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  1. I think it's unanimous that demon Samantha is better than little girl Samantha.
  2. I just realized what the day was. Can I ask why I haven't been able to get on? Was the site down for everyone or do you guys hate me?
  3. From my point of view, Speedo Monkey is killing you guys.
  4. Personally, I like rhymes better.
  5. "My tea's gone cold I wonder why.."
  6. I would like to point out: When I say the word "Fag." I don't mean it as a homosexual insult. I mean it as a cowardly asshole. And when I said it to you BS, I was 100% just trying to make a rhyming word. Never mean anything I say.
  7. Excuse me, but may I have your attention? I came here to obviate this rapping dissension. Need I even mention the tension I bring? While I'm playing Ascension, I'm ending your contention, Call me Hook, A.K.A, "The Rap King." My rhymes are so sharp, they'll turn your armor into rags. I'll kick you in the frags, you'll blame it on the lag, I'm not trying to nag, but that Donor title might as well be saying Fag. I'm not trying to hate Zombie, but that rap was BS. It doesn't take Scavenger to see, it's quite obvious. Leave Nazi Zombies to the big boys EJ, I'm sorry yo,
  8. I actually came to this site from an Epic Rap Battles of History forum. Making raps was the only thing we did on the site for 2 whole years almost. I will school you guys soon.
  9. Actually they get crushes on humans. That's why they let us milk them. True story.
  10. Hannibal


    The name's Hook. Enjoy your stay Old Sport.
  11. Do cows get crushes on other cows?
  12. :( I am upset at this. My prayers go out to his family.
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