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  1. I think it's unanimous that demon Samantha is better than little girl Samantha.
  2. I just realized what the day was. Can I ask why I haven't been able to get on? Was the site down for everyone or do you guys hate me?
  3. Hannibal


    The name's Hook. Enjoy your stay Old Sport.
  4. :( I am upset at this. My prayers go out to his family.
  5. I had to restrain my fingers from typing any WD characters. I didn't include any simply because of Rooker.
  6. Robert Carlyle (Figure it out on your own dearie.) Samuel L. Jackson (Duh.) Gerard Butler (SPARTANS) Bruce Willis (The hair)
  7. The same thing is with my Xbox. I can only play for 30 minutes unless I'm connected to the router.
  8. Or.. you could give me all your money? Just kidding man. Glad you come to a decision.
  9. I like them all. Personally, I'd get the season pass. You may not like Die Rise, but it would be nice to say you have it and can play it anytime. Besides, if you're an easter egg fan you have to have it.
  10. They all look cool, and red is my favorite color. But do you see that axe looking blade on White?!
  11. I'm not sure I even understand what you're talking about here.
  12. I just hit round 30 finally on MoTD and came here happy to get a medal. Now I feel worthless.
  13. I personally don't believe that the letters have to do with the storyline. But I still love reading into all of it. Here ya go: http://www.ask.com/wiki/A_Girl_Named_Disaster
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