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  1. Interesting to see a different way of completing this step, NGT's way seem a bit easier to do in terms of time, I'll have to try that sometime. :D
  2. It wasn't too hard solo, it was more or less irritating putting the ultimate staves in the robots especially when it's late and you aren't really thinking so you keep going to the altar to pick up the staff for the one that spawns only to miss it by a split second :lol:
  3. If someone would so kind as to do that I'd really appreciate it, I can't figure it out for the life of me withou using YouTube :lol:
  4. I have the video and would love to post it but I'm on my phone and I really don't know how to post it I'm going to try to figure it out ASAP. :)
  5. Sadly I can't post it to YouTube I don't have a good quality setup or anything, I can try to record the part on my phone and post it here if that helps ;)
  6. No problem man, I know how frustrating it can be to get a good team, but with a little experimenting it all worked out, and good luck :)
  7. Personally to me, the map with the best atmosphere is definitely Shangri La the vibrant colors and sounds of the jungle really brought that map to life.
  8. Hey, all you solo players, as the title says yes the Origins EE is possible to be done in Solo play, while some may not believe me or if you want proof I have the film saved on my Player channel. now the step that everyone is saying you can't do solo is the "Rain Fire" step but you can once you have your Beacon grenades, you have to have patience and wait until Odin's foot closest to the debris that needs to be blown up lights up, now once you see this foot toss your beacon and back up, shoot the foot and then proceed to hit the button where you placed your ultimate staff. Though it's going to be difficult to get down the timing, you just have to have patience and it will all work out in the end. I hope I've shed some light to you guys who would like to try it solo and good luck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNSY602fbzw
  9. In theater mode, I can't seem to view my Origins EE/Sidequest video, every time I try to load it I get an error saying I have selected an invalid film/clip. I've asked my teammates who were in the game with me if they could view the film but sadly they got the same result. This is very frustrating to me as I have done this EE not once, not twice, but 3 times and every film I try to view yields the same result. Is there anyway for me to actually view these films or will I have to complete the EE yet again only to have the same result? Now I can't even view my Buried EE film but I can view TranZit and Die Rise clips, can anyone help me out with this issue?
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself I'm ApocalypticSk8r, got to say I love this forum and reading all these crazy theories everyone has but if you want feel free to add me on xbox live and we can slay the undead sometime. Xbox Live=ApocalypticSk8r
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