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  1. makes sense seeing its upgraded with an acid kit, and it shoots out acidic grenades (i think thats what they are)
  2. al mentions Nikolai whenever i get the ray gun. maybe he is referring to Nikolai Tesla, seeing he did invent things such as that
  3. i know what your talking about, but this sounds more like a whisper almost. i think im insane lol. i have messed with the audio settings turning up and turning down them all and mixing them up. that sound though is just diffrent than anything i think its sfx volume. imma go look again was taking a break for a bit lol. again. i feel crazy. im on a endless search for something that could possibly not exist
  4. That's what she said. On a seriouser note, do you think the points get higher the more times you throw nades in there? And did it do the same thing on transit? lol. that indeed is what she did say. i have thrown so many dam grenades in there, still get 20, ive tried guns, no luck. im still trying to physically get in there (lmfao) nonsexualy of course
  5. ive tried so many things on that darn hole..
  6. im just going to try everything i can possibly thing of, both logical and illogical. just like i did in bo1 for der riese and in bo2 for nuketown. lol, i wont make some obscure plan/fail idea up. if i do happen to find something im hoping i can find some willing people on here to maybe test/further my progress. i have noticed quite a bit. and im not jumping the gun and spitting out everything i noticed and running people on wild goose chases lol. this map just has an ambiance of something more. i have my thoughts and theories and i do think im on to something at least, even if its minor and not worth all the effort. just at the moment that green door is beyond sketchy. its like the noise i hear from it is a signal that its important. one more thing. trollarch did mention the warden has a weapon collection. so far ive seen the blundergat, he might have had the DM. but what about everything else. if i recall correctly in the video trollarch put out first they did say in some way (i cant recall exact words) there is alot more, like something deeper to the map. the ee was too easy and i think it was put there to give us an end to a run. In my opinion its trollarch distracting us from somthing more. theres alot to this map i havent seen anyone talk about.. search around the outer map. yes i know the scare (i think there might be more to that but idk) im scoping out places that seem to stick out. afterlife mode also seems to have more to it that what meets the eye. like in the room with the 3 generators by the dock you have to destroy. behind that wall there is a blue marking on the floor. and those tiny green doors seem really outta place. theres alot that seems right at first but upon multiple plays where im more about whats on the map and less about killing. i have noticed many things that are just too weird. then again i could be insane either way im fine lol
  7. alright. ill send one in a sec. and whats sleep. been at this map for almost 60+ hours looking for secrets lol. ill let ya know what i find tomorrow whenever your up to play. my gt is under my name on here (im sure you knew that xD) im still working on the pit of doom (thats one of the many things i refer that hole to) i also have not got the first power 2x door for a few run.. many things to test. ill try to come up with somewhat of a checklist of things to try. (mostly just winging it and trying whatever sounds good) about to go hold a nade till it explodes in my hand over the pit lol. might do something xD gotta love self explosions
  8. to be fair this map has more secrets than Tranzit and Die Rise combined and it hasn't even been out a week yet would you want to maybe search the map on xbl sometime. alot of things in it are piquing my interest. and i think somethings require more than one person. im usually on so if your all for slaving to the tedious task of searching the hell ( outta this map just let me know
  9. i'm just putting out ideas. i guess ill post if i do find something..
  10. its also one of the only doors that does not have a spike board going across it
  11. maybe it can dig something like a key up or it is a key itself.... hmmmm
  12. So i have been noticing that the green door in the wardens office by his desk and speed cola makes a noise every time im right by it. kinda sounds like an air draft or like what trollarch did on ascension. im thinking it can be opened. i have noticed a few areas around the map like this. anyone else noticing things like this. im trying anything and everything on this map. have played it sense it came out. i believe we haven't found nearly half the things trollarch gave us this time. this map is hiding something. maybe the wardens weapons he collected are behind that green door. any thoughts/theories/ideas anyone?
  13. have you noticed the green door next to speed cola. i wonder if it can be opened.. im trying to figure out what im hearing in that room, as i always hear sketchy things in quite a few different locations. trying different things to "maybe?" open it. any ideas. i got bored of diving into the walls and railings trying to go in that hole, still working on what happens with it though so far still just grenades trollarch, i got my eyes on you :geek:
  14. maybe nuketown hinted towards the new perk or is connected in a way?
  15. have any of you tried shooting a pap'ed sniper at objects off/around the map, maybe something activates much like the ee on der riese. (pap'ed sniper would be easiest seeing it has better odds of helping find something of the sort due to scope)
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