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  1. Whoa I never seen that either.
  2. Why put that date on abigails hat then? If they didnt want ppl to expect something then they shouldnt have done that. Thanks treyarch! Umm... maybe because today is when the world is supposed to end? Since the setting of this game is post-apocalyptic, don't you think that would be a good addition to Misty's outfit? (Which was, as you may have noticed, very primitive. Treyarch changed a lot about Misty between May and November) I am finding extremely difficult to fathom why you are upset. Im upset because this easter egg sucked. Last games had a lot more to them plus radios to further the story, this time we got cheted. If you having such difficulty with my opinion maybe you shouldnt concern yourself with it and just ignore it? That would be too easy huh?
  3. Why put that date on abigails hat then? If they didnt want ppl to expect something then they shouldnt have done that. Thanks treyarch!
  4. That tweet means its over because we want to know so bad, but if we find out thats it, its something we dont want anymore. Such a tiny easter egg, very disappointed with it.
  5. Why would they just put random numbers kn her hat if it didnt mean something?
  6. Ahh wow to the guy who says its zombies and sfx getthe fuck ot of here lmao!!! I definitely hear a GIRL say DANGER
  7. Ahh this is pretty interesting, ill have to checkthis out when I get home. You better not be fuckin with us haha!

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