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    It's me again, SaneButStrange, Hook, Hannibal. Just call me Luke from now on. Guys, I can't thank you all enough. With the help of you all, my friends in real life, and others. It. Got. Better. I'm a happy person now. I've regained my faith and it's stronger than ever. I have my close friends beside me. And the girl? She's a friend. I've already met someone whom I love, and actually returns the feelings. I am very happy now. Thank you all for caring. So much. Especially you Heather. I can't express my gratitude over the internet. Thank you.
  2. The Walking Dead Frozen Epic Rap Battles of History
  3. Gee willickers. This sounds hard!
  4. I think it's unanimous that demon Samantha is better than little girl Samantha.
  5. When I was in 2nd grade, I started to show signs of tics. I would make noises and blink my eyes. In 6th grade, I was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. I'd like to say that my life has been a challenge that I was able to overcome. It wasn't. I was depressed for a while, some of you may know that. I'm a little better, but not a lot. My Tourette's is a big factor in my depression, although I try not to think about it. I've been bullied for years for my Tourettes, and I will remain bullied for it. Just douche bags. This isn't about me though. My cousin Zach is in second grade,
  6. I have no problems or expectations. It could remain the same and I would still enjoy it.
  7. I just realized what the day was. Can I ask why I haven't been able to get on? Was the site down for everyone or do you guys hate me?
  8. I apologize for that thread. I never gave enough info, it was a time when I knew I couldn't complete the game but tried anyway, and a lot of other stuff. I will stick with this one until the end. Unless, I die.
  9. Different challenges. Maybe some trivia, some games.
  10. From my point of view, Speedo Monkey is killing you guys.
  11. No Xbox needed BS. Just your laptop.
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