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  1. You can turn on the power without ever picking or even building the Turbine and Maxis's quote at the power for that will go off. I did notice that I could not get the tv quotes to start. The order is correct but you will still get the quote for the turbine the moment you start building it (since you need it for the eastern egg) i think maxis quote for the power will be going off in any case cause, turn on the tower triggers the quote and turning it off again triggers another quote of maxis, from that you need to build the turbine, during this when you have the last piece you trigger a
  2. true point, but isnt it so that richtofen already time traveled before traveling with the group? this is from what i understood, in one of the radio quotes. That then would mean he created a new timeline and old one stopped existing?
  3. Honest the only thing i would love to have a better system to know what kinda of person i will be playing together with, kills, headshot say nothing in the end... if you wanna explore or try something out or stuff like that then kills and headshots are meaningless (my gf has a shitty amount of kills and shitty amount of headshots, but she knows what to do on the matter of exploring we did tower of babbel with the 2 of us richtofen side) Does this mean shes a bad player? No, she helped alot more then people with high stats, that knew and wanted to do the easter egg but couldnt even k
  4. But isnt it logical, that during the events of moon no other timeline existed(atleast with richtofen etc in it) because if it would and they would blow up the earth, they basicly would kill themself? Example: if i would to time travel to 5 minutes ago i "copy" myself more or less there would be 2 me's in the timeline 5 minutes ago right? with this in mind if they where on moon during the same events as shangri-la and they would blow up the earth wont that kill them? that way moon plays off in a further future then anything else? or am i totally off the road here? XD Timetravel
  5. Like i said i didnt mean to insult anyone but it was more a frustrating peak :oops: And i said sorry for my weakness, i just love the storyline and i was trying to help making it better and more clearly seeing that maybe there is a hint hidden in the whole story, and it just frustrated me that no1 cared for te fact that there is something in it that is 100% false.
  6. I myself think the reason it works on the table is the fact that then you have something to aim at, i will be trying to do it without table and just aim at the ground see what happens, if it works then i am 100% sure that there is nothing more in green run, and i will stop looking for it and start focusing on the dlc
  7. Ok i will start making this topic as a preparation to what i am gonna do soon. I need you(the readers) to be open minded and forget everything you know now atm about the EE. 1. Tower of Babbel, After reading and hearing the richtofen quotes, makes me believe that around 80% of the videos out there are doing something wrong, as in having a step in it that is not needed at all, the tower is called [ Pylon - Maxis ] [ Obelisk - Richtofen ] The game saves youre "choice" why? because it will matter for the rest of the Storyline, there was an interview about the zombies story and the g
  8. you know whats funny if you wherent glitching people might have actually think youre on to something... too bad, but you failed
  9. The beams is not part of the EE the light beams are just a glitch and my gues is is a glitch on the xbox seeing that the xbox is the only one having these beams, so to me and any1 that is really trying to figure out whats next will debunk ANY theory based on those beams
  10. ZHucBiEdTRc At 4:30, you'll begin to hear Richtofen about inserting the NavCard into the computer. It's rather faint, but Dalek will stop talking 7 seconds later and you'll be able to make Richtofen out much clearer. In this aspect, you are correct, Darkest. Richtofen does not say anywhere to build the table; rather, he states that you need to find the card and plug it into the reader. This, however, implies that you already set up the table (since he does not tell you to build it). The only thing he tells you to do after turning power on is assembling to Jet Gun and then taking it to the
  11. Are you freaking blind/deaf ? He says that after YOU(the player) Build the table... GOD just READ and stop being so ignorant... he does not mention the NAVcard(NAVCARD-THINGY) Nor the Computer-thingy BEFORE you build the table, that quote is the only one there is and if you just play the game, you would have noticed that. Want proof i will (my god i swear i will) start a new account Record EVERY single thing until the table is build and you will hear that quote( i will not even turn the bloody power on if you will) after that if you still ignore the facts i am gonna call B.S on youre
  12. i miss helena siegman i really do, not joking, listening to her voice while doing zombies gives me such a boost, such a thrill, puts me in a raping zombies state, just miss her voice ALOT, i think they messed up the private match part really badly, some people dont wanna play with randoms, for example we often play with 3 people and we always get screwed because we have to go in public and we get a 4the member that just sucks/glitches or griefs us to the max ending up leaving and we got nowhere, i like tranzit alot and i am hoping that with DLC we get more storyline (also in green run) maybe
  13. Well i know how much longer youre gonna prolong that, if you havent anything before the DLC comes out youre just full of it xD
  14. Here some extra proof of when exactly he talks about the Navcard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cz3qbloSdM at around 4:00 youll hear the only quote of him speaking of the table
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