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  1. Sseems plausible I guess only way that would make since I guess. I don't really see any other way that it would be hard to tell up from down
  2. Guys it more than likely is a Tranzit style map remember Tranzit is a game mode and Green Run is the map this is the reason they did not spell it Die Rize.
  3. I actually agree with op here most obvious thing on the map was never noticed and the way the put it on the loading screen screams there is something else to it.
  4. This is actually some great theories has to be a reason these zombies are asleep
  5. I just wished people would not glitch. Do you how many times I died on "five" because me and a friend would teleport at the same time and it would kill us. So dumb some little kid figured out a glitch if you jump on someone that you get In a glitch.
  6. Negative sir this in no way a troll this is legit as it gets. Also if you watch the vid he gets put down as soon as he makes it to the peak without tombstone.
  7. Hey I'm John I'm 26 and 3 funny children and my beautiful wife of two years I have been scouring the forums for a whole and I love them much more mature people here. :D
  8. This is as fake as Pam Anderson's tits.
  9. Have you done the Richtofen side? I'm pretty sure this is what he says while doing the Easter egg and the church always rings like that when the power is turned off
  10. Had to have been a glitch or something and I randomly lose nav cards throughout the game. Not saying your lying though because theater mode never f'ing shows anything.
  11. Yeah I just watched the trailer again and I don't see any difference. I wished there was something more but I'm starting to lean towards there is nothing. I hate to say that but somebody would have stumbled across something by now. I have spent countless hours trying things out with no luck. I still hang on to the hope that there is something more but I'm no longer holding my breath. :cry:
  12. Has anyone figured out how to make the Avogadro stronger or what triggers the saying from Maxis? Anyways my thoughts were to make him stronger and kill him under the obelisk! If anyone has tried this please let me know. I'm thinking too much power could activate other things.
  13. I also believe this is false I will not call him a troll yet but troll is too obvious
  14. There is a whole bunch of great ideas out their I just wished they would support the game for more than nine months. Have zombies supported for 2 years with maps every 3-4 months as expansion pack. I know this will never happen as Activision will not let it happen support for a game over 9 months pssst.
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