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    Does anyone get annoyed when you join a public lobby for Die Rise and everyone has a mic there is at least one person hassling you to complete the trample steam and sit in the corner of the trample steam room during the Jumping Jack rounds. I have played the map plenty of times along with the rest of the zombie fans to know this yet it is still said. I have even experience people calling it a glitch or a bug. It just amazes me how stupid and gullible people are playing zombies. Is this just me finding it annoying or is there someone else sharing the same madness as me. :)
  2. Tait97


    I hope there is , however with the trailers there doesnt seem to be anyway of it occuring
  3. Tait97


    I am really looking foward to MOTD however something has been puzzling me regarding the purgatory mode and that is do we have go down everytime to power a perk machine effecting both rank and game. If this is the case would we lose previous perks to power up a machine and gain a perk or do the sidequest . Apart from that i am expecting high things for this map . Soery typing on my phone. XD
  4. To lose the steel barricades im certain you have to go a round without repairing any windows because it occurs alot on die rise with the boss round so i try to leave a window to repair during this round, hope this helps!
  5. but we still saw him we never saw anything of marlton just zombies weirdly dressed similar to marlton
  6. I thought i saw a zombie towards the end of the trailer that looked like marlton, could he have turned?
  7. I really think is is in Japan or China making the apocalypse seem more global rather than Germany and America. 3 rockets hit the earth and I don't think all of them hit America so 1 could and the other 2 locations could be Germany and China/Japan.
  8. could it be a console command? changing the item that he is holding and add the turbine effect
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