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  1. ive done both. currently have richtofen EE activated.
  2. I was playing a game with randoms and all of a sudden I hear some creepy bg music and the church bell went off. after that all my perks are gone. So I started cussin and yelling and asking who the **** turned the power off no one said anything. So after the game ends I went straight to theater mode to check whos the culprit and I found something far more interesting!! Samuel the guy who accidentally turned the power off turned something on. and richtofen started saying something. this could be a huuuugeee part of the easter egg everyone has been trying to figure out. so everyone lets start from here and report back! Samuel you are the key! Turn your audio UP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-2Mb3_o ... e=youtu.be
  3. I actually had galvaknuckles the previous 16 round then I died. I spawned in town got jugg tele to diner got a shield, tried to get on the bus but I couldnt catch it so I ran back to the diner with a denizen chasing me, killing i with regular knife. Ultimtely, green smoke popped out right after sam wasn't burning anymore and while sprinting. so lava + regular knife + denizen + sprinting is key. just gotta figure out how. this is like a mini EE with proof that it does exist!
  4. ok i just checked the vid. didnt see a green smoke. he was Marlton and he said some thing like "odd ive never heard that before" the same time the green smoke came out on my POV. he was just in the bus shooting one zombie.
  5. ill check theatre mode when I can and watch his POV. but I remember asking him if he saw a green smoke he said none. its driving me nuts I just want to replicate it and do some further testing to figure out what its for.
  6. for some reason I couldnt check the stats just for that game. seeing that it took me 17 rounds to unlock it and only rode the bus a few times , It must be alot. This has got something to do with lava and sprinting. For how many times and how long is unknown.
  7. what about the hotfix? either way this game was played on dec 23rd so whatever this green smoke does it should still be in game.
  8. yeah you can hear it on the vid. something like "i should join them"
  9. yeah I just want to know how to make the green smoke come out again. I mean it clearly spawned infront of me. So there is absolutely something that triggered it.
  10. nope I think its cause I have jug. I just want to know how to make that green smoke pop out again so I could do some further testing. problem is, I dont know how. this leads me to think that only sam can unlock this perk, what ever it is.
  11. noticed how non of the zombies on fire exploded? pretty much all I did this game was run around the whole map without stamina up and I dont think I rode the bus for a long time. maybe once just to cross the big lavas.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAKhnZQQMS0 anyone wanna share their insights? some interesting things i found.. this happened while I was sam my friend got a green smoke while knifing as misty.
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