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  1. I myself think the reason it works on the table is the fact that then you have something to aim at, i will be trying to do it without table and just aim at the ground see what happens, if it works then i am 100% sure that there is nothing more in green run, and i will stop looking for it and start focusing on the dlc
  2. Ok i will start making this topic as a preparation to what i am gonna do soon. I need you(the readers) to be open minded and forget everything you know now atm about the EE. 1. Tower of Babbel, After reading and hearing the richtofen quotes, makes me believe that around 80% of the videos out there are doing something wrong, as in having a step in it that is not needed at all, the tower is called [ Pylon - Maxis ] [ Obelisk - Richtofen ] The game saves youre "choice" why? because it will matter for the rest of the Storyline, there was an interview about the zombies story and the guy stated that player would have to make choices 2. Navcard Table, There is no reason for us to believe the table is needed, so why would we need it for Tower of Babbel? we don't thats what i am gonna try proof to you all soon, heating up the tower without the table, what does this mean if it works? easy, we will need to come back later in the dlc, there is a reason why some things are being saved by the game, the table is being saved because you prob need to get the card from a diff map. the navcard is being saved because you prob need it for a diff cardreader on a diff map, why is the jetgun not being saved? well you dont need it in a diff map, now tell me that sounds logical no? 3.Beams IMO this is a glitch on the Xbox so i am not even gonna think about that. I know prob most of you see this as common sense but you feel like you overcame this step, but did we? jimmy zielinski ‏@ZielinskiJimmy Tell me the tasks you have completed...In order. NOW! Now again what order did we do? did we do what we where asked to do? basicly no we didnt
  3. you know whats funny if you wherent glitching people might have actually think youre on to something... too bad, but you failed
  4. The beams is not part of the EE the light beams are just a glitch and my gues is is a glitch on the xbox seeing that the xbox is the only one having these beams, so to me and any1 that is really trying to figure out whats next will debunk ANY theory based on those beams
  5. i miss helena siegman i really do, not joking, listening to her voice while doing zombies gives me such a boost, such a thrill, puts me in a raping zombies state, just miss her voice ALOT, i think they messed up the private match part really badly, some people dont wanna play with randoms, for example we often play with 3 people and we always get screwed because we have to go in public and we get a 4the member that just sucks/glitches or griefs us to the max ending up leaving and we got nowhere, i like tranzit alot and i am hoping that with DLC we get more storyline (also in green run) maybe even the new tranzit map linking in to green run that would be awesome.
  6. Well i know how much longer youre gonna prolong that, if you havent anything before the DLC comes out youre just full of it xD
  7. Nuketown is a Test area where they test nukes, this is seen when playing the multiplayer map, so moving from those events it is most likely that nuketown became like that duo to that, also note that there is a radio where maxis is talking about a american facility located in nevada where amerika has loads of 115 stored, combine that with a uncontrolled nuke and you have what you see outside nuketown
  8. Agreed with you and prob the group hes in now are the ones that set him free? i wonder..
  9. Yep same i did richtofen gonna keep that until i know more about the EE maybe later on change to maxis but for now keep it like this
  10. Funny how every1 forgot what 3arch said about zombies in story mode.. What ever you do has effect on the story line for zombies this aint b/s they actually confirmed this, they also said there was gonna be the biggest map they ever made, and clearly everything is gonna be linked to each other, so ye with that in mind 5 maps 10 mini EE's and 2 big ass EE's (WTF LEARN TO COUNT???111) No, i have counted right in Green run you have to decide: Richtofen or Maxis (there is a reason why you cant have both at the same time) seeing that for Richtofen you have to do diff things then for Maxis i cba to count those as 1 EE, meaning if you choose Richtofen, the next DLC you prob will continue his EE (The table under the obelisk, NavCards), The REAL question in this is, are they gonna link all the maps together in a way that we will have one huge big ass map? if you think about if the other map is a separated map then how are we gonna use the navcard? and how do you get to the table without restarting youre game? thats a mystery how they planning on doing it
  11. Hey not very important but to avoid confusion the pylon aka tower is called Obelisk by richtofen en bij maxis its called the Spire it might be an idea to change those names according to EE so people dont get confused
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