombs mods for San An, I attempted to port Samantha. Not as a playable character, but as a statue, as you see her on Moon. I did it all in 10 mins, but her Teddy texture got messed up and she is bigger than she should be. Blah. Aside from that, I reckon I did well. Probably one the most useless mods ever as she does nothing. Except breach SA limits. So I ain't going to release it. :/ But meh, stopped boredom for a good 30 minutes. If anyone wants/cares to see my work: http://imageshack.us/a/img713/8781/g0sy.png http://imageshack.us/a/img109/4966/dggr.png http://imageshack.us/a/img825/4897/24rp.png [Richtofen skin and Ray Gun weapon & stats as well] Next up when I'm bored: Takeo. Nobody has made him. People have made Nikolai, Dempsey and Richtofen. Even the "FIVE" crew. But not Takeo.
  4. This video is funny. www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AWqubU80m0
  5. I'm so bored. No one online, I'm watching the "Top 10" players on Buried. They either hacked or glitched. :/ It's a shame. It really is. Some hard working, non cheating player is 300 on the leaderboard and some hacker/glitcher cheated their way to shotgun rank and over Round 100.
  6. Managed to complete the Die Rise EE [Richtofen] thanks to DeltaGaming. Tried Moon, but failed. We,, I did anyway.
  7. The new pistol is a bit better than the Python. Speaking of that, if you can't get it in Buried, get the Python on Die Rise or TranZit and put it in the fridge.
  8. ^ Depends. I've been that bored, I've customized my XP machine. It has the Visual Style of Mac OS X Leopard, the dock of Mac OS X Tiger, the cursors of Windows 8, the icons of Windows 2000 and the sound scheme of Windows 7. Also I've found my old Windows 2000 disk and I'm gonna install it in VirtualBox later, see if Win2K still works on today's web.
  9. You should've seen the game me and Ze WunderWaffe had. That was even quicker. The error is usually caused by people who dashboard because they're losing.
  10. That's either really good or really bad Good. Here's the vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToDIVNKcb9Q
  11. I just had the shortest Grief match ever. Lasted 1 minute, 5 seconds. :/
  12. Glad I pre ordered it. However, I've got a strong feeling GTA V will be buggy on consoles. It's obvious R* are pushing GTA V to the PS3/360 limits and that's amazing but pushing too close can lead to lag and crashing. :/ I really love the addition of changing characters at random and the ability to choose who gets what cut.
  13. On leaderboards: 1P: 19 2P: N/A 3P: N/A 4P: 21 On custom games: 1P: 23 2P: 20 3P: 17 40: 37 I wish custom games counted. I find that playing with friends, I get a lot futher than playing with randomers.
  14. Well, after a few more matches, I'm still getting the hang of Buried. Kinda. Solo: Round 14 Co-Op: Round 16 3P: Round 13 Full Lobby: Round 18
  15. Solo: Round 11 Co-Op: Round 14 Three Players: N/A Full Lobby: 10 Doing bad for now.
  16. GTA V looks awesome. Being a huge GTA fan myself, I really want to play this so bad. I've played most GTA's, except the one on the Gameboy and The Ballad of Gay Tony. IV was a let down, San Andreas had so many features IV could have used. A fat Niko Bellic would have been hilarious to play as. I hope they bring back some San Andreas & IV features for GTA V.
  17. I remember someone once posting on the Official CoD forums with a theory saying that zombies never happened and all the characters we play as have some mental illness for being captured during WW2.
  18. My highest round is round 24. That was due to a "dead controller" moment. :|

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