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  1. I was thinking it looked more like a type of base or something but maybe it being a robotic foot would make more sense since their is a zeppelin in the background flying in that direction solid point dude.
  2. New images continue to surface as we buckle down and prepare ourselves for this epic conclusion to the zombies storyline so far I have been able to understand all of treyarchs previous images posts but this one has me stumped to be honest if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151555245712724&id=43119577723&set=pb.43119577723.-2207520000.1375935459.&snowdown&refid=17 I'm on my cellular device so I can't really post the picture just the link sorry.
  3. If you guys haven't already you should try the PARALYZER its alot like the jet gun with the infinite ammo but it can freeze the zombies and if you hold it long enough it will blow them up the gun is good but not on its own so pick up an AN-94!
  4. Trust me dude you cannot go wrong with a good ol' fashioned cabin in the fog camp the spawns are very fast there I would even go as far as to say that they rival that of the Diner plus it's incredibly fun because of the amount of danger you plus if things get a little too hectic you can just jump into the teleporter.
  5. I've been wondering this for quite some time now and I just now remembered to ask you guys so here goes. I know for a fact in Call of duty black ops Speed Cola would not only increase your reload speed but it would also increase the speed when you rebuild a barrier so my question is does speed cola still increase your barrier rebuild speed or did they take that out and if they did and anyone knows why could you please tell me and the other people who have been wondering this. McCray
  6. You just explained a better ranking system because the current one is awful mainly because it only cares about kills/downs not revives I personally go out of my way to revive my team it doesn't matter where you are because we have teleporters (talking about Tranzit) but do my efforts get recognized? no they do not!
  7. This tweet worries me because if they give us the option to kill them of I know that most people will choose to just to go back to the original crew. I hope the new crew doesn't get killed of because 1. I absolutely adore them. 2. They haven't had the story yet and I wanna know more about them. As much as I would love to have the old guys back I kinda want then new guys to stay since it's nice and refreshing to have some new characters. I also think that we could go back to the originals without having to kill of the new crew since killing them of would be stupid and I would be pretty annoyed. I absolutely agree with you dude I really hope that if we do get to decide the fate of the N4 the community will be smart and want to finish the story with the current group and not go back to the O4 just because they're more popular. We have to finish what we started.
  8. About 24 hours ago David Vonderhaar tweeted this message on his page "You, beloved and insane, Zombies fan will forever decide the fate of Abigail, Samuel, Marlton, and Russman and where we go from here." Now what I pretty sure this means is that we finally have confirmation that the O4 are indeed still alive and that we will be able to choose if T4 dies or continues to fight the zombies and also how the story will unfold for these guys. What are your thoughts on this tweet and do you want to kill off these guys or go back to the O4?
  9. Well I was playing Tranzit today and only got to round 4 because the bus glitched me into a death barrier in the tunnel but when i went back into the game using theater mode i was able to look around outside of Tranzit and places not able to be accessed traditionally but when I was looking around i was able to see the Moon when i went to certain places i don't know if it's supposed to be there or a texture glitch of some sort but i thought it was very cool.
  10. Damn dude i just had got it back today and lost it again today crap is pissing me off man.
  11. Has any one seen Reza Elghazi's wallpaper on his Twitter page it kinda looks like a custom zombies map LOL
  12. Okay so is anyone else having some serious problems with getting the cash back persistent perk i will go down at least 10 times trying to get it and still haven't got it i have only had it three times but i cannot get it again I've been trying for a while now is anyone else having this problem and if you have the solution PLEASE HELP ME! :evil:
  13. I don't know about most of you but i would it if we could get a Zombies map with a storm in the background or even when a boss round comes it starts to rain to let the player(s) know that the boss round has started and it would also be nice if they brought in new traps like in Black Ops One or just bring back the old ones i don't really care wouldn't that be nice. Leave a comment and tell me what you guys think. :)
  14. What is your best Die Rise game and or moment?
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