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  1. I wonder why/how Richtofen remembers Samantha... Nice theory BTW.
  2. Hmmm that is all plausible, But do you think Maxis could really come back from the future? I mean think about it, Maxis wants to save his daughter and Richtofen just wants to wreck havoc... Where would the incentive to come back be? 'Cause that would cause a paradox, them coming back to change the future would cease them to exist UNLESS. This "devil" person we keep hearing of is actually Richtofen where power has gone to his head (remember the longer you stay in the aether the more you go demonic as seen with the songs). And he decides to go back to start a cycle where he is in control... I dunno xD
  3. Great post, Very nice theories However I have 1 problem with the "Nightmare achievement Theory". If we change the future in the past then nothing would of happened therefore the feud wouldn't be there in the first place. Unless there was a Variable (In form of the new 4?), but from the trailer it just looks like the original 4 which would only mean everything is constant. From the title "Origins" It would be safe to assume we see how everything is started in comparison with changing things. That's just how I see it anyway It will be one epic map though I'm sure!
  4. I kinda hope this whole Anagram thing does turn into something, Kinda like Dead Space's Chapter titles (NICOLE IS DEAD). It would be cool if they weave something like that into zombies explaining a possible over arcing plot, personally I don't know how, but Treyarch could find a way :D
  5. Technicly, the map does take place on/after January 19th 1934, unless Billy, Sal and Finn were also "hell's recreations." But also remember, they are/were constantly reliving the day. Regardless of what is occuring in the real world. So the map could be occuring on November 7th 2010, September 25th 2087 or 22nd July 2013. Sadly it's more than likely one of those mysteries that we'll never get told about. Off topic: Is my sig a little too big? Exactly, they are "reliving" that day over and over, so theoretically the date stays the same hence the Fireworks. However the people change as they are the variables, the map is the constant. Think of the body bags around Alcatraz, imagine those are the failed attempts from the 4. Also every map is stuck in a time loop even way back in Der Reise with the clock not moving. So that being said, one could argue every map in some way is "Hell" and trapped in time.
  6. jamFMc

    Living Stone Mine

    Perhaps another way to define where the town originated is to find out where geographically crystals are Minded due to a crystal shard being found in the caves.
  7. Seen as though Tranzit, Die rise and Buried all make a triangle geographically, one would assume the center of this "Tri-Comunicator device" (or whatever it's called) there would be something right? Well, that would make the center of it near Europe... so perhaps we might go back to Der Riese? Or Maybe the Eiffel tower is the Main Pylon... Just theories. What do you guys think? Also, I'm kinda undecided of Buried at the moment... It's got ups and down.
  8. I agree with Infest lithium in that the concept of any game has to be somewhat set in stone, that being said with any story (be it in a Book, Song, Movie, Videogame ect.) It is always up for interpretation in the motives and the intentions of the writers. What I can see as a business plan is that they probably have the Beginning and Ending Drawn out and using community feedback they can fill in or change the gaps I.E map ideas, perks ect. Oh, and hey AlphaOmega :)
  9. Shangri-la is a reference to "Paradise": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise
  10. Just to add I believe it's Mongolian throat singing (My evidence is hearing an uncanny track in Borderlands). It's rather "Ritual-istic" and kinda fits with this Aztec theme. Now, I've only heard it in the shower room. Maybe it's contextual when there has some one gone down or entering a new area for the first time... or perhaps when completing a certain task. The thing is, there are many variables on how/why it's triggered. See what you think: Borderlands Mongolian throat singing -
  11. Ah I Gets ya, I agree with you, But I don't believe it was a group 935 project... more like what you said where Samantha probably took control over a weapons crate. I guess a logical explanation for the continuation of the teddy bear and box is due to Richtofen taking over Sams Body and her consciousness, however, her subconscious is still in there making the Teddy and the box pretty much constant. Digressing a little here
  12. I was not aware that the box was Man Made... O_o Is there like an audio recording exclaiming this?
  13. Bingo! Thanks, that would of bugged me till the end of time Another thing also to add to the Hell theory: Even when richtofen got into control yes the Eye color changed but the box stayed the same, you still activate teddies for the songs and teddies are what signify "The box is moving"... but teddies are Samantha's gimmick. Whereas in MotD they're different... Do you see what I'm saying? Or maybe Richtofen doesn't have enough power to change the aesthetic of things? OFF TOPIC: What I've just noticed as well: WaW zombies the box had a yellow light... Kino then started off the trend of a blue box light and MotD has a redish box light... Nothing of importance, Just rather interesting that those are the three eye colours
  14. Or what if everything is happening at once due to this. All of time is ripping appart which would explain why the Jin mao tower is in province 22 and why ancient biblical references are prominent in modern days. As for the original 4's information think of it as the Fibonacci sequence, everything connects and is effected by it's predecessors, the group of 4 individuals where 1 is a traitor and on some level they are all the same. I can't remember the film but it's where there are 3 stories: one in the future, one in the modern day and one in the ancient times in which all of the characters go through the same story in different ways but share the same fate... it's gonna annoy me what film it was... it was pretty new :/. Just a theory as always Pack A Punch actually does phase too :lol:
  15. Here's another perspective: What if instead of thinking the perk machines have been sent back from the future in which is causing them to flux but instead been sent to another Plain/Dimension. Now this is gonna sound like a stretch but hear me out. Take the guns for example, the LSat hasn't even been invented yet... yes I know many people here believe Guns don't hold any significance... but don't you feel it's rather coincidental when you have an Lsat/Deathmachine in contrast with an UZI and a Tommy gun? And yet the LSat doesn't flicker or behave irrationally... Not to mention the description of the map itself even says "the metaphorical". So a metaphorical prison...could be interpreted as Hell. But not to everyone you might say, yes, but take into consideration the characters we play as; Criminals. It would only seem logical for these mobsters to find prison as their personal hell where they plot and face trials (puzzles)in an attempt to escape, then slowly realising there is no escaping the inevitable...Death. (Also it even shows each of the crew dieing in the beginning cutscene) It's been an ongoing pattern of religion it seems ever since Shangri-la (paradise) and with the tower of babel in Tranzit (in which there is a portrait of in the wardens office) and now Hell + purgatory. Oh and another thing to add is the song: "Where are we going". It could be interpreted as someone who is confused about what happens when you die... and when you do die... how would you know? pretty interesting. So with it being "Hell" That would explain the Gothic style, the hanging bodies, the candles and skulls and even the shrines. The reason why the perks have been sent there, however, I do not know. But what I do now is that when Samantha was in control she used perks to play a game... Richtofen, on the other hand is using them to help you do his bidding...
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