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  1. I do not have a youtube account, I can see if I can get one of my games on CoD elite. I don't know how or why I got it, all I know is that I didn't pay attention that much and one day I noticed instead of blood coming out of the zombie heads, it was this white puff. My friend thought I was crazy because he still saw blood coming from the heads. So I do not know anything beyond that. Hmm, okay. Well do please try and upload something to CoD Elite so we can try and make out why you get these white explosions. Do you get them when playing with a particular character? Were you playing online? What game mode?
  2. Only 2 players, required. 1. 2 Turbines and kill Avogadro under Pylon while power is off. 2. Pick up those 2 turbines and place at two lamp posts. Simple. :)
  3. Can you link your CoD elite account to any youtube account and upload a clip to CoD elite or to Youtube or however the hell that works? Any reasons as to why you think you acquired this perk? Anything special you did?
  4. i posted the video along with the thread in another topic, and if you read the thread, you will notice that someone talked about getting a new perma perk and described it. he wanted to upload a video but was able to find another video which showed the same effect he had ingame. so either he trolled and linked his own video later on, but i dont believe it. i guess its legit. but feel free to debunk it. I'm not saying it's fake, I'm saying that particular video is such bad quality that you can't properly tell. I've commented on said video instructing poster how to post a clip on Youtube via CoD Elite. Anyways, isn't it weird he's on round 2 and yet he has a new perk. He hasn't done anything in that game that would give him a new perk, and the poster commented saying he hadn't done anything remarkable to acquire said perk. Pretty weird stuff, we'll just have to wait for him to post another, higher quality, video.
  5. This was posted a few days back. Looks like it's his TV, which has horrible lighting, and the big blasts are the explosions of the zombies that are on fire. Notice the zombies that aren't on fire have no blast. I've commented on that video telling the poser to upload the clip via CoD Elite, then we'll see if it's legit or not. Poster says they were big blue explosions, we'll see.
  6. Debunked. I do hope you weren't posting this just to troll and make people waste their time, OP. I tried this at tunnel with RPD, 15 rounds, 500 kills, only hipfiring. I got no green poof and no steady aim effects. You might think your crosshairs are getting smaller because, when moving, they're huge, but when you stop, they're much smaller. Also, where you getting any headshots at all? If so, that's probably the green poof.
  7. Well, like I said, it doesn't work for me when I do it with Stamina-Up. The Stamina-Up perk icon stays lit up on the bottom left of my screen, *implying* I have the perk active, but when I compare my sprinting speed and length of time I can sprint, they're the same as if I didn't have the perk at all. Just for the hell of it, I tend to do the Turbine trick on Stamina-Up anyway, before I go turn on power, but not once have I ever noticed it give me the Stamina-Up effect, and yet for Juggernog I get it to work almost everytime. As far as I'm aware "doing it right" is when the perk icon doesn't fade-out when you remove the turbine. Whenever I get the perk icon to remain lit for Juggernog, I notice its effects, but whenever I get the perk icon to remain lit for Stamina-Up, I notice no perk benefit. I've never tested it with the other perks because I tend to go ahead and turn on power anyway (I like to be able to use the denizen teleporters), so maybe the other ones do work, but with Stamina-Up I don't believe it does, it just *looks* as though it does. Ah, I see, misunderstood. Well I have noticed it working, but I'll look into it. :)
  8. So I was right after all, good to know. Just played a bit of TranZit myself, and it was definitely 110% for turbine. Claymores are 100% that sound right. Thanks Buddah!
  9. This works with all perks and has no time limit if done right. When I try for a new solo TranZit record, I'm too lazy to go run to power, so I just teleport with turbines and get all perks via turbines. :)
  10. Going to get on soon and try this. Will get an LMG and just run tranis in the tunnel. Will a full clip on a wall everytime I think I got an upgrade of sorts to see if there are different recoil patterns. :)
  11. The quotes are actually very funny, Misty has one when there's thunder/lightning about one of her piercings vibrating or something like that, and yes, "that" piercing. Don't think it's anything, Sam is always super exagerated or "crazy" when he speaks, talking about aliens and probes and all that kind of thing.
  12. I haven't tested seriously but it definitely felt like 110%, although it might be 100%. Might be the effect of seeing the big object turbine moving up and down, seems like it's faster maybe. I'll check it out. I don't know about other buildables, haven't tested, but I assume the same applies. Or maybe not, look at the jet gun, it makes you a lot slower, but turret, shield, trap seem about the same as turbine in bulkiness.
  13. It's a bug. You put your turbine down, buy the perk, and pick up your turbine right as your character is throwing down the bottle. If the perk machine is turned on again(by another player's turbine, for example), you'll lose the perk again. I do this all the time with solo runs, helps so that the avogadro isn't on the loose. You can do this with all 5 perks in solo, 6 in co-op.
  14. Sounds like good news, will test out tomorrow then!
  15. Got excited for a bit. Can OP update if heads roll of or not? I might go ahead and try this out now if this is up in doubt, and it is actually a new persistent upgrade.
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