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  1. No worries - a lot of people have been making this mistake!
  2. Not sure why everyone is misunderstanding the press release: "...players reunite with an unlikely band of soldiers..." "players": they are talking about you and me "reunited": they are talking about reuniting us with something we haven't been united with in a long time "unlikely band of soldiers": they are talking about an American soldier, a Japanese soldier, a Russian soldier, and a German soldier banding together for, as this looks to be a prequel, the first time All that sentence means is that we are playing as the 04.
  3. This has been brought up in the past and the solution is pretty simple: The EMP grenade. Throw it at all active zombies and they will stand still or just lumber around. This doesn't wear off (you can go take a leak, smoke a cig, etc.) unless you: A) touch them sprint C) fire a weapon This has been confirmed as what Jimmy was talking about. That should wrap up this thread.
  4. remusVB

    New Nav Card ?

    I agree. the size of it seems unrealistic, and would definitely not work out well in a four player game if everyone had one each! The card image would cut into one and others!?! My thoughts exactly. Why would everyone be able to have one? How do you know it's not an exclusive piece? There's only one mannequin and only one lawnmower, why can't there be only one of these? Sure, it appears in a place that is normally reserved for a piece that each player can have (the piece we all assume to be a NAV card), but that doesn't mean anything. Don't assume anything yet.
  5. I may be wrong on this, but doesn't it just appear like those beams are going into the laundry mat, but they're really going all the way underneath directly to the pack-a-punch? Similar to the beams that shoot from the box?
  6. How can you make the bus speed up on command?
  7. remusVB


    All four of those wires are interactable: if you put a turbine within distance of one, a door will open into one of the "bus part rooms" located at the bus depot, the diner, the farm, and the town.
  8. Anyone else notice the one long crack that goes across the ceiling of the tunnel? There's tons of holes, cracks, and spidering up there, sure, and a lot of that art is used in multiple places, but this crack is unique; there's not one like it anywhere else in the tunnel. Ironically, it's right next to the 2nd (middle) DAY X /2 ME sign and runs from one side of the ceiling to the other in a place with a wall gun and without Denizens. I know it's a long shot, but I'm going to try four Semtex sticks at a time and keep an eye out for a RPG. I'd guess the jet gun would be most likely to trigger something, as this is fairly close to the spawn and the box (and would therefore be too easy to access).
  9. Ever since I saw/heard the Maxis quote: "Nothing to see here for now. Maybe down the road we will re-visit this place. What a lovely place!" I've been convinced he is referring to Nacht Der Untoten.
  10. ...after a free game update and it's two game modes are TRANZIT and SURVIVAL. Diner Tranzit mode takes place in the past, before the nukes hit. It's during the night, and you start in the garage. There's a bus pulled up outside facing the diner: the night bus travels clockwise around the map. The bus ride is similar to the original Tranzit's bus: the zombies were around before the bombs hit so Green Run is just as overrun, abandoned, and trashed. There's no lava, and the landscape is in its original, unaltered state. First stop is the Bus Depot. The bus station is closed for the night, but you can pay to go in the stores across the street. There's a bus part in there that's new to fit the different night bus. There's also a workbench on one of the walls. Next stop is the Town. There's no fissure cliff leading to the church and the shortcut is open. There's also no shell casing in the bowling alley; doors can be bought to access it and the church (which is where you'd find Mule Kick and Holy Water Grenades). New Wonder Weapon in hand, you're eventually back at Nacht der Untoten. It's not destroyed either: the entire original map is there. Which is where you start the Easter Egg. That wouldn't be so bad, huh?
  11. You lose quick revive if one of your revives is not successful and the character that needs help ultimately dies. Therefore, if you ever try to revive a teammate in tranZit and don't get him up right away, keep trying: you're quick revive is on the line!
  12. I like this game. What about these: The barrels sprinkled around Green Run with FLAMMABLE, NO FIRE! signs on them. They are in random places. The ONLY light on in town in a room above the bank. Is that light on when the power is off? The four windmill turbines outside of Nacht Der Untoten. Why some games players with confirmed NAV cards won't have NAV cards. The FOUR outlines of missing pictures in the room with the mystery box at the farm. The FOUR big, dark windows that are in a row along the side of the church. Why is there a chain-link fence at the diner? Why not just a traditional ingress and egress out of that bus stop (like the farm, the power, etc? Why is that area (directly behind you if you're walking off the bus) even in the map? What's the point of it?
  13. "Excellent, you have activated the 2 obtuse vertices of the scalene, quickly complete the tertiary (node)." ob·tuse (b-ts, -tys, b-) adj. a. Lacking quickness of perception or intellect. b. Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity: an obtuse remark. c. Not distinctly felt: an obtuse pain. d. Not sharp, pointed, or acute in form; blunt. e. Having an obtuse angle: an obtuse triangle. vertice, plural form of: ver·tex (vûrtks) n. 1. The highest point; the apex or summit: the vertex of a mountain. a. The highest point of the skull. 3. The highest point reached in the apparent motion of a celestial body. a. The point at which the sides of an angle intersect. b. The point on a triangle or pyramid opposite to and farthest away from its base. c. A point on a polyhedron common to three or more sides. sca·lene (skln, sk-ln) adj. Having three unequal sides. Used of triangles. Personally, I don't think there is a shape involved at all. All three of the above words are open to interpretation. I think there are three steps, or three power sources you must activate. However, so far in MAXIS' Easter Egg, you activate two: you capture the Avogadro under the tower, and you remotely power some lampposts. I think there is a third step to gather/generate power. Whether it involves the generators around the map, the wind propellers at Nacht Der Untoten, or something else entirely. I'm looking for it.
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