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  1. Before GLF and Die Rise were released, they said that the wonder weapons could be upgraded. In the game, the only upgradeable one is the ray gun, which isn't new. My thinking is, is that we've missed something. I reckon we've missed something which allows you to either PAP the Sliquifier, or just to build a completely new WW. GLF is such an expansive and detailed map it's easy to have missed something, and I doubt Treyarch would have included something like that into the promotion for the map if they weren't going through with it. Just a couple of my (crazy) thoughts.
  2. Whoops, yep you're right, going to change that now! Yeah, I feel that there's definitely some relevance to all this :P
  3. Any proof of this, or is it speculation? :)
  4. Yeah, I see what you mean. Throwing something else out there, what if you rushed to get those weapons WHILST being in WW? Probably clutching at straws :P
  5. 5 Characters? Hmm, maybe I was wrong, ah well, just speculation :)
  6. Basically, I've been watching the intro (perhaps too much) and I came up with the idea that one step in the EE has something to do with the guns from the intro, and the perk Who's Who. In the intro, you can see Russman with dual pistols (Mustang and Sally), Marlton with the DSR and Misty and Samuel have guns I can't really remember the names of. When they all die, they respawn, which leads me to believe that they all had Who's Who. Whether Samuel has to die first so that the game doesn't end I don't know, but it's just a theory! Perhaps downing yourselves with these guns as the specific characters would be a place to start and going from there? Link to image of guns: http://imgur.com/ZmhayOX BTW: Sorry if I MASSIVELY messed up with my knowledge of the Who's Who perk, not actually had it in game ^.^ -Danniey1
  7. Naa, if you look at it in the trailer it's definitely some sort of flying object :)
  8. Little something I found on the trailer, between 0:07 and 0:09 there is what seems to be a plane or something fly across the top right corner. It looks nothing like a bird, and could fit in quite well with the "Lost jet from 1940s". If this is set after the world has been hit by nukes, then what is a jet doing flying around? Was there some sort of Army base not hit or something? Here's my image, taken from 0:08 -ItsDanniey1
  9. Danniey1

    I wonder ...

    At the end of every zombie map there is a piece of music. This piece of music is an extract of the next zombie maps hidden song At the end of "Five" there is a song ... possibly hinting at another map with JFK, McNamara, Nixon and Castro, because at the end of five all the characters are sucked up in a ball of energy, hinting teleportation?? So ... New "Five" map hinted by ball of light over each character and music at the end of every match? Thanks Danniey1
  10. And your failing to telll someone off :P
  11. @johnny Reklaw That's an interesting way of looking at it!
  12. TBH I think most people are just writing the first thing that comes into their ead, instead of actually thinking it through first ...
  13. Thanks Perhaps you have to buy the perks after? Aaah, Im just shooting randomly into nowhere Thanks!
  14. Hi guys People have been saying that when the power goes off when Samantha Is Angry that the perk machines stay on? First that needs confirmation ... Second, maybe they are the new step? Because none of the steps involve you buying any perks? For all the trolls and haters, I haven't got Ascension, I have Ps3 Dont say that the code is finished, because there are things in that code that only the devs know what it does ... Soo, to recap: Do the perk machines stay on after the final step during the power cut? If they do then... Do you have to buy them douring the 90 Secs? Can you buy them during the 90 secs? Sorry for the wall of text! Thanks for reading ... Danniey1 :mrgreen:
  15. Has anyone realised that when you are next to the mystery box, it doesnt show you on the screen? This could support the dreamland theory, or could mean that the zombies have broken out before, and the screens are pre-recorded ... Thoughts?
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