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  1. jamFMc

    Die rise Game over

    It is rather intriguing isn't it? If you listen to it again and think of the "chain like" sounds as Keys...it sounds more like them. They sound like they are opening a cage of some sort with a creature inside. I personally hope it's Fluffy! Oh and welcome to the site, Tornado...A word of advice though, don't go cooking up a STORM and start WIND-ing people up!
  2. jamFMc

    Literal Die Rise Song

    By all means!!
  3. jamFMc

    Literal Die Rise Song

    Funny Story, I had a dream I was on Die Rise and instead of there being "We all fall down" it was...well different...that inspired to do this! It's terrible (that's what makes it good ) Note: For the best result listen to "We all fall down" whilst singing it yourselves: If I had the recording equipment I would of so recorded this X_X...ah well. If you guys have any of your own parodies of the song be sure to post them below. Die rise not Der Reise , CXI with ‘FMc, Choose which voice to follow, And of course they’ll be zombies, Confusing, It seems we are in Shang-hai, It’s Difficult, Similar to Shangri-la, Misty is still looking fine, Is that a symbol of nuketown?, It’s hard to run trains, Cause this is not Tranzits town, You will fall down, You’ll fall down, You will fall down, You’ll fall down, Richtofen starts again, There’s voices from the TV, Get Who’s Who for rebirth, In limbo find your body, Samuel Seems crazy, With those really weird sounds, They say "Help me", But there’s no-one around, You will fall down, You’ll fall down, You will fall down, You’ll fall down, You can follow maxis, As the freight lift crashes, But we won’t go down! Mahjong tiles find them, Decode and see, For the combination, I see the creatures, Growling, Jumping, Clawing, Knifing, A perk, For me!, You will fall down, You’ll fall down, You will fall down, You’ll fall down, It’s the Nav card grab it, Just like back on Tranzit, And don’t fall all the way down, We can try and survive just you and I, As we power the pylon, we don’t know why, Is the bad guy maxis?, It’s all over, that’s it, And the Creepy outro, just plays away, So let’s save our cashes , I got flopper, Wait it’s!, It’s a troll!!!
  4. You could say...this was...A common case of Pareidolia. ;)
  5. jamFMc

    confused about NACHT !!!

    perhaps it could signify Nacht being the "old" Zombies (due to it being run down and even more broken) and Green run/Black ops 2 being a start of a new era of Zombies, bringing things to the zombie-verse we have never seen. Or It could just be a homage :P
  6. jamFMc

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Well here's a theory to throw into the works: What if Grief is just supposed to be an example of the power Rictofen possesses and has nothing to do with the story or timeline (that he has the ability to turn people against one another). And grief itself is just a small depiction of what could of happened if you didn't blow up the Earth; war. So Treyarch quite simply adapted this into a game mode. Maybe I'm thinking too hard, Anyway that's my take on Grief.

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